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Counter-Strike Global Offensive players from all around the world use all kinds of different tactics and commands to get better at their game. However, all the effort means almost nothing without making the kill, so the accuracy of your crosshair and the ability to see the target clearly is one of the most important variables in CSGO.No player in the world will play with his crosshair settings on default, so it is of utter importance to know what to do when it comes to crosshair generator, and how changing its looks, size, color, thickness, outline, gap, and other variables can help you become a completely different kind of shooter.Before you enter the world of high-caliber marksmanship and decide to change your game by using crosshair commands, make sure that you're having the right attitude, because changing your crosshair settings won't increase your skills. Only things like practice and hard work may help you get on the successful path. Once you get your mojo, the crosshair will come as icing on the cake.

What is a CSGO Crosshair Generator?

In order to fully understand what a CSGO crosshair generator is, we must first explain how the default dynamic crosshair works and why a crosshair generator is needed. When you play the game with your settings on default, your crosshair can automatically change size based on different movement, shooting, or stance, which is something that can make it hard for you to get your accuracy in check.

The list of problems it creates makes a huge gap between the players' intentions and the results. Too many variables are impacting the players at the same time, making the game experience change within seconds, which ultimately leads to bad shots and lots of frustration. The logical solution that presents itself is changing the classic dynamic crosshair settings and getting a new, custom made one, by using the style outline from the crosshair generator.

No matter which crosshair settings you choose, it is important to make sure that your crosshair looks like a square that helps you instead of degrading your ability to see the map clearly. The thickness of the color should be not too strong, nor too transparent. You should check the visibility of your crosshair in any environment so that when you enter bright or dark spots, you don't face the classic issues that occur in situations like that.

Whether you decide to use the crosshair generator for changing the style, size, thickness, gap, alpha, dot, T-crosshair, sniper crosshair, make sure to remember that there are no same rules for all the crosshairs out there and that you should only choose settings that allow you to enter "the zone" and bring forward the best out of you.

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How to Use the Crosshair Generator?

Using the crosshair generator shouldn't be too complicated once you check the list of all the things you're looking for. It is pretty similar to altering any of the other game aspects through commands console. You can copy-paste someone else's commands, or you can enter your own custom settings and choose the size, color, outline, gap, dot, thickness, alpha, and all the other elements of a crosshair that fits your style.Once you've decided what kind of crosshair you want, altering your crosshair settings can be done within minutes by using the console. There are also a few other methods players choose, which we will present down below.The Workshop MapIf you have started CSGO on your screen, follow these instructions:Go to PLAY > Workshop Maps > Crosshair Generator > GO You will have two options - to make a new, custom crosshair or choose an already made crosshair, that is used by professionals. If you don't like any of these, you can copy-paste the settings from other community members.Developer Console1. Open the console 2. Type find cl_crosshair 3. Alter your crosshair settings manually by entering cl_crosshairsize 4 - for example

How to Create your Perfect CSGO Crosshair?

In the words above we have described how you can make a new CS: GO crosshair, alter the size, color, and everything else that you find unfitting. Crosshair commands are there for your in-game experience, and every time you want to play in a new way, you can make a different custom crosshair, completely different from the previous one.

If you copy or paste some else's crosshair settings, you may improve your experience, but remember that there are no perfect players, crosshairs, or console commands. What matters the most is that you're having fun while playing. If you have managed to achieve that, then even classic dynamic crosshair will feel perfect.

What kind of Crosshairs do Pro Players use in CSGO?

When taking all the professional players into consideration, it is hard to say which ones are using optimally the best crosshair settings. Some things may work for you, and not for others - and vice versa. We will give you the list of players whose crosshairs are considered one of the best in the world, but always remember that if you ain't comfortable with it, look for alternatives, since there are so many in the CSGO universe.