CSGORUN Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

CSGORUN is an online CS:GO gambling and skin betting platform with a two games selection to play and also match betting.

The website is mainly Russian but also provides its services in English to extend the market.

If you are new and looking for reasons to gamble in, stay here for the full 2021 review.


  • A lot of deposit methods
  • Eye-catching design and easy to navigate in
  • Live chat
  • Good FAQ page


  • A small game selection
  • The website is only available in 2 languages
  • It doesn't have any tempting bonuses
  • No 24/ customer support


uring its games have a completely random outcome.

Feel free to reach out to the support team by creating a ticket or writing on social media for additional information.

CSGORUN Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses aren't the best feature on the website, although CSGORUN offers some benefits to its community enjoy:

Deposits with CS:GO Skins (Steam)

When depositing skins through your steam account, the platform gives a +10% bonus

Every deposit with +10%

If you pretend to deposit using different methods than skins and you also want a +10% bonus, all you have to do is add “csgorun.pro” to your nickname.


Regular giveaways are always happening. You can see them at the pages' left bottom corner. However, to participate, you must have made a deposit before.

What Games are Available on CSGORUN?

With two-game options plus the match betting, CSGO.RUN doesn't offer the best variety but promises a lot of fun:


You bet the amount you want on this game, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It's possible to cash out at any time you want, and the higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, the more money you win.

If you don't cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes,” and you lose.


This is kind of the same as the traditional coinflip game, with a slightly new design difference and game concept.

Instead of selecting a coin side, players must select a color (blue or orange), and a little guy starts to run. The first one crossing the goal after 5 seconds is the winner.

Match Betting

Players have the chance to bet in CS:GO upcoming matches selecting the team that it's most likely to win the game.

Different odds are applied to different matches.

CSGORUN Deposit Methods

This is one of the platforms' strength since they offer a wide range of deposit methods:

  • CS:GO Skins (Steam – P2P)
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Yandex
  • AliPay
  • QIWI
  • AlfaClick
  • PromSviazBank
  • Mobile
  • AdvCash
  • GameMoney
  • Free-Kassa
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, Dai, Bitcoin Cash

Remember that depending on your financial institution and country, the procedures, availability, methods, duration, and terms and conditions may vary.

How to Withdraw from CSGORUN?

To withdraw your skins, it's a simple process, P2P:

  • Open your inventory
  • Select the skin/skins your want to withdraw
  • Make sure you have the Steam inventory “Public”
  • Submit the correct trade URL on the platform
  • Accept the depositors' offer when it appears

How to win on CSGORUN?

There isn't a powerful strategy or set of rules to always be the one winning when it comes to gambling sites, and CSGORUN isn't an exception. Although there is a way to improve your games and increase the chances of a good outcome:

  • Establish a starting budget
  • Once decided, don't cross your own line
  • Even with a good winning streak, use only what you settled. Know when to stop is a must
  • Play the CSGORUN games that give you the best odds
  • Use only 3%-5% of your balance to bet on each round

Don't get deluded. It's impossible always to win all the games you are playing on CSGORUN. Players will lose many bets. It's essential to have that consciousness, but following and using these tips may help you keep the right way.


Suppose you are new to gambling and want to have a good experience, CSGO.RUN is a good online platform to start playing.

Still, with many features to improve, the platform is building its own path in the community. Hopefully, 2021 will be a bright year.


  • CSGORUN - Is it Legit?

    Yes, it's secure to say that CSGORUN is a legit and trustworthy online gambling platform to bet on. The website also has a Provably Fair system to reinforce the safeness.

  • How to use and claim CSGORUN free bonus code?

    Once you signed up, go one the “Deposit” page, and to claim a free bonus, you can write down the referral code “GLOBALCSGO” to get free money.

  • CSGORUN Referral Code 2021?

    After registration, click on “Deposit,” and you can write down the referral code “GLOBALCSGO” to get free cash on CSGORun.

  • CSGORUN doesn't show my doubt on FAQ. What can I do?

    After registration, click on “Deposit,” and you can write down the referral code “GLOBALCSGO” to get free cash on CSGORun.

  • Can anyone write on CSGORUN?

    Unfortunately no. If you want to type on the live chat, you must have deposited a minimum of $10 on CSGORUN.

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