Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Gambling With Bitfiring

Mar 3 • 2 min read

Bitcoin online casinos bring numerous advantages, but perhaps one of the most relevant for users is the possibility to earn more money.

That's right, you read that right! This is because the use of blockchain technology allows you to automate many processes that would otherwise weigh down the cost structure of the casino. So if the casino spends less money on the operational side, then it is also natural that it can distribute more money in bonuses and prizes to its users.

Today, many crypto gambling platforms already accept Bitcoin, but it is mainly on the Internet that thousands of businesses accept this and other cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin casino can also be fully based on blockchain technology, which opens up unlimited possibilities by making use of Smart Contracts to automate processes, such as payments to users, and even ensure that games are fully trusted.

A growing number of gamblers around the world choose to bet in Crypto Casino because it is much more convenient. 

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How to play at an Bitfiring casino with Bitcoin?

In short, to start crypto gambling at an online casino with Bitcoin you should follow these steps:

  • Choose a casino – In this case, Bitfiring that accepts Bitcoin deposits and payments;
  • Make your registration – Don't forget: always use one of the available bonuses;
  • Make your first deposit – You should make it from your Bitcoin wallet in order to activate the bonus;
  • Choose the game you want – Casinos usually have dozens of games available, from Slots Machines, Roulette, Poker, Bingo, Blackjack, among others;
  • Withdraw your winnings – Simply make a withdrawal order to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Most of the casinos featured in this article also allow you to bet with common currencies, such as Real or Dollar, and the operation is similar.

Bitfiring Casino on Bitcoin – a choice of entertainment

Bitfiring that supports Bitcoin payments can offer special machines developed and working on the cryptocurrency technology. And there can be “regular” emulators:

  • New and classic one-armed bandits with reels;
  • Poker, keno, roulette and other table games of chance;
  • Live games with real dealers, taking place live;
  • “Normal” simulators will have standard features – volatility level, RTP, bonus functionality. It will be possible to run them in paid and free modes.

Bitfiring is licensed, it means that it has been thoroughly checked and audited by a government body, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gaming Authority.

When adding funds from your digital wallet to the platform, you don't have to worry about losing your cryptocurrencies. Your transactions will also be safe and secure during withdrawals if the platform is licensed.

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Bitfiring Bitcoin casino brings great advantages, such as higher potential winnings and more attractive bonuses. In addition, thanks to the use of blockchain technology, users can count on great security and fast payouts.

As with most areas of technology that are using blockchain-based applications, there is still a long way to go to reach the full potential. However, the future looks great for this area and the winners are the users.