CSGOLive Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

csgolive review

Opening cases known from the game CS:GO is a very popular form of entertainment for all players. CSGOLive is one of the many websites that allows you to open cases in which you can find a variety of CS:GO skins. In our CSGOLive review, we will show you a detailed description of the site, what kind of cases it offers, what payment methods it uses, and all the bonus codes and promotions available on the site.

Despite the high level of competition, we believe that CSGOLive is definitely TOP3 of the best case opening sites and you can find out why in the following part of our review.


  • A very active community of players
  • Allows registration from multiple countries
  • Sign up bonuses for new people
  • Daily bonuses for a free case


  • Less updates
  • Only one game on the platform
  • Community cases can have some fee


What is CSGOLive?

csgolive website

CSGOLive is a case opening website that allows its players to open cases using the same mechanics as known in CS:GO. The great advantage of the site is that we have a huge selection of cases to open, and this is because users can create and publish their own personalized crates. Thanks to this option, we actually have the possibility to open several thousand different cases, where the cheapest ones cost as little as $0.02!

The brand is very well known among CS:GO players and has been on the market continuously since 2016. It's worth mentioning that it's a website owned by the same owner as WTFSkins, which is why you'll find links to this CS:GO casino.

Keep in mind that the site is for adult players only!


Is CSGOLive Legit 2021?

is csgolive legit trustpilot

Definitely yes, CSGOLive is a 100% legit site! There are several reasons for this: the company has been operating continuously for 5 years, has a really excellent reputation on TrustPilot (4.7 out of over 800 ratings). In addition, it has a Provably Fair system with which we can verify each draw of items from the box. The brand itself is recognizable in the network and the administration has established a lot of cooperation with various famous YouTubers.

The site itself is visited by about half a million people per month, and in the chat we always find about 1000 active players. Support is very helpful, and we can get help through the ticket system, where we can create a ticket to which the moderation of CSGOLive will respond.


CSGOLive Bonuses and Promotions

csgolive promotions

CSGOLive, like WTFSkins, offers its users really interesting bonuses and various promotions. We have collected all available freebies on CSGOLive below.

Using the bonus code

We've described it in detail below, the bonus code will allow you to open a free box from which you can get up to $50 completely free from CSGOLive.

Daily Free Case

This is a reward that we can claim for free if we have deposited a minimum of $5 on CSGOLive. According to the counter on the site, users of the site have already opened almost 7 million daily free cases! In these crates, we can even get CS:GO skins like the Glock-18 Fade (worth $850) or the M4A4 Poseidon (worth $800). Of course, the chances of getting these more expensive items are very low, but we always have cheap CS:GO skins guaranteed.

Creating your own case

Each CSGOLive user has the ability to create their own case, which can then be opened by other users. When creating each case there is a possibility to set your own commission for each opened case. The maximum value of this fee is 3% of the value of the case, which goes directly to the author of the crate.

Social Media Giveaways

We recommend observing CSGOLive's social media, mainly Twitter. They often host giveaways for really cool CS:GO skins. At the time of writing this review, the Lightning Strike AWP is up for grabs and all you have to do is follow the profile, like the post, and retweet. Contests are run on a very regular basis with several appearing each month.


CSGOLive Bonus Code

The bonus code for CSGOLive is GLOBALCSGO. By using this code, you have a chance to draw an item that can cost up to $50! Receiving the free bonus is only possible once per account, and each bonus code gives you exactly the same thing. Keep in mind that CSGOLive is the owners site of WTFSkins and the same rules for receiving the bonus apply here. Your account must have one of the three games: CS:GO, Dota2 or H1Z1 and you must have played a total of 50 hours in any of these games. Also, don't forget to make your profile on Steam public because without this, the system will not be able to verify your hours.


What Games are Available on CSGOLive?

available games on csgolive

Actually, the only game available on CSGOLive is the case opening, but this site is very good at that and stands out strongly from the competition. We can choose from a very large number of cases, we did not count it exactly but it is about a few thousand crates. Such a large number is due to the fact that each user can share his own case, which can be found in the Case Browser. If you want to play typical CS:GO gambling games such as roulette and jackpot, you can go to the other side of the CSGOLive authors, WTFSkins.


CSGOLive Deposit Methods

csgolive deposit methods

CSGOLive offers a really good selection of deposit options. Here you will find the option to load funds with:

  • Deposit with Steam
    • CS:GO P2P
    • CS:GO Instant
    • Dota 2 P2P
    • TF2 Keys
  • Deposit with Money
    • PayPal
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Skrill
    • Gift Codes
    • G2A Pay
    • GameMoney
    • Kinguin
  • Deposit with Crypto
    • Bitcoin

Please note that the exact choice of payment methods may vary depending on your country of residence. You can check the available deposit options by clicking on the Deposit button in the left menu, which is available after you have logged in to the site.


How to Withdraw from CSGOLive?

csgolive withdraw methods

When it comes to CSGOLive payouts, we have a fairly limited choice here, as the only option is Steam items. Full list of withrawal methods:

  • CS:GO
  • CS:GO Instant
  • CS:GO P2P using Waxpeer
  • CS:GO P2P using CSGOLive
  • Dota 2 Items
  • Dota 2 Instant
  • Dota 2 P2P (generally low choice of items)

Unfortunately, you won't find the ability to withdraw via PayPal or cryptocurrencies for example, but by far most players prefer Steam items. Remember to add a working trade URL to your profile, because without this you will not be able to request a skins delivery.


How to Win on CSGOLive?

There is no golden rule for how to win at CSGOLive. When you select a case, you will be told what skins are in it and the percentage chance you have of winning each skin. Only luck can help you here, because all openings are completely random. If you question the result of the draw, you can verify it yourself using the Provably Fair algorithm, about which you can read more in the SUPPORT / FAQ link on the page.

At Case Browser, you'll find a huge number of cases available where you're sure to find something you like.


Is CSGOLive a scam?

CSGOLive is not a scam and is a safe site for all CS:GO case opening enthusiasts! The brand has a really great reputation on TrustPilot, as at the time of writing this review it is up to 4.7 out of over 800 reviews. This is the highest rating on TrustPilot among sites of its kind. Additionally, CSGOLive provides a Provably Fair algorithm with which you can independently verify the authenticity of each draw of case items. We have not found any reports online that CSGOLive might be a scam, so we conclude that it is a great site if you want to open some crates with CS:GO skins!



CSGOLive is not an ordinary case site. Since this platform has a large number of cases, it gives players an exceptional online case opening experience. As a result of this, CSGOLive ranks among the top platforms to win rare items from cases.

They also have a very active Twitter account where they regularly share free codes. Using the code, you can get access to plenty of bonus cases with high chances of winning your favorite items. While this site was created only 4 years ago, it has quickly become one of the most trusted sources to win cases.

Along with that, it has a community of more than half a million active people. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself on CSGOLive today and start opening cases to win your favorite skins. We hope you enjoyed reading our CSGOLive review and we've covered everything in detail. To learn more about different CSGO case opening platforms, do not hesitate to check out the other reviews on our site.


  • How to claim CSGOLive free bonus code?

    The best way to get to a free bonus code is to actively follow their Twitter account. Here, they regularly share codes using which you can win free cases. You can redeem these cases instantly after entering the code. However, each bonus code is only valid for a single use.

  • What is the Best Case on CSGOLive?

    Well, there is no single best case. Instead, every case on the site gives you a chance of winning good items/skins. So, when you open a new case, the results depend on your luck only. This makes the entire system very fair and accurate.In other words, you have an equal chance of receiving a rare or high-value item and of receiving a low-value item based on your level. Though, a more expensive case will increae your winning chances. Some players claim that cases bought from money get better rewards but that is not true at all. Of course, you can buy a new case by depositing your money, but every case comes with equal chances.

  • How Do You Open Cases on CSGOLive?

    Press the deposit button and select your preferred deposit method. To buy a case, you can either use G2APAY or SKFPay depending on your preferences. Then, press on the case that you want to open, which are sort by best.

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