DaddySkins Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

daddyskins review

Are you looking for a case opening known for the game CS:GO? DaddySkins will let you have a similar experience! Join the players and open the case of your choice and receive the skins. In the further part of our review you will find a detailed description of the site, available games, as well as bonus codes.


  • Legitimate Jackpot
  • A lot of cases
  • Daily bonuses
  • Live wins
  • Regular giveaways
  • Interactive design


  • Only available in 3 languages
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • No live chat
  • No welcome bonus


What is DaddySkins?

daddyskins csgo website

DaddySkins is a well-known CS:GO case opening and skins betting website focused on providing its players the best interactive and fun experience. All the numbers are available on the platform. For now, it counts with over 88 million cases opened, more than 1.3 million upgrades, and more than 1.4 million users with an average of 300-400 online players.

DaddySkins has a section called “Top Wins” which is like a Leaderboard showing the best wins and the most profitable. Staff frequently adds new crates and also does interesting events in which all players can participate.


Is DaddySkins Legit?

is daddyskins legit trustpilot

DaddySkins is legit and the site has been running since 2016 until today. When depositing funds, there are payment methods available that are reserved only for real and legitimate companies. The site provides Provably Fair where we have the opportunity to verify the draw. The administration cannot rig your draw as it would be visible in the previously mentioned tool. Contacting the company is fast and easy too, just create a ticket in the Support tab and the site administrator will help you solve your problem. The company that DaddySkins belongs to is B SOFTWARE ENTERTAINMENT based in London, United Kingdom.

Note that gambling sites like DaddySkins don't tolerate users under 18 years old.


DaddySkins Bonuses and Promotions

DaddySkins has several bonuses for its users that any player can take advantage of:

Bonus Code

Use the code GLOBALCSGO and get 5% deposit bonus on DaddySkins. The bonus is permanent and there are no limits. Valid on all payment methods.

Daily Cases

If you deposit a minimum of $3 at DaddySkins, you will be able to open a free case every 24 hours that contains CS:GO skins. There are 5 levels of crates, and they increase as you deposit more on the site. If you stop depositing into the DaddySkins wallet, your level will start decreasing.


Select the Giveaways tab in the left-hand menu. There you will find lots of giveaways where you can get really expensive skins!

daddyskins banner

What Games are Available on DaddySkins?

At DaddySkins you will find 5 different games available to players of this site:

Case Opening

daddyskins case opening

DaddySkins offers a classic case opening that is similar to what you will find in CS:GO. This means that you can purchase a case on the site (prices start at $0.27, the most expensive one costs $189) and draw one item from it. After selecting a crate, you will receive information about what you can draw in that case. Next to each item there is a percentage chance to draw the item.


daddyskins arena games

Enter a lobby where you will challenge against another player on who will get the highest value skill in a range of cases, where the player with the highest value takes the skins of everyone else.

When making a battle or joining them, you can set the player limit to 2, 3, or 4. Nearly all cases that are available in the classic case opening list are also available in the arena.


daddyskins upgrade game

You upgrade low-value skins to high-value skins. You pick the one you want to collect if you win. The larger the discrepancy in the cost of the two skins, the higher the chances.

You can also add from your account balance to raise your probabilities of winning the skin and decrease the risk factor.


Permit users to exchange low-value skins with higher-value skins. The skin that you take is randomly chosen within a limited cost range.


Here you can select one or more skins that you don't like too much and exchange them for one or more with the same value. You can also use your account balance to cover differences in cost.


For each case you open either in the classic one or arena, a tiny percentage of that value is added to the jackpot, and every case opened rolls a number. If the number is 77777, you will win the jackpot.

Depending on the case, you have different Jackpots:

  • Small (for cases with prices ranging between $1 and $4.99)
  • Medium (for cases with prices ranging between $5 and $24.99)
  • Large (for cases with prices $25 and higher)


DaddySkins Deposit Methods

daddyskins deposit methods

To deposit on DaddySkins, you can use different methods, such as:

  • CS:GO skins (using Waxpeer)
  • G2A: Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, Banconcact, BitBay
  • PayOp
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Gift Cards
  • Kinguin (you must purchase a gift card on Pinguin and then enter the code you received)
  • Unlimint
  • ZEN

Use the bonus code GLOBALCSG for an extra 5%.

Note that depending  on your financial institution and country, the procedures, availability, methods, duration, and terms and conditions may vary.


How to deposit skins on DaddySkins?

In order to deposit CS:GO skins to DaddySkins to top up your wallet you must:

  1. Click the plus icon next to the balance in the upper right corner
  2. Select CS:GO SKINS as your payment method
  3. Click the DEPOSIT SKINS button, you will be redirected to Waxpeer
  4. Log in there via Steam, then select the items and make the transaction

Your DaddySkins account will be topped up instantly when your items are in the Waxpeer bot's account.


DaddySkins Withdrawal Methods

DaddySkins offers several payout methods and these options vary depending on which game you use on the site.

In the case of opening boxes with CS:GO skins, you have the option to directly pay out the skin to your inventory on Steam. In addition to this, DaddySkins allows you to sell a winning skin on the site and then convert the equivalent of the item sold into real money payouts via Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example.

If you win funds on Jackpot, you only have the option to withdraw the funds via cryptocurrency, without being able to receive skins. For full information on withdrawal options at DaddySkins, please see the FAQ under “GETTING YOUR WINNING”.


Is DaddySkins a scam?

DaddySkins is not a scam and is a 100% legit site! The brand has been operating in the CS:GO market since 2016 and has not had any interruptions to date. We also found no evidence of DaddySkins having issues with user payouts or game setting. The rating on TrustPilot is also very high, and it's a reliable site for rating websites. The site has plenty of open cases and users and is a legitimate company registered in London. When depositing we have multiple payment methods available, and in the footer of the page we can find info that the company is Verified by Visa. By making a deposit at DaddySkins, you can rest assured that your funds will be safe and that you will definitely receive the skins you have won.

If you have any problems with the site, please contact support using the Support button at the bottom of the interface.


DaddySkins Hacks & Scripts

Looking for hacks for DaddySkins but not sure which one to choose? Don't choose any! All of the scripts for this site are fake and you will be exposing your Steam account and even your entire PC! Hackers take advantage of the gullibility of unsuspecting players and take over their Steam inventory. All draws are server-side and you have no control over the outcome of the game.

Also note that the DaddySkins administration will not add you as a friend on Steam and will not ask you to send skins off the site! Various people are actively impersonating staff and trying to steal inventory.


How to Withdraw from DaddySkins?

To withdraw something from DaddySkins you need to go to your profile by clicking your username in the top right corner. This will immediately open the My Inventory tab where you will find the skins available for withdrawal. If an item is not available in the site inventory, you can withdraw another item of the same value. You also have the option to resell skins to the site and then withdraw funds using cryptocurrency.



To conclude, DaddySkins is trying hard to develop the best for its players and provide the best cases and skins. It's an entertaining website with an interactive design.

Don't forget to follow social media, never miss a giveaway.

DaddySkins FAQ

  • How to claim DaddySkins Free Bonus Code?

    To claim your bonus, use “GLOBALCSGO” on your deposit to get +5% bonus.

  • What is the maximum of cases to open on DaddySkins?

    Players don't have any limit of cases to open. You are free to open as many cases as you want.

  • How can I open a Free Case?

    You should upgrade the personal “free case” level by making deposits regularly.

  • Who owns DaddySkins?

    DaddySkins is owned by B SOFTWARE ENTERTAINMENT LP, a company registered in the United Kingdom. This information can be found in the site terms and conditions.

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