About GlobalCSGO

GlobalCSGO is a project created by a group of friends whose passion is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Thanks to many years of experience in the game we have the opportunity to share with our readers tutorials and tips for the game. On our site you will always find up-to-date information, because it is our daily work. We actively review all gambling and trading sites so that players only use the best sites. Thanks to the knowledge we've gained from playing CS:GO over the years, we know exactly what players need. Recently, we've also been playing more and more Dota 2, so we don't rule out that we'll have some tutorials on that game someday.


Who are the authors of GlobalCSGO?

Our team consists of 3 main editors:

  1. Emil (LEM) – Longtime CS:GO player, current rank of Legendary Eagle Master, great e-sports enthusiast and former player of small tournaments
  2. Lukas (Global Elite) – Counter Strike player since 1.6, currently Global Elite in CS:GO, former coach of professional e-sports teams, and coach of new players
  3. Lanzo (ex-Global Elite) – Creator of CS:GO tutorials and a big fan of gambling with CS:GO skins


How do we check sites before reviewing?

We are not affiliated with any of the sites featured on GlobalCSGO! Also, the owners of the site do not know that we have come to this site and are checking it out. This also applies to new sites that approach us and ask to publish a review. For each of the featured sites, we dropped a few dollars in the form of CS:GO skins or PayPal/Bitcoin and then checked the available games and withdrawal methods to make sure the site is not a scam. We do not publish sites on GlobalCSGO that have a poor reputation or are simply a scam. Our reviews are refreshed from time to time and we check to see if the site's rating has changed. If there is anything wrong with a site, we will downgrade it to 1 star and write the reason for the low rating.