HellCase Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

hellcase review

Hellcase is a top-rated gambling site and one of the best ones, allowing players to do CS GO and Dota 2 case opening and skin trading.

It's been operating since 2016 and gets an average of 3 million visitors per month. The main focus is undoubtedly CS GO, with various cases to choose from and open, each with a different price and content. From a $0.06 case to a $396 case, and even cases with a guaranteed knife.

This CS GO website offers different games and events to play, a lot of case openings, time-limited special events, and a bunch of bonuses.

A good special feature is a possibility of having a premium account with a price from $5/month to $25/month, allowing access to special rewards and benefits according to the level.


  • Welcome bonus and daily bonuses
  • Huge variety of cases to open
  • Available in 13 different languages
  • Real-time information, as the number of cases opened, online users, and online drop list
  • Modern image/design


  • Not the easiest to navigate
  • Limited amount of games
  • Can be spammy (if players don't hide the "Drop list")
  • No 24/7 live chat support, only by creating tickets
  • Reduced amount of payment methods


What is Hellcase?

what is hellcase case opening site

Hellcase is one of the main websites to open cases and do skin trading in CS:GO and Dota 2. However, the main focus and the biggest amount of content and players are undoubtedly on CS GO. This is what brings to the site their huge name and image inside the community.

There plenty of interesting features:

  • Starting with the online drop list showing in real-time. This drop list is divided into two sections: “All Drop” and “Best Drop.”
  • 3 options of Premium Account (each one with different price):

$5/month for Silver – 2 free cases, extra daily giveaways, and access to 5 premium cases.

$15/month for Gold – 4 free cases, extra daily and weekly giveaways, 1 premium wheel token, priority on online support, and access to 10 premium cases.

$25/month for Diamond – 6 free cases, extra daily, weekly and monthly, 3 premium wheel tokens, personal treatment on online support, and access to 10 premium cases.

  • Many special and time-limited events give players the chance to get tokens, which can be used in other events like The Wheel of Fortune and win high-value items.

The CS GO site also has different games to play and ways to get a case/items, with games like case battle, upgrade, mixxer, and contract.

Hellcase offers different deposit methods, from using credit cards to steam, and use cryptocurrency. The withdrawal system is also simple and fast to use.

Note that this CS GO website is forbidden for people under 18 years old.


Is Hellcase Legit?

is hellcase legit trustpilot

HellCase is a 100% legitimate site and we have not found any evidence or reports on the Internet about the unreliability of the site. The brand is one of the most recognizable among CS:GO case opening sites. HellCase has been active on the market for over 5 years.

HellCase's current rating on TrustPilot is 4.2 out of a maximum of 5.0. This is a very high rating for this type of site, and any negative feedback is explained by the administration.

The site also allows you to independently verify each box opening. To do this, go to your profile by clicking the button in the top right corner of the page and then going to the Provably Fair tab. There you just have to follow the displayed instructions, you will have the possibility to check if the game has not been rigged.

HellCase also boasts a huge number of open cases. As of the date of writing this review, there are over 183 million open cases! On the left side of the interface you will find live drop feed, where other users' recent drops are displayed.

If we encounter problems with the functioning of the site or have additional questions, we can create a ticket to the administration using the handset icon in the lower right corner of the page.


Hellcase Bonuses and Promotions

hellcase daily free case

How is normal in gambling websites, this website provides a welcome bonus if using a bonus code. To claim the bonus, use the code “GLOBALCSGO” to get a free $0.30 after the registration procedure.

The CS GO platform also provides daily bonuses, which rewards items and account balance who visit them every day. To claim the daily bonuses, players must do:

  • Change the Steam avatar and add a nickname or have a $5 top-up balance
  • Have a Steam account with level 2 or higher
  • Minimum of 12h playing CSGO or Dota 2
  • Profile and game data must be set to public

Finally, giveaways. To access them, click on the “Giveaway” button at the top of the page. Who completes tasks described in the giveaway (like open a specific case, participate in a case battle, or share the link on social media) receives entries for them. Each entry increases your chance to be successful, so collect and use as many entries as possible to maximize your chance to win the best skins.

There are also interval giveaways, which have their own timer, and premium members have the chance to take part in more exclusive ones.


Hellcase Bonus Code 2021

The bonus code for HellCase is GLOBALCSGO. It will give you a free 30 coins to play on the site. This bonus is enough for you to open a Veteran or Rebel case, which contain really interesting skins. Be sure to take advantage of the Daily Free tab, where you'll get additional free coins on Hellcase.


What Games are Available on Hellcase?

available games on hellcase

The CS GO site has two main games to play, although there are three more options to use and have the full experience:

Case Battle

This game is for a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4. Players will open the same cases at the same time. There's a possibility of playing more than one round and open the same case on every round or a different price case.

When the case opening is finished, the player with the most luck and higher valuable skin or skins wins all the items.

Players can create their own battles and even invite friends with a link or join an already created battle.


Here you can improve your drop. Select a skin from their inventory to use on the game. Then select the skin from Hellcase that you'd like to win.

If the upgrade is successful, you'll win the new skin, but if the upgrade is unsuccessful, you lose your skin.


This is a kind of Russian roulette in which players create a mix of their favorite cases and open them to get a chance to win a bonus case.

Wheel of Fortune

There's a possibility to win tokens by open marked cases or just betting during some special and time-limited events.

These tokens can be used on the Wheel of Fortune (available during some events and not every day) and win high-value items. This is an option more often for CSGO.


Players can gamble CSGO skins of any price to get items with a lower value or occasionally a skin with high value. If you’ve got a load of cheap skins lying around, this is the perfect way of getting rid of them or turning them into something better. Only available for CS GO.


Hellcase Deposit Methods

hellcase deposit methods

The website offers a limited number of options to deposit.

  • Steam Skins (using ShadowPay– ShadowPay accepts CS:GO, TF2, Dota 2 skins
  • G2A Pay – the list of available methods depends on your country of residence
  • Credit card: Mastercard and Visa
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin

Note that depending on the country and financial institution, the methods, procedures, terms and conditions, availability, and duration for deposits may vary. When we deposit funds on HellCase we get a few % of the recharge value for free. The current deposit bonus amount is displayed in the window “FILLING UP THE BALANCE”.

Wallet top-ups are also available via PayPal – just purchase a gift card through G2A or Kinguin.


How to Withdraw from Hellcase?

The withdrawal process is pretty easy to do and doesn't require much time. Going through it step by step:

  1. Open your profile on your name at the top right corner
  2. Click the “Send” button on the items you want
  3. Once the trade offer is ready, click the “Get” button

After doing all this, the site will redirect to the trade on Steam, and you can finish the operation.

You must refill (add) balance for at least $2 to withdraw skins with a maximum of $500 withdrawal per day.


How to win on Hellcase?

There isn't a rule or a big strategy to always be the winner. Although there are some ways to increase the chances of a good outcome:

  • Set up an initial budget and the time you want to spend
  • Decide the maximum amount to bet before you stop
  • Even with a good winning streak, it's important to know when it's time to stop
  • Pick up all the bonuses, free case, and promotions
  • Participate on giveaways
  • Enjoy your time and the experience

Every case has a different price, so pick the ones with the most affordable price for you.

Well, bear in mind that it's impossible to always stay on top. Players will lose more than one time. It's important to have that consciousness, but following these tips may help keep profiting instead of losing, rewarded with new items, and with luck, a knife.


How to contact HellCase support?

Contacting HellCase support agents is very easy. When you are on the site, you will find a headset icon in the bottom right corner. When you click this icon you will be taken to a separate support page. There you have to log in again with Steam. You'll then see the answers to the most common user questions, but if you didn't find anything useful for your problem then you can use the Create Ticket button below the FAQ. Support is available in 8 languages, but we recommend creating a ticket on English support as most agents speak English. This way you will receive an answer much faster. Remember that at the bottom of the form you have the option to add images. If your problem can be described with a screenshot, attach it to the ticket, it will better describe the problem to the administration.


Is HellCase a scam?

Definitely not! HellCase is one of the most well-known CS:GO brands that has been active on the internet for several years. This site often sponsors various esports related events. HellCase's owners can also boast a great overall reputation on the internet and a very large number of active users. According to the site counter over 9 million users have registered on HellCase which is a huge number! On average, there are 3-4 thousand active players on the site. You can find hundreds of review videos on YouTube by many famous and trusted youtubers.


HellCase Hacks & Scripts

All hacks and scripts for HellCase do not work and expose your Steam account to loss. A hacker using software that impersonates “HellCase Hack” can take access over your computer and then manage it in an unlimited way. Remember that everything that takes place on HellCase happens on the server side, so no user has any influence on the outcome of the draw. Remember also not to trust anyone who adds you to their friends list on Steam and pretends to be the site administration. Such people are scammers and will try to steal your Steam inventory.



To summarize, this CSGO site is a safe place and one of the best to open cases and get a high-value skin. From an AWP to an awesome knife, it's all a matter of luck to win. The case's price and content vary a lot, which means a low-value case gives lower value items, and of course, a high-value case will give a much high-value skin.

To have a full experience is recommended to don't miss the giveaways because it increases the odds of winning more items. Also, spending more time online increases the chances of not missing any special events on the CSGO website.

Making a deposit and withdrawing your new skin doesn't require almost any time; it's speedy and easy.

Overall, this CSGO site is a must for the ones who especially enjoy to open a case and doing skin trading for the chance to win a better skin.

Hellcase FAQ

  • How to claim Hellcase Free Bonus Code?

    After the registration is done, click on the “Green plus button” next to your name on the top right corner and enter the code.Use “GLOBALCSGO” to get free $0.30 and start opening cases.

  • What is the maximum bet amount on Hellcase?

    Players can open the number of cases they want and try to win the best items without limitation.

  • What is a Premium Account?

    Premium accounts have certain benefits on the website, such as more tokens, cases, and giveaways.There are three different levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Higher the level, better the benefits.

  • Who owns Hellcase?

    Hellcase is owned by Newera Frozen PTE. Limited, a legally incorporated company in Singapore, and E.K. 11 Holdings Ltd, a company formed in Cyprus.

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