CSGOPositive Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

csgopositive review

Are you a csgo enthusiast who wants to start betting with skins and money? Well, CSGOPositive com might be the right betting site for you.

Now, before you start placing bets on any website, it is imporant to do some research first. In the end, rely on the most trustworthy platforms only. This way, you will be able to stay safe from scams.

In this review article, we take you through the ins and outs of the CSGOPositive platform.

So, without wasting any time, let us dive into it.


  • Instant withdrawals
  • Free bonus on sign up
  • A large number of withdrawal options


  • Contains a single gamemode
  • Only two currencies on-site


What is CSGOPositive?

what is csgopositive site

CSGOPositive is an online CSGO betting platform with an attractive website and plenty of opportunities for serious gamblers.

Csgo positive is one of the few websites that also have a very strong presence on the social media. For instance, you can find their official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube.

In specific, if you wan to learn anything about this site, the Youtube channel can be of great help. This is just one of the things that differentiate CS Go Positive from other skin betting platforms.

Another great trait of CSGOPositive com is the user-friendly design. It looks like the developers of csgopositive have indeed gone out of their way to design this website.


Is CSGOPositiveLegit 2021?

Yes, CSGOPositive is a 100% legitimate website for betting with cs go skins. It is not just easy to use, but also has a very fair system. So, it is impossible for any player to have an unfair advantage during betting with cs go skins.

Today, it is quite popular in the world of gaming and has a huge community. Since many esports betters use CSGOPositive com website and endorse it, there is no doubt that it is fully reliable. Furthermore, this website has a large number of active users.


CSGOPositive Bonuses and Promotions

CSGOPositive offers several types of different bonuses and promotions to its users. By using them, each user has the opportunity to receive free money and other benefits on the site.


The gem system on CSGOPositive is a simple but very profitable form of cashback. One gem is equivalent to 0.06 coins. By actively betting on matches on the site, you can earn rewards, which depend on the amount of your bets.

Additionally we have several levels of our account, the more gems we earn and change to coins the higher level we get. For example, at level 10 you will receive 1000 gems (equivalent to 60 coins) if you bet on any of the matches for 2000 coins.

If you are wondering how to level up it is also very simple – one placed coin = 1 XP. You can find your current level in the exchange tab on CSGOPositive. The minimum number of games to exchange for coins is 1000 and they have to be multiples of 100. Use this system actively because you can get really good cashback for your bets.

CSGOPositive Referral Code

Referral code for CSGOPositive is globalcsgo. By using this referral code you will credit your account with 30 gems. You can exchange the gems you receive with the referral code immediately for coins, which you can then use for betas. Each user can create their own referral code which they can then promote to their friends or on their social media.

Giveaways on Social Media

The CSGOPositive administration is very active on its social media, but it’s not a primarily American site, but a Russian one, so you’ll mostly find the brand on VK. If you have an account there, observe their profile because there are giveaways almost every day.


CSGOPositive Promo Code 2021

Promo code for CSGOPositive to globalcsgo. After using this promo code you will receive 30 gems for free on the site! Remember to exchange gems for coins later using the exchange button on the top menu of the site. All promo codes are exactly the same and no matter which one you use, it will add 30 gems to your CSGOPositive account.







What Games are Available on CSGOPositive?

csgopositive games match betting

CSGOPositive only has match betting available for its users. Match betting is available on CS:GO, Dota2, League of Legends and Valorant. Users are also able to bet on MMA fights. On the site you can very conveniently browse only the positions of interest from your favorite game using the filters in the upper left corner.

New features are added to the beta every few minutes or so and you will be informed about each update by a notification and a sound. The great thing about CSGOPositive is that we have a match betting option that is quite advanced as we have options such as “Will win map #1” or “Will make 10 kills first”. Every day you will find on the site up to 30 different matches available from the previously mentioned games. Until a certain time, we have the option of betting on live matches, as it is known from other bookmakers.


CSGOPositive Deposit Methods

csgopositive deposit methods

Csgopositive offers diverse deposit options on some modern games including Dota 2, PubG, CSGO, and LoL. At the same time, money deposits are not accepted.

However, it is not possible to make withdrawals with money as of yet. Overall, CSGOPositive com all rights reserved is an amazing platform.

Some users may feel like it is way too simple to use, but that is exactly what hte beauty of this site is.

Since it is easy to use, it has a huge player base that includes people of all ages.


How to Withdraw from CSGOPositive?

csgopositive withdraw options

While CSGOPositive does not accept money deposits, it does however have plenty of withdrawal options.

Players can withdraw via CS GO items, bank card, Yandex, Papara Wallet, Skrill, Dota 2 items, Bitcoin, Rapid Transfer, Neteller, and Webmoney Z.

However, all users who are placing bets and want to withdraw, they must be betting at least 60% of the deposit. This will unlock the ‘Market’ where they can make the withdrawals.

Along with that, for withdrawal, only bets that have odds more than 1.15 are considered.


How to Win on CSGOPositive?

Unlike other betting platform, CSGO positive com makes placing bets extremely easy. So, it provides a very comprehensive guide to users regarding the best strategies to place a bet.

Firstly, the site suggests people to stay up to date with new teams. However, it is possible to both understimate or overestimate a team while placing bets. So, the best strategy would be to watch small sale tournaments thorugh various video streams. Also, keeping a track of upcoming matches can help.

Furthermore, bigger tournaments usually seem to be the best for placing bets. However, the odds in these tournaments are really low.

Another important thing to consider about CSGOPositive com matches is the lineup of the team for a match. For instance, it is is possible for one or two main members of a team to skip the match due to limitations such as visa issues. And this could set the course of the entire match.

In new updates, a team may not perform as well as it did before the update. So, always bet after doing a thorough analysis of the past matches. This can help you in winning a jackpot.

If you have not ben using these straegies, then start using them for the upcoming matches before placing a bet. They do not only apply to CSGO, but also to other esports tournaments.


Refund Policy on CSGOPositive

In most cases, all bets in matches available on CSGOPositive are final. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If a match is cancelled, postponed, or otherwise not held, each user will receive a refund of their bets. Additionally, if it is determined that a match is rigged and the outcome was known in advance, the bets may also be voided and refunded. Information about the Refund Policy can be found in CSGOPositive’s Terms of Use, and a link to this can be found in the footer of the page.


Is CSGOPositive a scam?

CSGOPositive is not a scam! This is a legit match betting site that has been in business for over 5 years! The brand reviews on TrustPilot are low, but this is mainly because the site is mostly known among Russian CS:GO players, and there are only a few reviews from American players available on TrustPilot. The site actually has no way of cheating players, as it is match betting and CSGOPositive’s only job is to mark in the system who the winner of the match is. Personally, we haven’t had any problem withdrawing our winnings on the site.



CSGO positive is a very well-known case opening website that contains a number of games. Hence, it this site is the top choice of many esports entuhaists.

Moreover, this platform is not new. It has been around from several years already, and has a great reputation in the world of gaming.

However, some people feel like CSGO Positive is not as generous as other platforms. For instance, unlike CSGOPositive com, other online csgo skin betting websites usually offer plenty of free cases and skins.

Though, overall, their service is pretty good. But as far as the customer support goes, a live chat would be much more helpful.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. For information regarding another betting site, feel free to read our other insightful reviews.

CSGOPositive FAQ

  • CSGOPositive - Is it Legit?

    Yes, CSGOPositive is a 100% legit website. It has been around from several years and has a very active community of both new and old uers.A mixture of both strategy and luck can help you win a jackpot on this platform.

  • How to claim CSGOPositive free bonus code?

    To claim a CSGOPositive com free bonus code, just head to their social media pages, especially Facebook.Typically, all the bonus codes are announced in the social media accounts. These include Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.However, in copmarison to Youtube, you can find codes on Twitter and Facebook.

  • CSGOPositive Referral Code 2021?

    If you are looking for a CSGO Positive referral code, just search the term on Google.You will come across a wide range of websites that are giving away referral codes. These referral codes can help you win a case that may prove lucky for you.

  • How to Bet on on CSGOPositive?

    Well, there is strict strategy that you must follow while placing bets on this site. Though, experts suggest that you should get affiliated with the ecosystem of esports before palcing new bets.The more you know about matches, the better chances of winning you will have due to more intelligent choices.

  • How to Withdraw Skins from CSGOPositive?

    Withrawing items from CSGOPositive com is not difficult. Based on the platform rules, you must be betting with 60% of your items at least to be able to withdraw.Furthermore, for withdrawals, only the bets must have odds greated than 1.15 to be considered for withdrawals.

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