CSGOExo 2022 Review, Is it Legit? + Promo & Bonus Code

csgoexo review

Countless CSGO fans are always looking for the best trade sites to visit where they can exchange their skins for new and better ones. CSGO is one of the candidates worth checking out, and that's what reviews like ours are here to do. We aim to reveal all of the key features of CSGOExo.com and discover whether this website is safe and legit or prone to scams.

You will also find out all of the essential features the trade site offers and the benefits that you can expect from it. Without further ado, let's reveal whether CSGOExo is great for trading CSGO skins or not. Like any other trading site, CSGOExo has its own ups and downs that are worth knowing. That's why we've made sure to share them in this review to save you the trouble of discovering them all on your own.


  • Fair fees for each trade
  • Massive skin options in all price ranges
  • Simple Trading Bot
  • 1% name change bonus
  • Secure skin transfers


  • The only Payment Method is CSGO skins
  • Relatively new website - Released in 2020


What Is CSGOExo?

csgoexo csgo trade bot

CSGOExo is a relatively simple trading website where you can trade your own CSGO skins for other offers that the bot will offer in exchange. The great thing about it is that it features a multi-million dollar inventory stock, meaning you will always have countless good offers of skins to choose from. All of the extra details about the site can be found at the top left corner in the navigation menu where it says “About.”


How to Trade on CSGOExo?

Making trades on CSGOExo.com is very simple and straightforward. However, you must know that the only way to sign-in on the website is through Steam. That's because the only deposit method they feature is through CSGO skins and nothing else. Signing in with Steam is also a straightforward process. Click on “Sign in via Steam” at the top right corner of the site and you will instantly become a user of CSGOExo.

Once you're in, you can see the trading platform on the screen and two boxes should appear. Under these empty boxes, there will be various CSGO skins. In the left box of the trade bot, you can input your own skins you want to trade, and the right box is where the CSGO skins that the trading bot will offer in exchange.

Once you're happy with the deal you are getting, click on “Trade” and the new skins will be quickly transferred to your Steam account inventory.

You also get to choose other options to appear like only StatTrak skins, a specific float factor and wear level, the type of weapon, and much more.


Is CSGOExo Affiliated with Valve Corporation?

It was a long time ago when Valve decided not to work with most third-party CSGO trading and gambling sites. However, this doesn't mean that Valve Crop is against it. It simply means that they do not establish any connections with the business. So is the case with CSGOExo, as it is not affiliated with Valve Corporation in any way, and all of the content and material you see there are trademarks and copyright of Valve.


Is CSGOExo Legit?

is csgoexo legit trustpilot

Any user joining a CSGO trading website is always careful not to get scammed. This is because there are many sites that are risky and prone to stealing your items. As a result, we've tested it ourselves and have studied countless reviews from CSGOExo users. The end result is that this website has a very low level of risk on almost all indicators we've seen. All of the details about the website are displayed in the navigation panel. You can read the Terms of Service, the Support section, the About section, and contact them directly with any questions you may have about the trade site.


CSGOExo Trade Site Details

There is much more to any trading site than just the user interface and the offers they feature. It's in the detail where users find the most value. As a result, let's look at a few crucial features of any trading website that make it much more valuable to any user.


Deposits and Withdrawal

A lot of CSGO trading sites will feature a variety of different payment options to deposit and withdraw. However, CSGOExo only works with CS GO skins. That's why you can only register through Steam. Once you join the website, you can only deposit with skins and then withdraw the CS GO skins you've gotten from each trade. After that, you can still make a profit by selling the new skins elsewhere. You can check the item' s worth inside the CSGOExo trading bot platform.


Customer Services

It's also important for the customer to get what they want and to be satisfied with the website. CSGOExo provides a Ticket Support system where you can contact them regarding any problems with the items that you trade o any other website-related issues. It also features an About section that basically serves the same as an FAQ page where most of the essential questions about trading on the website are answered. This presents a great opportunity for all players to learn how to trade on CSGOExo.com and have a straightforward experience.


Best CSGOExo Alternatives

Overall, CSGOExo is a great and reliable trading bot that will ultimately satisfy your needs thanks to their massive collection of CS GO skins. You can choose from thousands of items in all price ranges, wear levels, weapon choices, and more.

But, if what you saw in this review about CSGOExo wasn't enough for you to join the site, then rest assured knowing that there are a few great alternatives to CSGOExo that you might enjoy. The list includes the following:



The CSGOExo website has a huge inventory of CSGO items that will almost always include what you are looking for. You can trade quickly and receive your new items instantly to your Steam inventory. It's a reliable site that takes care of its customers.

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