How to Show FPS in CS:GO?

May 30 • 6 min read

Adjusting and optimizing the number of frames per second in CSGO can be a crucial feature that determines whether you win a game or not. Many players wonder how to show FPS in CS:GO so that they can ensure they are enjoying the best gaming experience possible.

However, a good frame rate depends on a few outside factors. The fact is that the more FPS you have the better the game will appear but you also can't risk overloading your PC and crashing CS:GO. This is why it's important to optimize frame rate based on your computer components and performance.

There are two ways you can adjust the frames per second in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. One is done through the Steam settings and the other can be achieved through various FPS commands. Follow these tips and make your game screen look much smoother.


How to Show FPS in CSGO Through Steam

By following this method, you can also adjust the frame rate settings for any other games that can be launched through Steam. It's an easier way to enable the show fps in CS:GO and other games but it provides less freedom for more advanced controls compared to the command list you will see below.

Here is how to enable and see FPS in CS:GO using the Steam settings panel:

Step 1: Open Steam and Log In

Step 2: At the top left corner, click on “Steam” and then on “Settings”

Step 3: From the panel on the left, click on “In-Game”

Step 4: Here, locate “In-Game FPS counter” and press on the slider to choose where you want the counter to appear. You can choose between the top-left, top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left corners of the screen.

Step 5: Below the slider, check the “High contrast color” option to see the FPS counter clearly on any CS:GO map that you are playing. This will allow you to show FPS in CS:GO in the best way possible.

All that's left to do now is launch the CS:GO game and check to see if you've done everything correctly. This method should always work, no matter if it's 2019, 2020, or 2021. It's one of the best ways to monitor your FPS and check to see if you aren't experiencing any issues in the game itself.


All Frames Per Second Developer Console Commands in CSGO

Another, more versatile way to see FPS in CS:GO is to use the command console and directly type in various commands to adjust the settings in-game. All of them are very easy to implement and will instantly help you see the FPS counter and dabble with the settings.

Having said all of that, let's find out how to show FPS in CSGO by using various FPS commands. Every console command on this list was designed to interact with the FPS settings in CS:GO, which includes showing the frame rate, adjusting certain parameters, improving the FPS, and more.

How to Enable the Developer Console in CSGO?

First thing's first, let's make sure you enable the command console before thinking that each command isn't working for some reason. The process is very simple. Launch CSGO > go to Settings > click on Game tab > locate Enable Developer Console > select Yes. That's it! Now you are ready to open the console by clicking on the “`” button and start typing any command you wish from the following list.

List of Commands for FPS in CS:GO

Copy and paste these commands into the console when you want to use them. Then, click on submit or press enter to implement each command.

cl_showfps 1 – this command will instantly show the FPS indicator on your screen. The FPS counter will constantly monitor how your frame rate is performing. Ideally, most players are perfectly happy getting around 60 FPS.

cl_showfps 0 – unlike the previous cl_showfps 1 command, cl_showfps 0 will remove the FPS counter. The only difference between these two commands is the numbers. 1 is for turning it on, and 0 is for removing it from the screen.

net_graph 1 – this command is one of the most used in the game of CS:GO. On top of being able to show FPS, it also displays other useful features like tick rate, ping, server speeds, latency, and more.

net_graph 0 – use this one to remove the graph of features mentioned above.


How Many FPS Do I Need for CS:GO?

We discussed that higher frames per second will always mean a better gaming experience. This is the truth with all games, no matter whether you're playing CS:GO, Dota 2, or anything else. However, not all players have computers that can easily provide 100+ FPS. There are certain standards when it comes to screen FPS, and here is what you need to know when.

0-30 FPS: This FPS range is a terrible situation to find yourself in. Whenever you turn on the feature to show FPS in CS:GO and it shows you 30 or below, then it will be almost impossible to have a great time in the game with such low frame rates.

30-60 FPS: A bit over 30 frames per second is still a bad number to play the game with. However, around 60 is usually the golden area for most players. These are frame rates that make the game run smoothly and are what any average computer can easily handle. In most cases, you won't need anything more than 60 FPS.

60-100 FPS: If you type net_graph 1 and see that you are currently running and 100 frames per second, then you are a very lucky user. Frame rates of this caliber are considered a luxury for most who enjoy playing the game.

100+ FPS: If you have a high-end computer and have no trouble reaching much more than 100 on your in-game FPS counter, then your gaming experience with CS:GO is going to be much better than any standard PC can offer. This range of FPS offers extreme performance and a very smooth gaming experience, no matter which game you are currently playing.

All you need to know when you click to show FPS in CS:GO is that you don't need an extreme amount to have decent gameplay. 60 FPS is a completely normal number that is actually smoother than you think. In fact, close to 45 is what many players are playing on most of the time. Just make sure it's not anything below that and you will be good to go. In any way, buying an extremely expensive PC just to get 100+ FPS when you can comfortably play on 60 seems like not a very cost-efficient choice.


How to Increase FPS in CS:GO?

The most frustrating thing when playing games like CS:GO is losing a match due to your computer crashing or getting laggy and stuttering images constantly. This can instantly ruin your game and mood. Often enough, it's not the result of lag but it's due to low FPS. Even if your computer isn't powerful, there are still a few methods you can try to increase your FPS even slightly, which can result in significantly better performance and experience.

r_drawparticles 0 – entering this command may offer a great chance for FPS improvement in your games. It improves the frame rate by completely eliminating some of the tiniest objects inside the game.

-high – it starts CS:GO in “high-priority” mode. This means that it will prioritize more processing power for CSGO.


Why Is Higher FPS in CS:GO Important?

As we mentioned, the reason why we're teaching you how to show FPS in CS:GO is to help you ensure you have an optimal frame rate for your game. Extremely low FPS will cause you to have a terrible experience with CS:GO, thus making you stressed and often angry. Luckily, Counter-Strike Global Offensive doesn't require a high-end computer to run, and you can almost always add in a few more FPS to your screen by following the tips we have listed here.

By improving the number of frames per second through Steam or with the commands, you will have a much smoother experience in each match. This will improve your performance and it may cause you to win more games. So, keep track of the in-game FPS counter and make sure the number is always what you want to see. FPS is as important as your aim in CS:GO, so make sure to always improve it as much as you can.



Now you know all you need to in order to show FPS in CS:GO, take advantage of the information that will appear, and improve as many FPS as you can to help you get the best out of each match you play. So, the next time you start seeing an FPS drop in your gameplay, follow the steps we've listed here, open the console, and start typing the commands on your keyboard. The fixes are quick and efficient to get you back on track in just a few minutes.