Gamdom Referral & Promo Codes 2022

Mar 29 • 6 min read

We’ve gathered in one place the best Gamdom referral codes that will load your account with bonus funds for your first games on the site. There are currently several promo codes available, and we’ll update the list on a regular basis. The following codes are only available for new accounts on Gamdom and if you have already used a referral code you cannot use another one.

Gamdom is one of the gambling csgo sites that offers its new users a very large sign-up bonus. A new user can get up to 80 thousand coins! This is the biggest bonus of all the sites.




Sign Up Bonus


Sign Up Bonus

Free Bonus on start


How to Use a Referral Code on Gamdom?

Using the affiliate code at Gamdom to get your signup bonus is trivially easy and is described in detail below:

  • Step 1: Go to the Gamdom website, register and then log in to your account. You can use Steam, email address and Facebook to register.
  • Step 2: At the top of the page you will find a green FREE REWARD button right next to the online user counter.
  • Step 3: Then the “Claim your FREE Reward!” window will pop up and enter the referral code globalcsgo or coinsfree2021

Please note that you must have a minimum level 1 Steam account to receive free coins from Gamdom. Without this condition you will not be able to use the code.


How to Create Affiliate Code on Gamdom?

Unlike the promo codes, the Gamdom referral codes allow you to make money by inviting friends to join the site. To generate new affiliate codes and share them with the community, simply click on the Menu bar located at the top left corner, then scroll down and choose “Affiliates“. A new window will open where you have to create your own code and save it. After that, simply copy your new Gamdom casino referral code and you’re set to share it with people who want to play.


How Can I Get Free Coins on Gamdom?

There are a few different methods in which you can earn free coins on Gamdom. These coins can serve as a great head start so you can bet more and earn more from gambling at the start. To get free coins on their site, you can use the following methods.

FREE Rewards

Gamdom offers daily rewards and free chests given that you have obtained one of their many promo codes. You can click on the “Claim Free Reward” button in the navigation panel and enter use code globalcsgo to receive the rewards to your Gamdom account.


Every once in a while, the Gamdom page features a blue cloud that pops up in the chat. Clicking on this cloud is not a part of their games, but it provides an extra way to earn some bonus coins if you click on it first.

Bonuses and Giveaways

Gamdom giveaways can be one of the most exciting features their site offers. To learn about them and know when giveaways are taking place, you should make sure to follow Gamdom on social networks like their Twitter or Instagram account and keep up with their posts.

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Gamdom Affiliate Code

The affiliate code feature on allows you to invite your friends to use the site. If they join through your links or referral code, you can receive up to 40% of their earnings. It’s one of the best ways people make more profits on this CSGO gambling platform.

Promo Codes

Lastly, a promo code is a very simple feature where you only have to enter it and claim the rewards like free coins and similar bonuses that you can use to play various games like Roulette or Crash. Read below to learn how to use each code.


Gamdom Referral Code 2021

Simply use the code GLOBALCSGO and receive up to 80,000 coins to play on Gamdom!
Once you have registered and logged in to Gamdom, use the “Rewards” button at the top of the page, then click “Claim Reward” and enter the code GLOBALCSGO. With it, you can get up to 80,000 coins! Remember that you can only use your referral code once after creating an account!


Gamdom in a nutshell

Among the most popular sites for trading, betting, and gambling with CSGO skins is Gamdom. It has been so for the last couple of years and they don’t seem to be stopping with providing a lot of value to their community of players. Before all else, Gamdom is a CSGO gambling site that features a variety of different and high-quality games where you can earn many different and unique skins and other valuable rewards. In most cases, no matter if you are a new user or not, you can use many of their promo codes to get exciting bonuses like free coins or a free chest that you can open and win even more money. Their affiliate code list is also highly rewarding as you can earn up to 40% on everything your affiliates make on Gamdom.

Gamdom used to feature thousands of players on their page on a daily basis. Today, that number may be significantly lower in the range of hundreds of daily players due to competitive sites like CSGOEmpire and similar. However, it is still one of the best CSGO gambling sites you can ever use and have a lot of fun on.


Gamdom Game Modes

There are 5 different game modes that you can enjoy and have a lot of fun with from the comfort of your own computer. Most CSGO gambling websites feature the same games, many of them have even more selections, but Gamdom is among the best thanks to their clean design, safe and secure system, and straightforward user experience.


Any and all members of CSGO gambling sites like CSGOEmpire and Gamdom are definitely familiar with the game of Crash. In this case, players are faced with a graph and a multiplier that increases or decreases randomly. If you bet a certain amount, you will receive earnings or losses based on the multipliers position when you chased out. The game of crash is extremely easy to play but can be very unpredictable. This is why CS GO players are advised to gain a bit of experience before gambling with huge deposits.


Aside from Crash, the game known as Roulette is another highly popular one amongst Gamdom customers. Here, you’re faced with a similar case to the standard casino Roulette game, where you have to roll and hope that the ball lands on the spot you picked. So, you have to bet and see where the roll stops. If you guess correctly, you win all. In most cases, this is a hard game to beat but far from impossible.

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This may be the among simplest games that these types of sites feature. HiLo is a game where you have a deck of cards in front of you and you basically have to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. In the case of, you also get to choose whether it will be black or red, or a joker to further increase your chances of winning more coins.


Another one of the most popular CSGO casino games that require only luck and no skill is the Slots. In case you want to bet on it, all you have to do is input your bet and click a button. Then, hope that your luck doesn’t run out. The slots may not have the highest win rates but they are extremely easy and fun for all players. On top of that, you can easily earn many valuable CSGO and DOTA 2 skins if you’re lucky enough.

E-Sports Betting

Lastly, you can enjoy one of the best cases of gambling that requires some level of skill and knowledge to win. Gamdom features betting on E-Sports like CS GO and others but they also include betting on sports like Football and Tennis, which is definitely something players appreciate highly.


Gamdom Customer Support

There are plenty of things we mentioned in this review that speak nicely about Another thing we can add to the list is their support team, as you can always feel safe knowing that they will quickly act to review your problems in any case. This includes cases involving affiliate codes not working, problems with not receiving your CSGO skins, issues with deposits, inconveniences with their chat system, or anything that customers may run across.


Deposits and Withdrawals on Gamdom

You are free to make as many deposits as you wish using your own money or skins from your Steam inventory. If you want to use skins, then you will have to register via your Steam account, otherwise, you can sign up using email.


Methods for Deposits

Have you used a referral code but are missing funds? You can use your Gamdom wallet to top up! There is a wide variety of payment methods you can use to deposit your money to the Gamdom website. All of them are safe to use and relatively quick to work. The list includes:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Ecopayz
  • Neosurf Europa
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum


Methods for Withdrawals

You can also withdraw your earnings through various methods while using Gamdom. All of them are safe but can be a bit slow to complete. The list for making quicker withdrawals includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Overall, it’s far from being a bad system for players.


Is Gamdom Worth It?

To sum up, Gamdom is a site where you can enjoy many benefits, including their giveaways, free bonuses and coins, a code new players can use to earn even more, and everything else you’ve seen in our thorough review of the site. It includes a great level of security and features an amazing Provably Fair system, ensuring all games are equal for all players and there are no risks of scams or anything of the sort. Gamdom offers a very high starting bonus, the largest of any CS:GO gambling site. In addition to this, they offer many different ways to receive free coins from the site as we described earlier.

Our Score