CSGO Teamfinder: what is it and how does it work?

Jun 28 • 3 min read

Almost all Counter-Strike Global Offensive players have met opponents and teammates who they just can't stand. This is normal in the gaming world, and we often see toxic players ruining our gaming experience. In the previous days, there was nothing we could do about this. We could only match randomly with other people we don't know or be lucky enough to have our own CSGO team with friends we know and enjoy playing with.

However, when playing solo ranked, it's often possible to team up with players with the same skill level as you but still end up losing because of their behavior. As a result, certain websites have been created that allow players to find the perfect CSGO team, involving players they can enjoy playing more matches with.

What Is a CS:GO Team Finder?

Team finder is a type of website that helps each player find the perfect team for games like CS GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and any other game that can be played online Co-Op. A team finder service can help you find the best possible team for you, filled with players who are nice, have the same skill level as you, speak the same language, and won't throw the game every time they die.

With a team finder, you will also get access to Discord servers for the official teams that are recruiting new players for CSGO. A great team finder platform will also include all of the necessary information about each player that is already part of the team you're considering and information on the roles that the team is looking for to fill out. With that, you can communicate about everything on the Discord server they provide there.

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Such services like a team finder help improve many games by Valve Corporation. It's not just Counter-Strike servers, as you can find teams for Dota 2 matches and plenty of other games that can be played through Steam as well.

Where Can I Find a Teammate in Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

There are plenty of team finder services and websites out there that can help you find what you're looking for. First, you need to set expectations and goals, meaning you need to know what you're looking for before you continue. Is it just players who speak the English language, is it players who aren't very good but aren't toxic as well, or is it almost professional players who have amazing skill in CS GO?

Whatever it is, decide that and you can find a team finder that works for you and start meeting new players to create your dream team in CS:GO. You can also try sending applications to a group of players that are looking for a few more to fill out the remaining specific roles. If you match, you will get accepted and can join your new Counter-Strike team thanks to a fast and simple process that a great CSGO teamfinder can provide.

In addition to using any of the best team finder services we've listed here, you can also try sending friend requests to all decent players that you meet in solo queue. Try inviting players you like and had a great game with to your team. The more you invite the fuller your team will be. The best part of all is that these will all be hand-picked Counter-Strike players by you.

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Best CSGO Teamfinder

Try using popular names and websites when it comes to finding great teammates for Counter-Strike that you can have fun with and not get angry every single match. Look for a player that has many similarities to you in terms of language, skills, and experience in the game. Having said that, look for a platform that displays all of this information, including a Discord server for easier communication, player roles, any additional group information for every member, and anything more that you can benefit from that will help you in your decision.

Here are a few of the best options when it comes to finding the perfect group of players for your Counter-Strike team:

  • Teams.gg
  • Teamfind.com
  • Dreamteam.gg
  • Guilded.gg
  • Discordservers.com

Each platform on this list was designed mainly to help you find a group of experienced and decent players. However, almost all of them include options to find servers, Discord channels, and players for other games as well, helping you guys prosper many of the most popular games out there.

How to Find a Good CS:GO Team?

If you're looking to join an entire CSGO team, the same way and techniques apply here as mentioned above. But, instead of inviting players to your own team, you are now looking to join an already existing group of players who are looking for one or more members to join and fill out the rest of the free spots. Visit the team finder sites we listed above and search for a group that is looking for members.