CSGOLive Referral & Promo Codes 2022

Mar 29 • 4 min read

CSGOLive is a site that gives new users up to $50 for using a free affiliate code. Below are the best promo codes that will get you your gaming bonus!




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Free Money on CSGOLive



If you want to get free goods, bonus coins, and more on CSGO Life, then take advantage of the CSGOLive code list we offer to you for free.

What is CSGOLive?

CSGOLive is strictly a case opening site where you have a chance to open a variety of high-value skins for a lesser price. Not every single one that you buy will be extremely profitable but the benefits can be highly rewarding. There aren’t any games you can play on CSGO Live such as there are on a CS GO gambling site. However, CSGO Live is associated with WTFskins where you can play plenty of betting games and obtain even more skins.

What Are CSGO Live Promo Codes?

CSGOLive.com offers a variety of ways that you can have more fun on their page and earn many more rewards. The best way to achieve this is by using their affiliate codes. They offer users many special gifts, deposit bonuses, and more valuable rewards as they level up. All of this can be achieve by simply copying and entering an affiliate code.

How to Use CSGOLive.com Affiliate Code in 2021?

It is extremely easy to join CSGO Live and start your journey. Before you actually take advantage of any code you have for the site, you have to make sure to create your account and then proceed. In order to do this, you must have a valid Steam account that is eligible for CSGOLive. This means that it should be older than 30 days and has an active Steam wallet. Without further ado, here are the final steps you need to take to earn lots of free bonuses, gifts, and discounts on CSGOLive.

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Step 1: Sign-Up/Log-In via Steam on CSGOLive.com

Step 2: On the menu on the right, click on “Affiliates”

Step 3: Then, use code GLOBALCSGO in the “Affiliate Code” section and choose “Claim” to win your free bonus up to $50 to your CSGOLive balance

CSGOLive User Experience

Once you hop inside the CSGO Live website, you will see lots of CS:GO skins just waiting for you to own them. You can begin opening each item as soon as you have registered to their website. Once that’s finished, you can start earning a profit from each valuable skin you earn. The website is very well optimized and is fairly easy to use and find your way around.

On the left side, you have your navigation panel, including a link to WTFskins where you can gamble and bet, their very own Case Creator where you can make custom cases and earn profits from those as well, and a browser which you can use to scout the website and find great deals easily and quickly. Users seem to have a pretty easy time finding their way around the CSGOLive platform, adding a lot to a great user experience and tons of great reviews.

Is CSGOLive Legit?

After doing our research and studying many reviews regarding CSGO Live, we can safely say that their platform is legit, scam-free, and very safe for all users. It’s always important to ensure whether you can trust a service like CSGOLive. You will be glad to know that both the hundreds of positive reviews and the Provably Fair can confirm. They are a serious business that you can depend on. Furthermore, it helps to know that all skins and rewards that you win will follow through and you can withdraw them instantly.

CSGO Live Payment Methods

Users have the ability to choose from a variety of different payment methods when it comes to CSGO Live. You can deposit using G2A Pay, Skrill, Gift Cards, SKFPay, and skin deposits as well. If you decide to deposit with money, the minimum deal you can enter is 0.50 euros. This is great for new users who don’t have a bigger budget, as you don’t have to give as much at the beginning. Simply deposit using these methods into your account and enjoy everything that the website has to offer.

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Security and Support

A safe gaming experience is what this platform wants for its users. It’s hard to be scammed on CS:GO Live, as it is operated seriously and with constant risk prevention check-ups. In terms of customer support, this website features a few interesting ways of contacting them for any problems your account may be experiencing. Firstly, you can request a ticket using their system and wait for them to review the problem and contact you with an update either to your email or directly on the platform.

The second option involves contacting CS:GO Live via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Try reaching out to them and asking about anything related to the services they offer. You can also use the detailed FAQ that the business provides, featuring various free and quick solutions to plenty of problems you may experience. It may be something regarding the platform, the affiliate codes they offer, player chat, or anything similar. Whatever it is, you will receive an answer to your problem.

Ease of Use on CS:GO Live

Like any other online skin-related CS:GO website, you can expect a fairly easy navigation and rarely any problems to find a particular feature here. As of March 2021, there are eight available languages that they offer. All navigation options are on the left side, which is also where you can find a button that says “Affiliates” where you can utilize many of their rewarding offers. The registration button is also very easy to find, as it displays the words STEAM and is located above the menu bar on the left side as well.

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