Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

skinebtgg review is a CSGO gambling site where players can gamble their skins o to win even better ones.

Operating since 2017, the website's main goal is to make users happy and provide them an outstanding experience.

Here we will write down all the features, bonuses, and games that they have to offer.


  • Simple design and easy to navigate on
  • Good FAQ section
  • 3 jackpot sizes
  • Provably fair system
  • Live chat


  • It doesn't have many games
  • Site available only in English
  • No 24/7 customer support


What is Skinbet?

skinbetgg website is a top-rated CSGO gambling site. Here you can deposit your skins, gamble them and withdraw much more high-value skins.

The site is operating since 2017 and released its second version in 2020, with more features and an improved design, more eye-catching and creative. has a weekly $1000 Leaderboard showing the players with the most points. This leaderboard is reset every Monday at midnight.

Note that gambling sites like don't allow users under 18 years old.


Is Skinbet Legit?

Yes, we can securely say that is a legit site to play on.

Operating for almost 4 years and with an average of 85k visitors per month and 100-150 online players, their reputation grows inside the community, and they are getting more crowd.

Besides that, the site uses a Provably Fair system to ensure that all game outcomes are completely random.

To reach the support team and clarify any other doubts you might have, click on “Support Center” on the bottom left and create a ticket for more information.


Skinbet Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best parts of is the number of bonuses and promotions that they offer. Being a regular player, you can easily pick up many rewards:

Promo Code

The promo code for SkinBet is GLOBALCSGO. By using this promo code you will receive a 2.5% deposit bonus on any payment method and also 1% cashback on any winnings.


On Skinbet you will find a faucet that allows you to get $0.30 for free every 48 hours. There are two conditions to get this bonus: your site balance must be under $0.30 and your account must be level 7.

Surveys – Free Coins

When you make a deposit, you will find a Free tab in the last tab. The principle is very simple. Skinbet allows you to perform mostly free actions for which you will be rewarded with a certain number of coins on the site. The available actions are mostly free to do, they are surveys or downloads of various mobile applications. Details can be found in the Free tab as the offer is highly variable and every now and then there are new actions to do.


Leaderboard rules are very simple. You receive 100 points for every $1 you play on any Skinbet game. First place gets as much as $400 on the site! You can find details about the whole Leaderboard as well as the current leading players by clicking the last icon in the top menu. The weekly giveaway is $1000 and resets on Monday at midnight.


Each player can create a Rain in the chat, which involves setting a corresponding amount, which is then shared among all chat participants. To participate in Rain, you must have made bets for a total of $5 in the last 7 days. Everyone has two minutes to make a captcha, and the total amount is divided among all users of the giveaway.

Key Drops

Two times every hour (the timing of it is randomly generated) a Key Drop begins on SkinBet, which means you must complete a task (shown in the chat) in an attempt to gain a free key. To participate in these Key Drops you must have bet $1 the past hour in any of our games and the round you bet in must have been raked at least 2.5%.


SkinBet Referral Code

Referral Code for is GLOBALCSGO. This referral code will unfortunately not credit your account on the site, but it will give you an additional 2.5% bonus on any form of deposit, as well as 1% cashback on any winnings. Every Skinbet referral code is the same and always gives the same bonus. If there are any new codes, we will surely inform you about it in our review.


How to use a referral code?

You have two options to choose from:

  1. log in to Skinbet and then go to the Referral System tab (3 dots icon) and in the field Redeem a code type globalcsgo and press Redeem
  2. Use this link and go to Skinbet, the code will automatically be used


How to create my own referral code on Skinbet?

To create your own Skinbet referral code you have to go to the Affiliate tab (the 3 dots icon in the top menu). There you will see a whole panel dedicated to the affiliate system, where in the right menu (Your Statistics) you can create your own referral code, which you can then promote for example among your friends or on social media. The most convenient way is to share the link, which you will find under the code, because the code will automatically be used by a new user after clicking it.


What Games are Available on Skinbet? doesn't have a lot of games as many sites, but here you can find:


skinbetgg coinflip game

The CSGO coinflip game is one of the easiest gambling games. You bet your skin or skins, and then you'll pair up with someone with the most similar value as you.

After that, a coin is tossed, and you win all the skins if your color is showing (blue or orange.)


This game has three different options: 5-max, 50-max, or high roller. It works the same but with diverse values of the prizes.

Players here deposit skins into a common pot during a certain time. After that, a spinner will spin and determine the winner. The higher you bet, the higher the chances of winning.


Skinbet Deposit Methods

skinbet deposit methods

SkinBet offers quite a nice selection of deposit methods for its players:

  • CS:GO Skins & Dota2 Items (via third parties: SkinsBack, ShadowPay)
  • Visa/MasterCard (via Lex Pay)
  • Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin

Remember that depending on your financial institution and country, the procedures, availability, methods, duration, and terms and conditions may vary.


How to Withdraw from Skinbet?

skinbet withdraw methods

On, you can withdrawal is three different ways:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Litecoin
  3. CSGO Skins (P2P): For this method, you can go to the withdraw page on simply open your inventory and select the skin you pretend to get. The depositor will send you an offer, and you must accept it.

However, you need to gamble 100% of your deposits before you can withdraw.


Is Skinbet a scam?

We state confidently that Skinbet is a legit site. We can find there a Provably Fair system, thanks to which you can check yourself whether the round was rigged. The existence of such an option on the site makes all game results random and there is no possibility to manipulate them. We found no record of the site ever having scammed anyone. The administration responds quickly to tickets created, and the site itself has a very active chat room with frequent events.


How to win on Skinbet?

Before you start gambling, you need to set up your mindset properly. If you are a new player, note that it's impossible to always come on top. You can use plenty of strategies, but gambling works with rng.

Here are some tips for gambling with consciousness on

  • Define your starting budget: You don't need to go massively big
  • Establish a winning or losing limit
  • Don't gamble everything at once: we recommend 3-5% on each round
  • Learn with your mistakes and be patient

It's important to don't get deluded. You might win plenty of time, but losing it's also part of the process on these sites.

Skinbet.GG FAQ

  • Skinbet - Is it Legit?

    Yes, Skinbetis a legit and trustworthy website. The site also uses a Provably Fair system, ensuring all the results are random.

  • How to claim Skinbet free bonus code?

    After your registration is done, go on deposits, then on “Promo Code,” and use “GLOBALCSGO” to have an extra 5% when you deposit.

  • Skinbet Referral Code 2021?

    Using the referral code “GLOBALCSGO,” you can get +5% on deposits. Write the code on the referral system page, where it says “Redeem a Code.”

  • No one joins my Coinflip game. What can I do?

    The website offers the option of calling Steve, a bot that will play against you.

  • How can I level up?

    Leveling up is achieved by betting on the website. When you reach a certain level, you have more benefits.

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