WTFskins 2021 Review, Is it Legit? + Promo & Bonus Code

WTFSkins is a top-rated CSGO gambling site focused on gambling games and skin betting, and not so much on case opening.

They are operating since 2017 and having more reputation day after day.

Before you decide to dive into the website, catch up on the full review and read all the information we have to share with you.


  • Live chat, allowing more interaction within players
  • Website available in 9 different languages
  • A lot of players online
  • Easy to navigate on
  • Daily bonuses


  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Incomplete FAQ section
  • A small selection of games
  • Live chat only available in the English language
  • Withdrawals only through skins


What is WTFSkins?

WTFSkins is a very popular CS:GO gambling site inside the community. The site is operating since 2017 and has a huge average of online users – around 650.-

Currently more on consolidating the fanbase, the website wants to keep improving its results and build up more affiliate players.

The site uses gems as the currency for betting

The site has a feature called WTF Legends, which is basically a Leaderboard with daily, weekly, and monthly numbers.

Note that gambling sites like WTFSkins don’t allow users under 18 years old.


Is WTFSinksLegit?

Yes, it’s secure to say that WTFSkins is a trustworthy and legit site to bet on.

Being around for over 4 years is a huge sign that the site is doing a great job maintaining CSGO players betting. Even without a huge diversity of games, the average 950k visitors per month and 650 online players speak for themselves.

Allying to those numbers, they use a Provably Fair system to ensure that all the results are based on luck.

If you have any additional doubts about how it works or about any other topic, check the FAQ section or send an email to the support team asking for more information.


WTFSkins Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses are an essential part of a gambling website for every new player. So this is what you can claim:

1 – Use a Referral Code

If you want to win some free gems, start by using the code “GLOBALCSGO“.

2 – Daily Gift

Your daily free gems amount depends on the level you are and if you meet the deposit and wager targets. You can receive between $0.02-$144.10.

3 – Giveaways

Make sure to follow the WTFSkins Twitter account to never miss a giveaway. However, you can look for them on the “Giveaway” page.


What Games are Available on WTFSkins?

WTFSkins offers 4 different traditional CSGO games to bet on:

1 – Roulette

The most classic CS:GO game. A spin is composed of 15 slots: 7 slots are “Red”, 7 are “Black”, and the last one is “Green.”

You make your bettings and if the spinner stops on Red or Black doubles the money (2x), but if it stops on Green, it pays 14x.

2 – Crash

One of the most played games, on Crash, you bet the amount you want, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It’s possible to cash out at any time you want, and the higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, the more money you win.

If you don’t cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes,” and you lose.

3 – Jackpot

In this game, players deposit a skin into a common pot and receive a ticket with a color according to their skin value.

Then a spinner starts to spin, and the winning color is where it stops. The winner takes it all.

4 – Upgrade

You can make an upgrade from low-value skins to high-value skins. You pick the one you want to collect if you win. The larger the difference in the cost of the two skins, the higher the chances.

You can also add from your account balance to raise your probabilities of winning the skin and decrease the risk factor.

Select a multiplier and if it’s gonna roll under or roll over. Have it correct to win.


WTFSkins Deposit Methods

The website offers different ways of deposit. Choose the one that fits you better:

  • CSGO Skins (Steam, P2P)
  • CSGO Skins (Instant)
  • Paypal
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • G2A Pay
  • GameMoney
  • Kinguin
  • Gift Codes
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

Remember that depending on your financial institution and country, the procedures, availability, methods, duration, and terms and conditions may vary.


How to Withdraw from WTFSkins?

The withdrawal process is simple. All you have to do is click on “Withdraw” and select the skin you pretend to get.

After doing this, you might choose the main methods: P2P or Wax Peer.

The depositor will send you an offer, and you must accept the trade.


How to win Gems CSGO skins on WTFSkins?

Winning in betting sites is never an easy task. Each game gives players different odds of a favorable outcome, and usually, the higher the risk, the most profitable it is. Saying this, there isn’t any rule or specific strategy to follow. However, it’s possible to minimize risks and create better chances of succeeding.

  • Start by establishing your initial budget to play
  • Decide how much you want to win or lose before stop (don’t go greedy)
  • On each bet, gamble only 3-5% of your balance, so you don’t go bankrupt fast
  • Try games that give you the best odds
  • Avoid tilting and play with a good mindset

The most important thing is that you don’t get deluded. To win some times, you might as well. That’s the rule. Play with consciousness and have fun. That’s essential!



To summarize, WTFSkins is one of the greatest CSGO gambling platforms regarding the CSGO betting sites. Their concern with improving the site and the playability is really notable.

Still, with a few details where they can improve, it’s a good site for you to make deposits.

Create your WTFSkins account, and we hope you have a great time playing and win the skins you pretend!

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Additional Site Details

Website Link

Available Games
Crash Roulette

Payment Methods
Bitcoin Credit / Debit Card CS:GO Skins Dota 2 Items Ethereum Litecoin PayPal


WTFSkins - Is it Legit?

Yes, CSGOFast is a legit and reliable website. The site also uses a Provably Fair system, guaranteeing all the events are random.

How to claim and use WTFSkins free bonus code?

To claim your first bonus, you can use the bonus code "GLOBALCSGO" and get XXXXX for free.

WTFSkins Referral Code 2021?

Use the referral code "GLOBALCSGO" and win free XXXXX.

How can I level up my account on WTFskins?

Players level up by earning experience and playing on each game. Roulette and Upgrades earn 10XP per 1 cent wagered, crash earns you 5XP per 1 cent Wagered.

What is the maximum level on WTFSkins?

Levels start on 1 and go up to 100.