CSGO500 Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

csgo500 review

CSGO500 com, is a top-rated CSGO gambling site where you can deposit your skins or real money to play a wide variety of games.

This CSGO website is on top of the game since 2016 and keeps improving its features to provide the best experience and bring more and more users. In the rest of our review you will find descriptions of all the games available on the site, as well as tips, instructions, and the best bonus codes that will give you the funds to start playing on CSGO500.


  • Live chat, available in 9 different languages
  • A good amount of games to play
  • Website available in 12 different languages
  • A lot of bonuses and giveaways
  • Fast loading and smooth navigation on the website
  • Extensive FAQ


  • No 24/7 customer support (especially live chat)
  • Need to deposit at least 500 bux for playing casino games


What is CSGO500?

csgo500 gambling site

CSGO500 is a well-known CSGO gambling site that allows you to use CS:GO skins as a deposit method, the same as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The site has many gambling games, such as the wheel of fortune, crash, and much more.

CSGO500 has a VIP Program with 6 different levels. Of course, each level with better rewards:

  • Silver (Level 500)
  • Gold (Level 600)
  • Saphire (Level 700)
  • Emerald (Level 800)
  • Rubi (Level 900)
  • Diamond (Level 999)

Some of the advantages are promotional bonuses, increased rakeback, extra raffle tickets, special chat events, increased weekly reloads, direct contact to VIP hosts, increased lossback, and preferential limits.

Besides that, the CS:GO gambling site has a Leaderboard where you can check the top monthly gamblers.

Keep in mind that gambling sites like CSGO500 don't enable users under 18 years old.


Is CSGO500 Legit?

is csgo500 legit trustpilot

Yes, CSGO500 is legit and is a safe place if you want to deposit your funds. The site has been running continuously since 2016 and is a legitimate, registered company with an active Curaçao eGaming license, which certifies that legal gambling is taking place there.

CSGO500 has a high rating on TrustPilot, which is 4.5, where the maximum is 5.0. The administration responds to any negative comments on TrustPilot on a regular basis and tries to clarify any problem of players.

In the top menu you will find the Provably Fair tab where you can independently verify each round that has been played on the site. This means that all draws are done on the server side and nobody has any influence on the result of the round. In short: CSGO500 does not rig games.

On the site you will find a very extensive Knowledge Base, where many questions a user may ask are explained. If you don't find the answer to your problem there, you can easily contact support using the icon in the bottom right corner.

The site offers payouts via skins on Steam directly from the site's inventory or via third-party provider WaxPeer.


CSGO500 Alternative Domain

If CSGO500 is blocked in your country (you get an error when accessing the site) you can use an alternative domain, which is available worldwide. The alternative domain is CSGO500.IO, this is the official second method to access the site. The official information about this domain is available on the brand's twitter.


Bonuses and Promotions

This site has a really good selection of different bonuses and promotions on offer. You can find a full list below:

CSGO500 Bonus Code

Bonus Code for CSGO500 is GLOBALCSGO. This code will credit your account with a starting bonus of 500 BUX. The bonus is for new accounts on the site and you will not be able to use it if you have used it before.

Deposit Bonus

Under the Deposit tab, you will see a message titled Welcome Package which informs you that you are eligible for a bonus when depositing funds on the site. In total, you can earn up to $1000 bonus and 50 free spins for depositing funds. To get the deposit bonus you need to deposit a minimum of $20.

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards is a system on CSGO500 that rewards you for actively playing on the site. The rules are simple: the more you deposit and play, the higher your account level gets. Every day we can collect the reward 4 times, every 6 hours. The basic 1x reward depends on our level, and we have 4 options in the draw: 67.50% for 1x, 22.50% for 1.5x, 9.95% for 2x, and 0.05% for 100x.

Very often promotions are done where Daily Rewards rewards are multiplied. If there is currently such an event, you will receive a notification on the site. Information about active event you will also find on Rewards subpage – under Free Daily Rewards you will find for example “Your daily reward is doubled until Sunday 23:59 GMT”.

Social Bonus

With social rewards, we have the opportunity to receive up to 800 BUX completely free! You can find the free coins to collect for performing some simple actions in the Rewards section. Currently the following tasks are available: activate notifications, follow on Facebook (100 BUX), follow on Twitter (200+100 BUX), follow on VK (100 BUX), join Discord (100 BUX) and connect to Google (100 BUX).


Don't forget to give a follow on CSGO500 twitter as you will find plenty of giveaways, as well as information about current and upcoming events on the site. Looking at past tweets, you can see that the site is very active on social media and they often organize fun activities for their players.


What Games are Available on CSGO500?

The game selection on CSGO500 is pretty good. We are talking about 6 different games:

Wheel of Fortune

csgo500 wheel of fortune game

Easy game to play, players have 4 colors to bet on with various rewards: black pays 2x, red pays 3x, blue pays 5x, and the best is yellow, paying 50x your bet.


csgo500 roulette game

This game has 15 slots divided by “Red” and “Black” with 7 slots each, and “Green” with only 1 slot.

Players set up a bet, and if the wheel stops on “Red” or “Black,” it doubles the money, and on “Green” pays up to 14x (14 to 1).


csgo500 duels game

Like the classic coinflip, but with a twist: up to 4 players can play it.

Each player picks a color, and then the wheel spins, the showing color wins all the pot.

You can create your duels or join already created duels.


csgo500 crash game

Bet the amount you want on Crash, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It's possible to cash out at any time you want. The higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, the more money you win.

If you don't cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes” and you lose the round.

Match betting

csgo500 match betting game

You are permitted to bet on live or future matches, picking the team you think will win the game.

Different odds are applied to different matches.


csgo500 casino games

In this section, you can play the traditional Slot Machines and Live Casino (like Blackjack), or even Live Games (like Monopoly).


CSGO500 Deposit Methods

csgo500 deposit methods

CSGO500 allows you to top up your funds (BUX) using multiple payment methods:

  • CS:GO Skins
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Advanced Cash
  • Google Pay
  • PaySafeCard
  • Neusurf Europa
  • EU Bank Transfer (Volt)
  • AliPay
  • UnionPay Bank
  • UnionPay P2P
  • ECO Payz
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, EOS

Remember that $1 is about 1600 BUX. The exact amount of BUX you will receive after topping up will be displayed to you when you make a deposit.

Bear in mind that according to your financial organization and country, the availability, procedures, duration, methods, and terms and conditions may change.


How to Withdraw from CSGO500?

When it comes to withdrawal options, you can opt for the most traditional CSGO skins P2P by selecting a skin from the marketplace.

Other options are in the form of Games, Gift Cards, or Software and Tools.

It's also possible to withdraw using cryptocurrencies, but only for verified accounts.

csgo500 banner

How to win on CSGO500?

When the topic is gambling sites, it's impossible to determine a consistent strategy or set of rules to win every time. Although there is always a method to improve your game and raise the possibilities of a great outcome:

  • Set up an initial budget
  • Once determined, don't go over your limits
  • Even with a good winning streak, bet only what you decided. Know when to end is crucial
  • Gamble only 3%-5% of your balance on each round
  • Claim all the free bonuses available
  • Compete in giveaways and have an eye on promotions

Don't get deluded. It's unlikely to win all the bets. Players will lose many times. It's fundamental to have that awareness, but understanding and applying this advice may help yourself profiting.


CSGO500 Hacks & Scripts

Hacks and scripts for CSGO500 do not exist and will not exist! All games on the site are server-side and you have no influence on the outcome of the draw. All hacks and scripts that claim to help you or charge your account with BUX are scam and you are putting your Steam inventory at risk. By installing unknown software on your computer you are potentially allowing third parties access to your system. Remember not to download anything suspicious that is supposed to help you play on the site.

Have you received an invitation to become friends on Steam from the administration? Ignore it and block this person. The site staff will not add you directly on Steam and will certainly not ask you to submit items off the site! Plenty of people impersonate moderation to scam skins.


Is CSGO500 a scam?

CSGO500 is a 100% legit site and is definitely not a scam. The brand is a legally registered company with a current gambling license. Besides, it has a very high rating on TrustPilot, where reviews are reliable and cannot be manipulated. On the site you will find a Fairness system (Provably Fair) that allows you to check each round. This guarantees that no one has tampered with our game and all results are legit. The site has been tested by us personally, but we have played on it often in the past because it has been on the CS:GO market for several years.



To terminate, CSGO500 is an excellent website to begin your CS:GO gambling adventure.

With easy and smooth navigation, you can straight play all the games and even interact with other users.

Start shooting for your desired skins!


  • How to claim CSGO500 Free Bonus?

    When you go to our link or use the code, a notification will pop up telling you that you can accept complimentary BUXes. Just select the green Confirm button, your account will then be topped up.

  • Who is the owner of CSGO500?

    Referring to the page footer information, the owner of CSGO500 is Perfect Storm B.V, a company registered and operating in Curaçao.

  • What is the maximum bet amount on CSGO500?

    It varies for each game, but the maximum you can bet is 12 million bux.

  • Can any player write in the live chat?

    Unfortunately no. Users need to reach level 50 to use this feature (~600.000 XP).

  • What is the conversion rate of BUX on CSGO500?

    $1 is about 1600 BUX, the exact conversion will be displayed when you make the deposit. This value may vary as you may be eligible for a deposit bonus promotion.

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