CSGORoll Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

csgoroll review

In our CSGORoll review we present all the most important information about this CS:GO casino. As we write this, we're sure you will enjoy this site. We tested it ourselves and played a few of the available games before making a withdrawal. In the rest of this review you will find a detailed description of the games, the deposit and withdrawal methods as well as the bonus codes that can get you started.


What is CSGORoll?

csgoroll website

CSGORoll is a top-rated gambling site where players have the chance to win a lot of CSGO skins by playing on a wide variety of games that the site offers. It is definitely one of the most popular brands when it comes to CSGO gambling sites.

It's also implemented two PVP games (coinflip and dice duel), although still in Beta version.

It's important to say that CSGORoll uses a Provably Fair system on their games. If a site uses provably fair it means nothing other than that they have nothing to hide. With provably fair every player has the possibility to check for himself if the round was not rigged. If you want to independently verify a round on CSGORoll, please go to the Provably Fair tab found in the footer of the page.

The CSGORoll website has been operating since 2015, with a break of almost three years because of the limited codebase, and the team couldn’t explore and deliver all the ideas. So after some time, in 2020, the gambling site came back to the game with new features and improvements. Despite this site outage, CSGORoll still has a huge fan base that actively plays and interacts in the user chat (which is available in multiple languages).

There are different deposit methods on the site, from CSGO skins to cryptocurrency and the traditional credit card. You can find all available payment methods on CSGORoll later in our review.

The CSGORoll website has an icon at the bottom right to reach customer support via email. However, you can take your doubts on the live chat. Surely any player will offer you help.

Note that gambling sites like CSGORoll are forbidden for people under 18 years old.


  • Live chat on the left side of the site
  • Simple design, easy to navigate, and provides a good experience
  • Fast registration with the Steam account
  • Provably Fair system
  • 3 free cases when using a bonus code after registration
  • Wide variety of games and cases to open


  • The site is only available in English
  • No 24/7 customer support system


Is CSGORoll Legit?

is csgoroll legit trustpilot

Yes, it's safe to say that CSGORoll is a legit gambling site. This is one of the most popular CSGO gambling sites, and we don't recall there ever being any unresolved issues or user reports with it. The evidence for CSGORoll being a legit csgo gambling site is that they have a great rating on TrustPilot. As of the writing of this review, the site has a rating of 4.8 which is almost perfect (the maximum rating on TrustPilot is 5.0).

It's one of the oldest CSGO gambling sites (2015), and even with the closed period between 2017 and 2020, it still is one of the player's favorite sites to use and their first choice. If a lot of users are gambling here, that means something: it's trustworthy.

Contacting customer service is very easy – just click on the handset icon in the right corner of the page. Then a window will open in which we have the possibility to contact the CSGORoll administration by sending a ticket. Once you create a ticket, one of the support agents will help with your problem.

The CSGORoll website has a Provably Fair system, ensuring that all games are based on luck. You can find the button to verify provably fair in the footer of the page. There you can verify for yourself that the round was not set.


CSGORoll Bonuses and Promotions

CSGORoll offers a great bonus for new users who have not yet used the site in the form of 3 free boxes that you can open completely free of charge and start playing the available games.

To get the previously mentioned three free boxes, use our bonus code – GLOBALCSGO. Immediately after using it, you will receive free skins that you can exchange for coins to play on CSGORoll.

Free codes for cases are also given during promotions from sponsors and as rewards for users that deposit on the CSGO site.

In the chat, you can also win prizes offered by the team or by any user. These are control distributions, and the recurrence of these is at the choice of the givers.

In addition to the bonus of three free boxes, each CSGORoll user also has the opportunity to participate in regular giveaways that are made by the site administrators. At the time of writing this review, the $2000 giveaway from CSGORoll was still active. You can find all the information you need by clicking the Giveaway button in the footer of the page.

Finally, there's a level-up mode to get free cases without using a bonus code. Players who play on the website and level up will have the chance to open a free case every 24 hours. The first case is available when reaching level 10, and then every 10 levels.

In addition to the initial bonus of 3 free boxes, you can open additional boxes every day. Their number and type depends on the level of our account. The more you play on CSGORoll, the higher level you gain. When your account reaches level 100, you can get up to 150 coins a day. A crate available at level 100 has a guaranteed AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge skin, which is worth about $30.

What are gems on CSGORoll?

Gems are additional currency available on CSGORoll that the site rewards us for active play. With Gems, you can open special chests that contain really cool CS:GO skins. The amount of gems in your account is displayed in the upper right corner of the page next to the Deposit button. The principle of getting gems is very simple:

  • 0.05% chance of 1 Gem when you bet 0.01 Coins
  • 5% chance of 1 Gem when you bet 1 Coin
  • 50% chance of 1 Gem when you bet 10 Coins
  • 50% chance of 2 Gems when you bet 20 Coins
  • 50% chance of 100 Gems when you bet 1000 Coins

Remember that CSGORoll don’t support fractions of Gems, so if you bet 19 Coins, you would still only have a 50% chance to receive 1 Gem. You would not receive 1.9 Gems (it always rounds down). There are currently 8 chests that we can open for gems. The cheapest one can be opened for 2 of this currency.


What Games are Available on CSGORoll?

CSGORoll has 4 main games as well as PVP variant games, where the whole draw takes place in a formula with one other player. Below you will find a list of all the games available on the site with a brief explanation of what each game consists of.


Roll (Roulette)

This roll game is the traditional CSGO roulette. It has 15 slots divided by “Red” with 7 slots, “Black” with 7 slots, and “Green” with only 1 slot. Players can bet the amount they want, starting at 0,01 coins and going up to 100,000 coins.

If a player wins the bet on “Red” or “Black,” he'll double the money, and winning on “Green” pays up to 14x (14 to 1), which is the best outcome.

Players can also switch the design between the classic roll and the new roll.

Another interesting feature of this roulette is the “Triple Green Jackpot.” Users will win the jackpot any time that the green shows three times in a row. The jackpot value's made with 0.66666% of all the bets from each round.



csgoroll crash game

Crash is the most popular CSGO gambling game. First, players bet the number of coins they want, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It's possible to cash out at any time you want, but of course, the higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, you win more money.

There is only one little problem: if you don't cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes” and you lose the game. If you cash out first, you are safe.



csgoroll dice game

This game can be a little bit tricky. First, players have to choose a value from 1 to 94 for the dice roll under. If the value is low, the chances of winning are also low, but the price is much higher.

Let's go with an example: selecting a roll value under 15, you get 6,33x your bet, but if you choose a value under 85, you get only 1,12x your bet.



csgoroll unboxing game

Unboxing is a typical form of game involving case openings that contain various CS:GO skins. On CSGORoll, you will find over 100 available cases (also in an interesting 50/50 formula, where we have only two possible skins) that you can open. Each case has a list of possible skins that can come out of it. In the most expensive crate we have the opportunity to win such legendary skins as Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore!


PVP Coinflip (Beta)

csgoroll pvp coinflip game

PVP Coinflip is a very simple game available on CSGORoll that you play against one other user. At the beginning of the round we choose the side of our coin and then the amount we play. Once the game is created another player joins us and bets the game with the same stake. After the game is created, there is a draw where each player has a 50% chance of winning. Each player can create their own room or join an existing one. The minimum bet to play is 0.50 coins.


PVP Dice Duel (Beta)

csgoroll pvp dice duel game

The rule of this game is very similar to PVP Coin Flip, but here it is based on dice. Each player sets the stake that is in play. Then a draw is made using two dice. The player who draws the higher number takes the entire coin pot. A player can create a new room or join an existing room.


CSGORoll Deposit Methods

csgoroll deposit methods

CSGORoll offers a number of payment methods that we can use to top up our account on the site:

  • Credit Card
  • CSGO skins (Steam)
  • Trustly
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Doge Coin, Tether, Ripple
  • Gift Cards (PayPal)
  • Webmoney
  • NeoSurf
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • UnionPay

Note that depending on the country and financial institution, the methods, procedures, terms and conditions, availability, and duration for deposits may vary.


How to Withdraw from CSGORoll?

csgoroll withdraw options

CSGORoll offers three withdrawal methods:

  • CSGO skins in P2P: On the Peer-to-Peer method, you directly link with another user to trade the skins. Make sure to set up your profile public
  • CSGO skins in stock: CSGORoll owns these skins. When you withdraw them via this method, you take your skin directly from the site's stock
  • CSGO skins from a third party: When you use this withdrawal method, you are retrieving another player's skin in a delayed mode

However, CSGORoll currently applies a daily limit of 1000 coins over your deposit value to withdraw. You can increase upon request.


CSGORoll Hacks & Scripts

Looking for CSGORoll hacks to win money on the site more easily? You've come to the right place, because we may be able to save your Steam account! Please note that there are no scripts to make winning easier, as all games are server-side and you have NO influence on the outcome. Also, do not accept invitations from the supposed site administration, as these are people impersonating you and trying to steal your account or take control of your computer.

CSGORoll is a very popular and recognizable brand, so lots of people take advantage of this and try to steal CS:GO skins.


Is CSGORoll a scam?

CSGORoll is definitely not a scam! This is a legit site with almost 2000 reviews on TrustPilot and almost maximum rating, which makes this site trustworthy. All deposits are safe and withdrawals are hassle-free. The site provides Provably Fair, thanks to which we can check whether the game was not set up by someone from the administration. The brand itself has been on the market for 6 years and is very recognizable among CS:GO players. In preparing this CSGORoll review, we have checked everything very completely and we unanimously state that CSGORoll is not a scam!


How to win on CSGORoll?

There isn't a rule or an effective strategy to always be the winner when it comes to gambling sites, and the CSGORoll website is not an exception. It's up to each player to figure out what's the best for them. Although there are always some ways to increase the chances of a good outcome:

  1. Set up an initial budget
  2. Decide the maximum amount to bet before you stop
  3. Even with a good winning streak, it's essential to know when it's time to stop
  4. Use only 3-5% of your budget to play on each bet
  5. Pick up all the free bonuses, free cases, and promotions

Bear in mind that it's impossible to always stay on top. Players will lose many bets. It's essential to have that consciousness, but following these tips may help keep profiting instead of losing.



In conclusion – CSGORoll is a great and very well known CSGO gambling site. When you deposit money or skins there, you can be sure that they will not be lost. Currently, the site offers not many games, but they are definitely very interesting and have a PVP model. The advantage of the site is a very simple navigation, as well as chat with other CSGORoll users, where we can ask questions and communicate with other players. The site offers many payment methods, which are also dependent on the country in which we reside. Payout is only available through skins on Steam or cryptocurrency.

CSGORoll offers many methods of free bonuses that we can use to play on the site. Before your first game, be sure to take advantage of our bonus codes!

CSGORoll Review FAQ

  • How to claim CSGORoll Free Bonus Code?

    Click on your icon at the right side corner, and then click on “Rewards” after registration.Use the promo code “GLOBALCSGO” for 3 free cases.

  • What is the maximum bet amount on CSGORoll?

    CSGORoll allows 100,000 coins as the maximum bet amount on your account. This amount can be increased next to the support team.

  • How to win the Triple Green Jackpot?

    The jackpot will be won any time the green shows three times in a row on the roulette game. Every player that bet during the last round will take a split part of the jackpot.

  • Who owns CSGORoll?

    According to the Terms of Service, CSGORoll is owned by FERAL ENTERTAINMENT (CYPRUS) LIMITED, a legally registered company with an active gambling license.

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