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RustySell is a site that allows you to sell items from the game Rust and then instantly withdraw funds to an online wallet of your choice. This project is relatively new, but is already bringing together a growing number of customers.


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By using a referral code on RustySell, you will receive 2% more when you make a sale. It is worth taking advantage of this bonus because even though it is quite low, it is always extra cash during payout.


Is RustySell legit?

Yes, RustySell is a legit site for selling Rust skins. We have not found any information anywhere about any scam attempts by the RustySell administration, and the site on its Twitter profile brags about more and more sales made by its users. RustySell Discord is also very active and we can find the owner and moderation of the channel there, so we can get our question answered immediately. Despite the fact that the site is active for a short time, you can trust it and safely sell skins and other items from Rust there.


Can I buy skins on RustySell?

RustySell is, for now, just a site to sell Rust skins instantly. Although you can find a link to the skin marketplace in the site menu, it is not active yet. As soon as the marketplace is live, we will let you know about it in our review and test it personally.

Currently you can login to RustySell and then enter your trade url so you can see the prices of your skins that the site offers. According to users of this service, the prices are very good and we can often find promotions where some popular items get a price boost over the weekend.


Payment methods on RustySell

RustySell allows you to withdraw funds through the following methods:

  • Litecoin (minimum payout: $10)
  • PayPal (minimum payout: $10)
  • Bitcoin (minimum payout: $25)
  • Ethereum (minimum payout: $25)

All payments are made automatically. The only thing we can complain about RustySell is the very high transaction fee for Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals. Despite the fact that current miner fees are low, the site takes about $10 from our withdrawal. Probably the most popular method is PayPal, but here the fee is only 2.5% which is very low, so it pays to use this online wallet.


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