SkinBaron 2022 Review, Is it Legit? + Promo & Bonus Code

skinbaron review

Players that enjoy playing games like CSGO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and similar ones often find trading, buying, and selling skins from those games as a great way to make some extra money. However, most of them trade on the Steam market. The problem with this is that you can't withdraw your earnings from Steam. You can only use them as credits to buy purchase more skins on the platform.

That's where a website like Skinbaron can prove extremely beneficial to a multitude of users. There are a few crucial differences that this site offers, making it a great way to buy anything from a knife, AWP, and any other skin that you wish, at a lower deal.


What Is Skinbaron?

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There are many third-party websites out there that allow you to buy, trade, and sell skins from various games like TF2, RUST, CSGO, and many more. Skinbaron is a German marketplace that offers plenty of affordable offers for anyone who wants to buy new items for the following games: CSGO, RUST, FT2, H1Z1, and Dota 2.

Unlike Steam's platform, Skinbaron allows you to actually withdraw the profits that you have made from selling skins on the website. In addition to buying, you can sell anything from a butterfly knife skin to stickers, and anything in between. Another great benefit is that prices can be significantly lower with Skinbaron. Because more players want to withdraw their earnings, they will visit this site instead of Steam's marketplace.


Can I Use Skinbaron with a Steam Account?

Getting your account set up is straightforward and can be done within a few minutes. After you've logged in, you can freely trade any item that you wish, buy as many as you want, and keep selling to make more profits. There is only one way you can register to the site, and it involves signing in through Steam. Skin Baron is not a partner with Valve but you can easily set up this connection and import any skins that you wish to sell from your inventory. Simply enter your username and password one time and you will be all set. You won't have to go through the same process next time you log in.


Skinbaron Partnership with Berlin International Gaming

A while back, the Berlin International Gaming Organization (BIG) announced that they will be establishing a partnership with Skin Baron that is estimated to be long-term. This online skin marketplace will be an official sponsor to BIG which adds highly to its reputation and trustworthiness. So, the next time you are thinking about whether to enter your username and password to Skin Baron, know that the site is completely legit and not prone to scams whatsoever. You can trade safely and make any deal you want for your listings. This partnership with this world-class eSports organization adds nicely to the reputation of Skin Baron, as both are of German origin.


How to Buy and Sell Skins on SkinBaron

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Setting up your account on Skin Baron is easy. Simply use your password and username to sign in and make sure that your Steam profile is set to public before you continue. Otherwise, you won't be able to sync your inventory with the site.

It is very easy to buy and find your way around their skin listings. Everything about each deal is always displayed, allowing you to view the wear level of the skin, whether it is StatTrak or not, the rarity grade, and the percentage of wear it has endured. For example, each skin will display whether it is field-tester quality, factory new, battle-scarred, or anything in between.

How to Buy on SkinBaron?

  1. Log In
  2. Add to cart each skin that you want to buy
  3. Go to Checkout and choose the Payment Method
  4. Click on “Buy Now”

How to Sell on SkinBaron?

  1. Log In
  2. Click on “Sell” located on the top right corner
  3. Select every skin you want to sell
  4. Enter the Price
  5. Click on “Create Offer”


Skin Baron Payment Methods

skinbaron payment methods

In order to do a successful skin trade on Skin Baron, you need to make sure that the payment options they provide are suitable for you. This information is available at the bottom of the home page. It's important to check if any changes have been made before you decide to purchase your AWP, knife, or any other skin that you choose.

List of available payment methods currently:

  • G2A Pay
  • Klarna
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Paysafe Card
  • Electronic Cash


Skin Baron Customer Support

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You are free to contact Skin Baron through direct email or by using their contact form. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Contact”. Then, enter you're email and username, and type in the message that you wish to deliver to their support team.


SkinBaron Partnership

This site also offers anyone the chance to become their partner. This program is open to anyone who owns an eSports team or is a popular Youtube, Streamer, or Influencer. However, anyone can contact them on email regarding the partnership program at [email protected].


Skin Baron User Interface

Lastly, finding your way around the website is relatively straightforward. The platform supports a multitude of language options, including French, German, Russian, Polish, and English. At the top of the page, you can see a navigation panel to filter every type of skin that you can buy and sell.

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