Best CSGO Trading Sites in 2021

In case you are haven't been living under a rock, you must have had a chance to hear about CSGO trading websites, where, for a relatively appropriate commission, you can trade, buy or sell pretty much any of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive goods that exist on the market - skins, weapons, case-keys, miscellaneous - anything that comes up to mind when you think of the Steam market.

There are lots of different sites providing CSGO trading services. Some sites take a small fee, while some take a larger commission - it varies from website to website. However, if you are new to the trading market, and you would love to know more about it, stay with us and we will offer you an insight into this giant community where millions of users make daily trades and money transactions.

Best CSGO Trading Sites List

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                                    What are CSGO Trading Sites?

                                    Comparing CSGO trading websites with a huge name like Amazon might be a long shot, but when it comes to the basic business model, they are pretty much doing the same thing - online selling, trading, and buying stuff. The Steam market has grown over the years, and with Valve corporation being the giant that it is, it has become more than just a place where players receive the price for the items they exchange with one another.

                                    The expansion of the market led to several positive consequences in the CSGO community, one of them being the increase of the overall game value. Another benefit that was shown statistically after the change in the market was that players were improving their CSGO experience. As more work was put into the development of these sites, every single player was making trades with others, which led to more value-added onto his steam profile, which led to him want to trade even more, which led to him getting better items, which later on led to more hours played - the total sum of the process was that everyone was getting only the best out of the trade, and by adding value to many, one would add the value to himself.

                                    To cut the long story short, if you want to buy, trade, or sell items, get new ones in your inventory, make good use of your CSGO time, then you should check out some of the trading sites that are out there waiting for you to try them. All you have to do is make an account, sort your information and expectations, check the list of items you want/need and get on your trading journey.

                                    CSGO Marketplaces: In-Depth Guide

                                    What are CSGO Marketplaces? They are platforms where players can opt-in for trading, buying, and selling virtual CSGO goods. There are different methods of payment - real money, crypto, or in-game values. Depending on the criteria that they meet, marketplaces are differentiated by the level of transparency, security, user-numbers, level of customer support, and others.

                                    In order to understand the CSGO marketplaces, we need to get down to the fundamentals and get to know how and why marketplaces actually work.

                                    Steam Community Market is one giant marketplace. Try imagining a store, and in one section of that store, there is a CSGO department. In that department, you can buy CSGO knife and weapon skins, the good item you want, or any other thing for a low or high price, depending on the rarity of the item. The best part is that almost any item listed is placed by some of the other users, so by making a trade, you are actually helping out other members of the community.

                                    A regular way to trade CSGO items would be Steam Community Market, but CSGO skin marketplaces are much faster, secure, and cheaper to deal with. The automatization of trades that came with the introduction of a bot system has allowed players to go through the market inventory way easier than in the Steam Community Market.

                                    In addition to the practical benefits, the popularity of trading marketplaces rose due to the increasing numbers of available goods, and the bond with Steam's transparency policies, and the good name of Valve corporation.

                                    The simple guide to CSGO Marketplaces In every marketplace, there are certain rules you need to follow if you want to navigate your way through. CSGO marketplaces don't have too many confusing guidelines so if you follow the simple steps usually provided on trading sites, you should be fine.

                                    Almost any place will ask you to fill in some of the requirements that need to be checked before they accept you, and you get to trade, buy, or sell. Some of the trading sites will also have a long list of those requirements, but it is important not to lose your patience, since getting through the process is more than worth it.

                                    Usually, the first one of the requirements regards the age of your account - it must be in existence for more than 30 days, and there is a certain amount of money you must have in your Steam wallet - $5 minimum.

                                    Another step in the process is to make sure your security system is put into work, by enabling Steam Guard through your mobile device. This means you will have to add the Steam app to your phone and log into your account in order to manage the trades.

                                    The Real Fun Begins Here Once you check all of the above, it is time to get serious with trades and get your name out there on the marketplace. You are finally ready to trade, buy and sell, make offers, connect with other users, and have a good time.

                                    One of the great things about CSGO Steam Market is that is really simple and user-friendly. When you enter through your app, you will be presented with your balance, active listings, and many other tabs that help you save hours by being organized properly.

                                    Please have in mind that once you accept different offers, and buy a certain skin, you will not be able to claim your rights on it for 8 days after the sale has been made.

                                    How to Use CSGO Trade Bots?

                                    CSGO Trade Bots are an amazing tool that supports trading by making it much easier and faster. The bots automatize the total process and help the players overall.

                                    If you plan on getting trading bots of your own, there are sites where you are able to get their service for a certain price, but please bear in mind that usually, the price for their efficiency and maintenance is not low at all.

                                    Trading bots are not easy to create and manage - programming knowledge, experience, money to invest, and a lot of patience as a bonus - since automating, trades might take some of your time, and bring errors along the way.

                                    If you have all the resources - go for it, but make sure that you know what you are sliding into. However, there are many painless options like getting a skin trading broker, or just volume down the number of your transactions, which would make the need for bots unnecessary.

                                    Whatever your decision might be, it is good to prepare yourself in advance and check all the facts. That way, you will never regret your Counter-Strike Global Offensive journey, and you will not lose the initial want to trade.

                                    Sell CSGO Skins for PayPal

                                    Selling CSGO skins for PayPal has become a widely popular way of earning money online. Players can sell anything from their CSGO inventory, knife skins, weapons, case-keys, etc.

                                    The main benefit of PayPal skin trades is that there are no hidden fees, and the payouts are available 24/7.

                                    All you need to do is enter your Steam account, select the total number of items for sale, accept it if you are ok with the price, and click on the "Get cash now" button.

                                    There are several payout methods that you can choose from - all of them giving you instant access to your transactions - MasterCard, Webmoney, QIWI, Visa, etc.

                                    CSGO Trading Sites - How to Use Them?

                                    Using CSGO Trading Sites can be quite fun if you know your way around them. There are a few simple things you need to know before you start to trade.

                                    First, you have to be sure that your Steam inventory is neat, and every item is available for trading. After you have logged into your account, you will have to hover over your name at the top, select your inventory and then go to Trade Offer. Select a New Trade Offer, and a player you would like to make trades with. The final step will be to select the items you want to trade from your inventory into the trading box.

                                    How to Make Money using CSGO Trading Sites and CSGO Trade Bots?

                                    Making money with trading bots and trading websites can be done manually or automatically. For those who don't do a large number of transactions, the manual way is more worth it since it does not require much investment as bot technology does.

                                    However, for those who are really serious about it, and take trading to another level, using bots is the way to please their needs and create a really high number of transactions.

                                    Logically, the more new trades you, the better you'll do on the market, so it is up to you to decide which style works well for you and start making offers and trades.

                                    How to Stay Safe When Using CSGO Trading Sites?

                                    The most important part is keeping your personal information private - your account name, password, and personal details from your life.

                                    Also, you have to beware of malicious links, that look like real trading websites but take you to places that aren't the real thing. Their only purpose is to take your information and your money, so always look for details that will differentiate them from official websites.

                                    How do I Complete the Trade?

                                    After you have followed all the steps required on your Steam account, make sure to place your item into the trading box and accept the offer from the other player you are trading with. You will get a little notification that your trade was successfully completed. In case you experience difficulties, make sure to contact Steam support.

                                    How can I Get Paid for My Skins?

                                    How you get paid for your skins actually depends on what form of payment you choose. Currently, all CS:GO trading sites offer a wide variety of payment methods. You will find the most common forms of payment such as PayPal, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and others), credit cards and so on. Each trading site will inform you of the available payment methods in their FAQs or usually in the form of a graphic in the site footer. We have also made a list of available payment methods in each review.

                                    Note that for some payment methods, you may be asked by the administration to perform a simple verification. As we checked trading sites this is most often the case when withdrawing via PayPal or directly to a credit card. If you make a sale for a small amount it is usually enough to give your home address, but if you want to withdraw a larger sum for the skins you have sold, you may be asked for verification with an identity document. You don't have to worry about the fact that the verification requirement will appear suddenly, if there is such a need you will be informed about it before making a withdrawal.

                                    When you are being paid for skins you have sold, be sure to provide the correct payment information such as your PayPal email address and bitcoin wallet address. The administration is NOT RESPONSIBLE if you provide incorrect data. In such a situation you will not be refunded the items because it is your fault.

                                    How to Avoid Getting Scammed?

                                    Using all the CS:GO trading sites described above is really safe, but if you are looking for tips on avoiding getting scammed then read on.

                                    The sites featured on GlobalCSGO are verified by our editors, and if you go directly to them using the yellow Claim your bonus button, then you are going to the original and legitimate version of each of these trading sites. But remember, hackers don't sleep! They create sites that look, logo and sometimes even function like the originals and thanks to this, players who make a typo in the domain of the site can be robbed of their precious skins. These are mistakes like "skncashier" or "skinort". Not every user looks closely at the domain they are on - this is perfectly normal. Unfortunately there are many clones of CSGO trading sites on the Internet and sometimes they are even promoted in Google by Ads, so it is even easier to find skin thieves. Carefully verify the site you are on, and you will definitely avoid getting scammed!

                                    Another important thing - be careful where you log in with your Steam account. Hackers this year have developed a fairly new method for the so-called Steam API Key scam, where with a few tricks they can gain access to your account and do scams. In a nutshell, it looks like a website sends you an offer, the hacker's script automatically cancels it and sends its own. You think you have received a genuine offer and accept it = skins go to the hacker, and you wonder why they are not yet visible on the trading site. We have described more about this scam method on our site.

                                    If you follow these two simple rules, you can avoid being scammed on CS:GO trading sites.

                                    Is it Safe to Use CSGO Trading Sites?

                                    Sure, using CSGO trading sites is safe, but only if you follow a few rules. Whenever you use any site designed for trading Steam items, make sure you are on the right domain. Almost every CS:GO related site has scam copies of themselves, most of which operate under the wrong domains with missing letters. If you want to use Dmarket, make sure you are on

                                    Another thing is to verify the trading site yourself. You can do it for example by checking our site. If in our reviews you find a site that you want to use, it means that it is legit and you can use it without any risk. On GlobalCSGO we provide only personally verified sites that are well known, popular and have great reviews among players. You can read many reviews in which we describe the most important aspects of each CS:GO trading website.

                                    Steam account security is an additional issue, but it is actually one of the most important ones. Remember not to log in with your Steam account on suspicious sites as hackers can take advantage of this and hijack your API key so they can manipulate the exchange offers that come into your account. This is an increasingly popular way to do this lately. Unfortunately very often players affected by this claim that it is not safe to use CS:GO trading sites but this is not true as it is 100% the fault of the user and not the site.

                                    If you follow these rules, all CSGO trading sites are safe and are a great choice if you want to trade or sell your skins and other items.

                                    How to Make Profit Using CSGO Trade Bots?

                                    Making profit trading CSGO skins is simple, but not easy. When it comes to trading bot technology, you want to find a trading bot that works smoothly and can make you as many trades as possible. That way, you buy, sell, and trade automatically and increase your CSGO net-worth without much effort. It all comes down to your account balance, the quality of your trading bot service, and your trading strategy.

                                    Is CS.Money the Best CSGO Trading Site?

                                    While it may be too presumptuous to mark the site as "the best", CS. Money offers pretty well trading services and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of transactions.

                                    They offer many different packages and bonus services as well, which makes them one of the leaders in the CSGO trading market.

                                    How to Use CSGO Trading Sites?

                                    Using CSGO trading sites is very easy, and the sites work very hard on their interfaces to make them as easy to use as possible. Most often, all you need to do is log in to such a site with your Steam account or email, and then you need to enter the Steam Trade URL so that the site's bot can send you a trade offer. Once you configure this URL, you can proceed to use the site.

                                    Most exchanges on such CSGO trading sites require literally a few clicks, but it depends on the type of site. If it is a cash-out site such as Skincashier then all you need to do is log in to the site, select the items you wish to sell instantly for real money, and confirm the exchange. Within a minute you should have the money in your account (but remember that it depends on the chosen withdrawal method). In the case of the CS:GO skin market, this is a bit more complicated, but you should still be able to do it without any problems. Here, you will need to select an item from your inventory and then set the price you want to get for that item. Most sites will offer you their own price, which is based on how quickly the skin should be sold at the set price. On marketplaces you can only withdraw money to your account when another person buys your item on the marketplace. This is a big difference from cash-out sites because here CS:GO skins sometimes wait several days before someone buys them.

                                    We have detailed instructions on how to use CS:GO trading sites in each site's review. If you are looking for FAQs or step-by-step instructions on, for example, DMarket then just select Dmarket review from the list above and read what we have written there. We review each site very carefully and describe how to trade skins or sell such items to Steam. Remember that you can always contact the support of these sites, there moderators should easily help you.

                                    How to Sell CSGO Skins?

                                    CSGO skins are sold through sites that provide middle man services. When you decide that you want to sell your precious item, just pick one of the platforms you feel comfortable with, add your item to the list of offers, and start trading instantly.

                                    If you want to sell your CS:GO skins, there are actually several ways to do this, depending on how quickly you need to get the money. If you use one of the marketplaces described on this page, you will have to wait for someone to buy the skin you have listed. If you are trying to sell something rare or very popular, you may have a problem that there will be no one willing to buy it, so you will either have to wait a long time for a sale or you will have to lower the price significantly. This is how the CS:GO marketplace works. If you are not pressed for time, use a marketplace like this.

                                    Another type of site is a cashout service. This is a site that buys your CS:GO, Dota, or TF2 skins, and then instantly pays you via your payment processor of choice (such as PayPal or cryptocurrencies). This is the perfect option for you if you are very time-sensitive, as most transactions don't even take a minute after accepting the offer. Such a site is Skincashier, among others. The biggest disadvantage of this type of site is that they offer not the best money for Steam items, but as we mentioned earlier, this is an option for people who care about getting money fast.

                                    Different CS:GO trading sites offer different options. Some are marketplaces and some are cash-out sites. Take a look at our site as we have covered all the different types of trading sites.

                                    Which game items support CS:GO trading sites?

                                    Bigger and bigger! Recently, trading sites that mainly accepted CS:GO skins have improved and started buying and selling items from other games that have a trading system on Steam as well. As of today, most of the sites we have described accept items from Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 and Rust. TF2 and Dota 2 are titles that need no introduction as trading in them has existed for many years, but recently Steam trading has been activated in the increasingly popular survival game Rust and more and more players are taking advantage of the opportunity to trade items from this game.

                                    In our reviews at the bottom you will find information from which games the site accepts items. Remember one important thing - the marketplaces for non-CS:GO items are much smaller and less stable than those for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This means that prices for skins can fluctuate wildly, and trading sites may not accept these items at all. So don't be surprised if you get an extremely rare item in Rust and you can't sell or trade it - the site will have a hard time selling the item and won't accept it.