3 Sites You Must Know if You Are a Rust Player

Apr 25 • 2 min read

Are you playing Rust and looking for sites to use as you explore the world? Take a look at our list of top 3 sites that every Rust fan must know!

1. TotalRust

TotalRust is a site that is an encyclopedia of available items and skins in the survival game Rust. Thanks to it, each player has the possibility to quickly look up the specifications of a given item, as well as in many cases interesting hints and tips about it.

totalrust rust skins items wiki

Besides listing items from Rust, the site also lists all item skins available in Rust along with prices and availability on external Rust Trading Sites. TotalRust is a must-have that should be in every Rust player's bookmark, because it definitely makes the game easier. If you are wondering how to use TotalRust it is trivially easy! Just go to the main page and select the appropriate item category or use the search engine available at the top of the interface. For each item you will get useful information such as statistics, strength, loot and crafts.

2. Official Rust Website

The official website of the game Rust by Facepunch studio can't be missing from this list! Thanks to this site, which was previously available at playrust.com, every gamer can find the official sales channels for this game, as well as all the latest information regarding in-game updates.

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rust official website

Additionally, on this page you can read about Rust+, the official mobile app for Rust players. This app allows really many specific features, so you should definitely download it on your mobile device and test it yourself. Rust+ is available for iOS and Android devices.

3. The Rust Community on Reddit

Reddit probably does not need to be introduced to anyone, especially gamers of various computer and console games. Rust community on Reddit is huge and is gathered mainly on /r/playrust, where more than half a million Reddit users have joined!

On this sub you can find a lot of useful information, from tutorials to gaming tips, as well as funny picture and video memes. If you have any problem in the game you can also ask your question in this forum, where other experienced Rust players will be happy to help you.