CSGOChicken Review & Referral Codes

In this review, we’ll cover the new CSGOChicken site that is gaining popularity on YouTube. Check out the best referral codes for free cases, as well as our opinion about this project.


What is CSGOChicken?

CSGOChicken is a CS:GO gambling site that has been available to users since March 2021. The main users of CSGOChicken are players from Russia, but the site is available to anyone, no matter what country they connect from. The site features the most popular games such as double, coinflip and crash.


Available games on CSGOChicken

Unfortunately, you won’t find something fresh and new here, as games known from other sites are available for the player.

Double or roulette

The theme of the game double is familiar – when you go to the roulette subpage, you will find the option to choose the result that will fall out after the draw. These are terrorists or anti-terrorists (that is 2x the bet) and chicken, which makes our bet multiply times 14. The games are played every 20 seconds.


Here we can join an existing game or create our own. To join an existing coinflip game on CSGOChicken, we need to deposit a minimum of about 55% of the stake that the creator of the duel has created. Of course, by depositing such a low percentage, we will have less chance of winning than our opponent.


Crash on CSGOChicken looks really interesting as we will see a chicken riding a skateboard with a bomb attached. Graphically it is presented really great, but the principle of the game is the same as everywhere. After throwing the bet into the game the classic crash starts, if you manage to remove the coins before the end of the crash you will get the money back.


Referral Codes for CSGOChicken





Sign-Up Bonus

3 Free Cases


If you use our referral code on CSGOChicken, you will receive 3 free boxes to open. Use the code GLOBALCSGO or click the button to go to the page with the automatically used referral code.

Can I create my own referral code?

Anyone can create their own referral code at CSGOChicken. To do this, simply go to the PARTNERS tab and create a referral code there. After creating the code, you will automatically see a link that you can send to your friends. Remember not to share your code in the chat room as this is not allowed.


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Additional Site Details

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Available Games
Coinflip Crash Roulette

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Credit / Debit Card CS:GO Skins Qiwi Yandex.Money