Best CS:GO tips from Pro Players

Apr 20 • 4 min read

You might think that you are already a pro at CSGO, but admit it, if you clicked on this article then you probably know that there are things that you can improve. And there is no shame in that. Any motivational speaker would tell you that your first goal needs to be to get better each and every day, which means that there is always room for improvement.

In this article, we will share some important CS:GO tips that will take your CS:GO skills to the next level and turn you into the player that you always knew you could be. These tips will also be useful for new players of the game, as CS:GO can be much more difficult to master and has a bigger learning curve than most other mainstream FPS games.

7 of The Best CS:GO Tips from Pro Players

Now for the juicy stuff, let's have a look at 7 of the best tips that pros share and are urging other players to take advantage of when it comes to CS:GO.

Learn the Weapons

If you’re going into battle, your best friend is always your weapon, so you want to ensure that you are comfortable using it. There is a large selection of weapons in CSGO, and you should give all of them a try. The ones it would probably be most useful to start playing with are the AK 47 and the M4, which are the two most used ones in the game.

These two weapons are also the most used ones by professional players, along with the AWP for a sniper player, and you need to ensure that you learn how to use them before moving on to other, more challenging ones.

Learn the Maps

Another thing you don’t want to be doing is going into ranked games without being familiar with the map you will be playing on. Knowing the map doesn’t simply involve knowing how it looks, but you also need to know all of the most popular routes that people like to take, as well as other, less popular ones that you would utilize to your advantage.

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You should also explore the best spots and angles for throwing flashes or smokes, learn hiding spots, and find a way to use the environment to your advantage. This will give you a significant boost over people who were too lazy to practice on the maps before playing on them.

Utilize Grenades

If you watch professionals play, you will notice that their approach to throwing grenades is very methodical and carefully calculated to serve a purpose and help them gain an advantage over their opponents. Whether it’s a frag grenade to finish off an enemy, a flash or stun to clean up a room, or a smoke grenade to help you get from point A to point B, grenades are a crucial part of the gameplay. Unfortunately, according to statistics, many new players barely ever use them, and if you’re one of those, you should definitely think twice.

Get Better at Listening

Some FPS games aren’t that big on game sounds, but CSGO certainly isn’t one of those games. Here, sounds and footsteps play a major role in the gameplay and can be the difference between life and death most of the time. If you want to be successful, you will probably need to invest in a quality headset, and pay close attention to sounds that are going on around you.

Whether it’s enemy footsteps, sounds from a grenade, a pistol, or if someone is about the plant the bomb, these sounds can give you a good idea of your enemy's position, and allow you to be better prepared to engage and react like a pro.

Make Sure to Look at the Radar

One mistake that most new players make when starting to play CS:GO, is not looking at the game radar to increase map awareness and know when to get back. The radar is one of the most useful tools you have, and the fact that a lot of players don’t even use it most of the time will give you a major advantage.

If you look at the pros who play competitive, you will notice that they pay closer attention to the radar than even what’s going on in front of them, and you should start to practice the same. The radar shows you the position of all of your teammates, which can give you a general idea of where the enemy might be. Enemies can also appear on the radar if your teammates can see them.

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Communicate with the Whole Team

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a very team-oriented FPS game, and without good teamwork, it is almost impossible to win more rounds. Perhaps the most important part of teamwork is communication. It's crucial if you want to save someone from danger.

Throughout the game, you should constantly keep communicating with your teammates and pay attention to what they say, whether it’s giving callouts when you spot enemies or notifying them about incoming grenades. You should also share which route you’re planning to take or what your next move is, so they can respond appropriately to whatever it is that you are doing on the map.

Try Different Video Settings

Counter-Strike Global Offensive isn’t one of those games where you always go for the max settings and expect to have outstanding results. Instead, you should test out different video settings and resolutions to find out which ones work best for you. A lot of CS:GO players play using some of the lowest resolutions available, simply because they found that it works better for them, so you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment either.

Spend Wisely in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

One big part of CS:GO is the in-game economy. A good way to put yourself at a disadvantage is by spending your money carelessly early on, which will force you to use some of the worse weapon choices when the outcome of the match is on the line. This is why to start the game, you should spend carefully, and as you earn more money by winning rounds or planting/defusing the bomb, you can begin to afford better equipment and more gun and pistol rounds.

Use Burst Fire

Unlike games like Call of Duty, where spraying and praying is the best shooting tactic, Counter-Strike is a lot more tactical, and the recoil will make it nearly impossible for you to hit your target if you simply hold down the trigger. This is why you should know how to shoot in bursts and allow the weapon to stabilize before you continue shooting. This will get you better aim and help you hit your enemies, especially at longer ranges. Still, practice makes perfect and gets you every step closer to playing competitive matches amongst the many pros.



The above tips that we've written down for you can help you get through CS:GO ranks and the ranking system in this game. Take advantage of them, train up, and make your way to Global Elite!