CSGO Music Kits Guide

Mar 16 • 4 min read

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular First-Person Shooter games out there. There are many features players love about it, and Valve never ceases to amaze with new updates. In 2014, CSGO witnessed the arrival of its most exciting update yet, music kits. A music kit is an item you can get that enhances your experience with the game.

Using a music kit has the ability to change several features of the game that involve sound. It won't change how your weapons sound or anything like that, but it will change the default music themes all around CSGO. This blog includes everything that music kits have to offer and everything you need to know about this exciting feature of CSGO.

Since the music kit update came out in 2014, there have been quite a lot of these items added. The list currently includes 39 unique music kits available that you can enjoy and experience. The songs and compositions they contain are by many artists and composers, adding a lot of diversity to your experience. Before we show you all of the music kits you have to choose from and reveal the 10 best music kits out there, let's see what these items have to offer you.

What Does a Music Kit Change in CSGO?

A music kit in CSGO has the potential of changing a few different features of the game. Here is what you can expect from a single music kit, no matter which one. These are the sounds of the game that a music kit can alter.

Main Menu

The main menu is where you probably spend all of your time until CS: GO finds a match for you. Many experienced players have probably gotten sick of the same old CSGO theme. Now, you have 39 different options to choose from to make this part of the game a bit more unique.

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Our favorite music kit for the main menu includes Crimson Assault by Daniel Sadowski.

Round Start

One of the most exciting moments when playing a match is before the round even starts. These unique music kits can definitely spice things up and make you more excited about what's coming.

Our favorite music kit for the round start includes III-Arena by Skog.

Round End

No matter if you face a victory or defeat, a different music kit can make the experience of either losing or winning a tad more exciting.

Our favorite music kit for the round end includes Free by Hundredth.

Bomb Warning

If you're playing on the Counter-Terrorists side, hearing the bomb warning is one of the most stressful situations a player can experience. If you're sick of hearing that sound, then these new ones should make the pain a bit more bearable.

Our favorite music kit for bomb warning includes Hotline Miami by Various Artists.

Bomb Planted/Hostage Taken

The new audio that each music kit offers is the same for these two situations. In any way, there are many exciting options even for short notification sounds such as the sound you hear when the bomb has been planted.

Our favorite music kit for this one includes Diamonds by Mord Fustang.

Round Won

This is probably your favorite sound CSGO has to offer. You probably haven't gotten sick of hearing the default one, but why not make things even more exciting by switching it up a bit. There are plenty of unique and thrilling sounds to choose from.

Our favorite music kit for round won includes Sharpened by Noisia.

Round Lost

This is the sound that most CS: GO players never want to hear. Let's hope that at least one of these 39 CSGO music kits has a sound that won't make it so painful when you lose a match.

Our favorite music kit for round lost includes Battlepack by Proxy.

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Round End Warning

It's good to get notified when each round in CSGO is about to come to an end. This way, you know how much time you have before it's all over. All of these packs include unique and exciting warning sounds.

Our favorite music kit for round end warning includes All for Dust by Amon Tobin.

Death Camera

CSGO music kits also affect the sound that pops up whenever you get killed and the death camera opens. This is to show you everything about how you died and now you get a few extra sounds for this too.

Our favorite music kit for the death camera includes Metal by Skog.


And finally, the last feature these music kits affect is when you achieve match MVP. When this happens, there is a special theme played in your honor and all of the players can hear it, no matter if you're sharing the music kit or not.

Top 10 CSGO Music Kits

There's no universal rule that determines which Counter-Strike Global Offensive music kit is the best. Things like price and sound artist can help, but usually, the music itself is what makes it great. Here are the 10 best music kits that the Steam community seems to enjoy a lot.

  1. High Noon by Feed Me
  2. Uber Blasto Phone by Troels Folmann
  3. Total Domination by Daniel Sadowski
  4. The 8-Bit Kit by Daniel Sadowski
  5. Master Chief Collection by Halo
  6. Anti-Citizen By Half-Life: Alyx
  7. The Talos Principle by Damjan Mravunac
  8. Desert Fire by Austin Wintory
  9. All I Want for Christmas by Midnight Riders
  10. Death's Head Demolition by Dren

How Much Do They Cost?

Unlike various weaponry skins that CSGO can contain, music kits are all around the same price. Typically, a standard music kit will cost you around $3. However, if you want to purchase a StatTrak music kit you should know that these are rarer and more expensive. Nothing too drastic though, as they're commonly worth around $5.50.


If you're ready to change and spice up your gaming experience in CS: GO, you can easily achieve this by implementing a few of these unique and fun music kits. The ones we listed are some of our favorites, but you can be the judge of which sound best to you.