CSGOEmpire Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

csgoempire review

CSGOEmpire is one of the premier skin betting websites that has been into operations ever since 2016. It has been able to provide a stable and swift platform for skin betting with its transparent betting system. With the automated system and services, CSGOEmpire has been able to accumulate over 5 Million Registered users so far.

The platform provides its users to bet for several games such as Roulette, Match betting and Coinflips and accepts deposits using Skins, Cryptocurrencies and Cash. These forms of deposit are exchanged with CSGO Coins which are used to play the betting games to win more coins and exchange them back as more skins on the website.

CSGOEmpire is operated by MoonRail Limited B.V which is regulated under laws of Curacao with all payments being taken care by MoonRail Limited under Cyprus jurisdictions. Both companies have been into an agreement for governance, operations and payments.


  • The system has an excellent interactive platform with good GUI to attract users for betting in its website.
  • Being into operations for 4 years so far and regulated by MoonRail Limited at Cyprus and Curacao, it has proven its record as a trusted and reliable betting partner.
  • Provides a high value referral system where users can earn upto 30% commissions using signups from referral links.
  • Highly interactive and useful chat room available in several languages. There are users always available and CSGOEmpire maintains an active community of energetic userbase.
  • Highly automated and encrypted/secure Provavly Fair system where all bets have fair and pre-generated outcomes with client and server seed system for each bet.
  • Accepts almost all payment processors for deposit and withdrawals using crypto, real cash and Steam.
  • Support team available 24/7 and operates in multiple languages for the convenience of users.
  • The website keeps on providing free bonuses and giveaways for deposit, withdrawals to its esteemed users.


  • Only 3 Games available so far in its website. More games need to be added to the website to take it to the next level.
  • Less options for Esports offered by the platform.

What is CSGOEmpire?

csgoempire website

CSGOEmpire is a highly simple and user friendly skin betting website which provides several games such as Roulette, Match betting and Coinflips to its users. It accepts deposits using Cash, cryptocurrencies and Skins. These forms of deposit are exchanged with CSGO Skins which are used to play the betting games to win more coins and exchange them back as more skins on the website.

It has a strong and highly active user base of 5 Million plus members and has been into operations for 4 years so far since its inception in 2016. It has garnered many positive reviews and feedback with its swift, intuitive and simple interface, highly proven and secure Provably Fair system where all bets have fair and pre-generated outcomes with client and server seed system for each bet.


Is CSGOEmpire Legit 2021?

CSGOEmpire is one of the most trusted and legit platforms that has been providing hassle free skin betting services since last 4 years. We have thoroughly reviewed all the services and user experiences in the website and have found it to be one of the most trustworthy betting sites in the Globe. Inspite of having limited number of betting games, it does a fair job in attracting customers and providing services to them in a fair way.

Their Fairness Link illustrates a detailed explanation on the betting process, hash generation and secret seed publishing methodology, so everything is transparent in terms of betting process. Each game available on CSGOEmpire is created on a different algorithm, but still each player has the ability to independently verify each round that took place on the site. If you want to check for yourself whether a round was fair, read the instructions in the Fairness tab at the top of the page. The site additionally allows us to secure our account with 2fa. If we activate this additional security step, every time we log in we will be asked for a code that we will receive in the app on our smartphone.

CSGOEmpire additionally has a very good reputation on TrustPilot. The current rating of the site is 4.2 which is a very high score compared to other CSGO gambling sites. Reviews on TrustPilot are reliable and difficult to falsify, which is why CSGOEmpire is a brand that is among the top sites according to this portal.

The 24/7 support team is very supportive and provides good resolution of issues and clarifications with a quick turnaround time.



CSGOEmpire Bonuses and Promotions

csgoempire bonuses and promotions

CSGOEmpire offers several bonus jackpots and promotional offers time to time. On their website, one can find BONUS JACKPOTS regularly in Roulette betting games. The website also provides a sign up bonus of free gift cases to new users. On initial registration, users are awarded with bonus codes and signup bonuses as well. Every bet placed on the site earns points (XP) to the users.

By adding csgoempire.com to the Steam username, users are also entitled to earn 10% bonus XP Points.

There is a unique and interesting bonus COIN RAIN offering from the website which helps users to accumulate 5-10 coins at once. This acts like a cashback and depends on your wager and level in the games.

With the robust bonus system created by CSGOEmpire, any user who introduces another user to the system for betting and deposits can earn upto 30% commissions. The CSGOEmpire Twitter page keeps all users updated with the special promotions, coin pots and jackpot offers available as per the game schedules. Users are advised to visit the social media pages of CSGO Website to check for offers, promotions and live jackpot events.

What Games are Available on CSGOEmpire?

CSGOEmpire on their site offers 3 classic games that you will encounter on most other CS:GO gambling sites:


This is an already classic game available on almost every site of this type. CS:GO Roulette is based on choosing one of three options (on CSGOEmpire it is TT, CT and the site logo). If the system selects TT or CT, we receive our bet times two. If we decide to bet the dice option x14, we get our bet times 14 into our account. It is worth noting that CSGOEmpire does not have an automatic roulette betting option, we have to do it manually at the beginning of each round.

Match Betting

Match Betting on CSGOEmpire is the ability to bet on various matches. Currently we can only choose between different esports games. The matches on offer include CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Overwatch. It is also possible to bet on live matches. Unfortunately the only betting option is for a particular team to win or draw.

Coin Flip

This flip betting game is pretty straight forward and like a coin tossing game with Provably Fair automated betting system with completely random outcomes. Users can chose existing teams or create their own flip games to proceed with the betting.

CSGOEmpire is expected to add up more games and betting options in the near future. With 3 engaging betting games and a robust system it has been getting quite a number of positive reviews and feedback from the existing users enrolled into the system.


How to bet on CSGOEmpire?

Login to your CSGOEmpire Account with your STEAM ID. Incase you don’t have one, you can create your own Steam account to continue with the registration process in the website.

Select a game from the list of options on the Website: ROULLETE, COIN FLIP OR MATCH BETTING. All the 3 game options are available on the Main Page of the Website.

Your Coin balance will be utilized for your betting options. You can deposit using Skins, Real Cash (with E-Wallets, Master Cards, VISA and other payment options) or Crypto currency such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

For ROULETTE, choose from the 3 options available and placed your BET to win up to 12X if you are lucky enough to win.

For COINFLIP game, create a game or select your game from the list of open games to place your BETS.

For MATCH BETTING, choose the match or tournament that you are interested to bet on and proceed to BET on your team or player.


CSGOEmpire Deposit Methods

csgoempire deposit methods

Users need to click on the Deposit button and select one of the payment options. The CSGOEmpire website accepts nearly all CSGO Skins. Users can also deposit with various other payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and of course, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash! Please note that the number of available payment methods may vary depending on the country from which you are making the payment. Full list of payment methods on CSGOEmpire:

  • CS:GO Items
  • Klarna
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GameMoney
  • ecoPayz
  • UnionPay
  • American Express
  • Skrill
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Przelewy24
  • Trustly
  • Neteller
  • Jeton
  • eZeeWallet
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin


How to Withdraw from CSGOEmpire?

csgoempire withdraw options

CSGOEmpire has put forward various withdrawal options on their website. User can withdraw using P2P withdrawal facility with their Steam Trade URLs. The withdrawal process takes usually very less time and is hassle free.

Incase of any issues with any of your deposits or withdrawals, users can contact the 24/7 * 365 Support team available on the website. They support specialists help to facilitate quick issue resolution with a swift turn around time. Cryptocurrencies are an additional option for withdrawing funds from CSGOEmpire. Currently, the site also allows you to withdraw funds using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. When withdrawing with cryptocurrencies, we have the option to select a network fee, which is a small fee we pay for the transfer of funds. If you want a fast payout, use the Fast option.


How to Win on CSGOEmpire?

CSGOEmpire does not guarantee a 100% win which is fair in terms of all betting sites. Using your mind, proper discipline, decent money management plan and betting rules, you can expect to make money from this website.

Users are advised to follow a proper budget and decide how much they are going to risk for the betting. Proper decision making and balanced risk management are the key to succeed in any betting website. Take full advantage of the promotions, offers and special bonuses time to time. Also have good communication and relations with fellow members and in the chat room.


Refund Policy on CSGOEmpire

Remember that CSGOEmpire is a gambling site, therefore all actions made there are non-refundable, you take full responsibility for your actions. This is stated in the first paragraph of the BETTING section of the Terms of Service – “All bets are final. If you lose your funds by betting, we will not give you a refund.”.

However, in the case of match betting it is possible to get a refund if the game has been set up so called match-fixing. The final decision lies with the administration of CSGOEmpire.


Registration via Steam

On CSGOEmpire, the only way to register is through our Steam account. To create a new account, use the Sign In button at the top right of the page. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the Steam portal where you enter your information, sometimes you will also need a security code which you will receive in your email associated with your account.


CSGOEmpire scripts – does it work?

NO! Remember that using any “scripts” that allow you to, for example, win every round with a magic algorithm, is very dangerous to your Steam account and even your computer. Remember that all gaming takes place on the CSGOEmpire server and you have no influence on what the outcome of a given round will be. Most of these scripts are viruses that allow hackers access to your computer and especially your Steam account. This is the easiest way for someone to steal your equipment. Also note that CSGOEmpire administrators will not add you as a friend on Steam. If someone like this sends you an invitation, you can report it through support on the site. No one associated with the site will want you to send them items outside of the site – it's just common scam.


Is CSGOEmpire a scam?

We have known this site for a very long time, so we confidently state that CSGOEmpire is a 100% legit site. We do not know of any user who has reported any problems with the equipment on the site or the inability to withdraw money won. The administration also does not delete any negative reviews on TrustPilot, and responds to each one honestly, which definitely speaks well of CSGOEmpire. Additionally, each player has the opportunity to review each round on their own.



CSGOEmpire is a decent and highly trustable skin betting website which is used by millions of users world wide. With provably fair automated betting odds management system, decent user interface, 24/7 multilingual support and chat rooms, CSGOEmpire easily is one of our top choices for CS:GO betting sites in the market.

The provably Fair betting algorithm along with client server seed and hashing system makes CSGOEmpire a trustworthy and legitimate betting website with the userbase. All the bet outcomes are random and pre decided using this automated system and have established authenticity with Proof of Concept.

Although the current games offering are just 3 in number, yet with passage of time we do expect the games and betting offers to increase and more services likely to get added.

CSGOEmpire is managed and owned by MoonRail Limited. Being into operations for 4 years so far and regulated by MoonRail Limited at Cyprus and Curacao, it has proven its record as a trusted and reliable betting partner. The site administration is also very active on Twitter. On the official CSGOEmpire profile you can check out the winnings of other players, which are sometimes really huge.

Our final verdict on CSGOEmpire stands at a whopping 5/5

CSGOEmpire Review FAQ

  • How to claim CSGOEmpire Free Bonus Code?

    Once you register on the CSGOEmpire website you can use GLOBALCSGO free bonus code to add 10% Bonus XP to your account using your Steam ID.

  • What is the maximum bet amount on CSGOEmpire?

    The maximum bet amount in CSGOEmpire is 100,000 coins. With a personalized request from users, this limit can be increased as well. For such requests, users are advised to visit the support team link to check for any bet limits increase.

  • Who owns CSGOEmpire?

    CSGOEmpire is owned by Moonrail Limited B.V., a company legally registered and operating in Curaçao. This information can be found in the Terms of Service of the website.

  • What is the name of CSGOEmpire on Twitter?

    The official Twitter of the site is @CSGOEmpire.

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