CSGOAtse Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

csgoatse review

In our CSGOatse review, we thoroughly checked this site from many angles. We described all the available games, payment methods, and also checked if the brand is trustworthy. Several million players have played on Atse since 2017, making it one of the most recognizable brands among CS:GO players. Here you will find a really cool selection of available games, as well as many payment methods and bonuses. The site itself has been running continuously since 2017. Read our full CSGOatse review and decide for yourself if you want to play at this CS:GO casino!


  • Live chat (English only)
  • User-friendly design and easy to navigate
  • Wide variety of games
  • Available in 8 different languages


  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Need to sign up before access the site


What is CSGOatse?

csgoatse website

CSGOatse is one of the most recognized CS:GO gambling sites in the world! The year the site was founded is around 2017 and it has been running continuously without any breaks since its inception. The brand is very recognizable among CS:GO players, and you can find tons of videos and reviews of the site on YouTube. Atse has a user-friendly interface and operating the entire site is simple. We recommend the PC version, as the mobile one doesn't work very well. On the right side of the page, we can pull up the live chat where about 1000 players are always active. Please note that you must be a level 8 account to use the chat. Without this condition, you will not be able to post.

An interesting feature is the Leaderboard, which is described in more detail later in our CSGOatse review. Deposit and withdrawal methods are also described further, but in short we have quite a large selection of payment processors. With our coins we can play on any of the 7 main games.

Please note that gambling is only available to adult players!


Is CSGOatse Legit?

csgoatse provably fair

CSGOatse is a legit and safe site when it comes to CS:GO gambling. In preparing our CSGOatse review we used the games on the site ourselves. The reviews on TrustPilot are not the best, but this is because the administration there is not active. We did not find any information about problems of users with the site on the Internet, and if there was a scam alert, it was explained by the administration. Some people forget what gambling is and complain about the site if they lose their coins. CSGOatse has almost half a million followers on its Twitter account, which only shows how well-known the site is.

Deposits as well as withdrawals are instant and the payment processors available on Atse are quite restrictive when it comes to usability. In the Terms of Service we can find that CSGOatse is a legally registered company in Seychelles.

The site provides a Provably Fair system with the help of which each user can independently verify the legit of each round that took place on the site. It means that the administration has no possibility to fix the results of the games. A detailed explanation of how provably fair/fairness works on CSGOAtse can be found in the link at the footer of the page.


CSGOatse Bonuses and Promotions

CSGOatse offers several types of bonuses for its users, which we have described below. If there are any new promotions for players, we will let you know right away in our CSGOatse review.

Bonus Code

Bonus code for CSGOatse is globalcsgo. Using this bonus code, if you register for the first time on the site, you have the chance to gain 1000 coins! Please note that you can only use the bonus code once on Atse. A 1000 coins bonus is about $0.60, which you can spend on playing the available games right away.

Deposit Bonus

The site offers a deposit bonus for its users, which is highly variable, so we describe it briefly. When making a deposit on the site you will get information about the current bonus. Most of the payment methods have a fixed bonus of around 5%. The bonus amount is displayed on the icon of the payment processor.


Leaderboard on CSGOatse is an interesting proposition for all active casino users. The rules are quite simple, and you can find the details in the Leaderboard tab linked at the top of the page.

In short: you receive points for the leaderboard by making bets that also generate wagers, deposits will therefore not affect your points. Every 2.000 coins you bet – you will receive 1 point.

As many as 60 people who are leading the leaderboard receive rewards. The first place will receive a total of 3.500.000 coins on the site! CSGOatse rewards active players very generously!

Avatar Bonus

To activate the avatar bonus go to your profile and then click on Settings. There you will find 10 CSGOatse avatars, and you must then set one of them as your profile picture on your Steam. This will give you an extra 5% bonus on the AtseFlip game.


What Games are Available on CSGOatse?

CSGOatse offers a wide assortment of different games to bet:

Match Betting

csgoatse match betting

You are permitted to bet on future matches, picking the team you think will win the game.

Different odds are applied to different matches.


csgoatse roulette

This game has 15 slots divided by “Red” and “Black” with 7 slots each, and “Green” with only 1 slot.

Players set up a bet, and if the wheel stops on “Red” or “Black,” it doubles the money, and on “Green” pays up to 14x (14 to 1).

CSGOatse has a feature called “Mega Round,” which is randomly activated. Red and Black now pay 5x, and Green pays 50x.


csgoatse crash game

Bet the amount you want, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It's possible to cash out at any time you want. The higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, the more money you win.

If you don't cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes,” and you lose the round.


csgoatse blackjack game

Traditional Blackjack card game. Try to hit 21 points or get as much closer as possible.


The game has a total of 25 squares, and players have to select if there are 1, 3, 5, or 24 bombs in the game.

The more bombs, the higher the payout but also a bigger risk of a bad outcome.


csgoatse dice game

Here you have 2 betting options. Select if the number showing on the dice after it stops between 1-3 or 4-6 (pays 1,8x) or select the exact number on the dice (pays 5x).


csgoatse jackpot game

There are 3 different jackpots: Low Pot, Mid Pot, and No Limit Pot.

Players put the skins into a common pot, and the winner gets everything.


First, select a multiplier and place your bet.

Then the reel is spinning, and if the result is higher than your multiplier, you win. Your coins bet is multiplied by your guess.


CSGOatse Deposit Methods

csgoatse deposit methods

To make your deposits, you can use different methods and choose what's the best for you:

  • CS:GO Skins (Steam)
  • GameMoney
  • Skrill
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Kinguin
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Tether USD
  • Gift card

Some payment methods require you to go to the Kinguin website and purchase a Gift Card. Use the code ATSE5 on Kinguin to receive a 5% discount on your top-up purchase. Remember that according to your financial organization and country, the availability, procedures, duration, methods, and terms and conditions may alter.


How to Withdraw from CSGOatse?

csgoatse withdraw methods

The withdrawal system on the site it's straightforward and doesn't require much time.

Go to the Marketplace section and pick the skin you'd like to withdraw. After that, it's the traditional P2P trade method (Player to Player).

For players being allowed to withdraw, must have:

  • Deposit at least $2,oo or have $50,00 in total bets
  • The wager has to be higher than the withdrawal amount


Is CSGOatse a scam?

CSGOatse is a legit site and is safe if you are looking for a verified CS:GO casino! The site has been running continuously for several years now and is a very recognizable brand among players. While writing this CSGOatse review we checked out the casino very thoroughly and played with real money. We had no problem withdrawing our winnings, and we earned a little in the crash game. TrustPilot website doesn't look very good, as the current rating is about 2.5, but this is due to the fact that the moderators don't actively manage their profile and probably only people who have some problems with the site end up there and instead of contacting support they prefer to give a negative review on TrustPilot. For the test we also created a ticket to support, where we waited only 4 hours for a response during the weekend. CSGOatse is definitely a safe place for fans of CS:GO gambling sites!


CSGOatse Hacks & Scripts

We would love to share CSGOatse hacks and scripts with you, but we can't because they simply don't exist! All hacks for this site are simply scams that put your Steam account in danger! If you download software of unknown origin, you are allowing hackers access to your computer. This is a very easy way to get into trouble because such a person can take control of your system! Do not download any scripts for CSGOatse for winnings or topping up coins, as such things do not and will not work. Also, do not accept friend requests on Steam from people who impersonate the site administration. Most (if not all) of these people will try to scam you out of your CS:GO skins. All exchanges related to the site, deposits and withdrawals, must be done directly by requesting a deposit or withdrawal using the appropriate options on the site. Atse is a popular brand among CS:GO players, so a lot of people are taking advantage of this to do scams.


How to win on CSGOatse?

When the topic is gambling sites, it's impossible to determine a consistent strategy or set of rules to win every time. Although there is always a method to improve your game and raise the possibilities of a great outcome:

  • Set up an initial budget
  • Once determined, don't go over your limits
  • Even with a good winning streak, bet only what you decided. Know when to end is crucial
  • Gamble only 3%-5% of your balance on each round
  • Claim all the free bonuses available
  • Compete in giveaways and have an eye on promotions

Don't get deluded. It's unlikely to win all the bets. Players will lose many times. It's fundamental to have that awareness, but understanding and applying this advice may help yourself profiting.



To conclude, CSGOatse is a great platform to start your CS:GO gambling journey.

With easy and smooth navigation, you can straight play all the games and even interact with other users.

Try your luck and make sure to follow their social media to maintain updated!


  • How to claim CSGOAtse free Bonus Code?

    Once you signed up, click on “Deposit” and then select “Promo Code.”Use the bonus code “GLOBALCSGO” to receive free 1000 COINS.

  • What is the maximum bet amount on CSGOatse?

    The maximum bet amount depends on the game, but you can go up to 20,000,000 coins.

  • Why should I deposit with cryptocurrencies?

    Depositing over $500 at once will provide you an extra 5% bonus to play on CSGOAtse.

  • How much is 1 coins worth on CSGOatse?

    It's easier to convert that to dollars, and it's pretty simple: $1 = 1600 coins on CSGOatse. Sometimes this number can vary, as some payment methods additionally give a deposit bonus.

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