FarmSkins Referral & Promo Codes 2022

Mar 23 • 5 min read

FarmSkins is a very popular case opening site that has earned the trust of many players. Below we have compiled a list of the best referral, promo and affiliate codes that will give you a bonus to get started.




Sign Up Bonus

Free Money


Sign Up Bonus

Extra Funds For Start



Use code GLOBALCSGO to get a $1 bonus and start opening cases for a chance to win many valuable CSGO skins which you can then sell for a much higher profit than the less significant amount you spent on any CSGO case from Farmskins. The Farmskins promo code list you see above offers you a nice head start into the case opening site, giving everyone a chance to start off without spending their own money. The way this works is by entering a promo code which will give you a bonus on your deposit, allowing you to purchase more cases.

We can’t deny that Counter-Strike Global Offensive has a variety of unique and exciting features that make many players get hooked to the game. One of the most rewarding features of CSGO is the excitement and probable valuable rewards that come with opening skin cases. On top of that, among the best is a site called Farmskins, allowing everyone who joins to either buy or use a promo code to open cases. With a little bit of luck on their side, the profits can be much greater than what you deposit.

How to Use a Farmskins Promo Code?

Similar to any other gambling or case opening site out there that the CSGO community may have created, it’s very easy to learn your way around. Using any promo code on Farmskins is an even easier task. However, you must ensure that you have a valid Steam account that is ready to receive new CS:GO skins in the inventory.

Here is how you can use any Farmskins promo code for your benefit:

Step 1: Open Farmskins and register via Steam

Step 2: In the top right corner of the site menu click on “ADD FUNDS”

Step 3: Under “Affiliate or Promo Code” enter your Farmskins promo code and click “USE”

You can easily achieve this process by using our free promo code for Farmskins GLOBALCSGO to get an instant $1 bonus update to your account which you can use to start opening cases on the site.


Free Money on Farmskins – Methods

Farmskins offers several ways to get free coins, cases and other extra funds. Below is a complete list of all methods.

Using Promo Code

The easiest way to get free funds on Farmskins is to use the promo/referral code GLOBALCSGO, which will top up your account for free with $0.90. You can immediately spend this money on the cases available on the site.

Free Daily Box

Farmskins rewards their active players with daily cases that you can collect in the DAILY BONUS tab at the top. You can get your first daily bonus for as little as $4! Crates can be claimed every 24 hours, and will include free wallet refills of up to $50, as well as CS:GO skins and other crates to open. You can find details about this system in the Daily Bonus at the bottom of the page.

Special Events

We won’t describe the specific event that takes place at Farmskins because they change from time to time, but there are special events during which you receive extra funds in the form of cashback. You will be informed about the current events on the main page of Farmskins.



Free Case on Farmskins

Using a Farmskins promo or a referral code does have a lot of benefits that many can enjoy. However, there is one other method you can enjoy on the Farmskin website that doesn’t involve using a promo code for discounts. If you go to Farmskins, you may see that they also offer lots of daily bonus features for all members of the CSGO community. The thing is that members on a Free level will often see free cases available for 7 days in a row and other levels can see them for even 30 days. Leveling up on Farmskins or adding more funds will increase your odds of getting more rewards.


Benefits of Farmskins Promo Codes

By using Farmskins, you get a unique and easy method of saving more money by using a coupon code. All you have to do is register on their site and deposit funds. Once there, you can choose the option of using a promo code that will credit your account and give you access to many available cases.

You will be glad to follow them on social media platforms like Twitter and keep up with their posts. You never know when you will run into a new CSGO cases promo code list or discounts that you can be the first to know of. Another amazing benefit of Farmskins is that you can use their email address to contact them in case of trouble or any update.


How do I create my own affiliate code?

Creating your own affiliate code for FarmSkins is very easy and requires literally a few clicks. Once you have logged into the site, click on the Partner button at the top of the page. In the Affiliate Code field, enter your dream code and save it with the SAVE button. You can then promote your code to your friends on Steam or on social media. If you have a YouTube channel, you can also record your own FarmSkins review and place the code there. Under Partner you will find details on how the entire referral system works.


What is Farmskins reputation?

It is completely normal to worry about whether a site like Farmskins is legit and that you won’t get ripped off when you add funds to your Farmskins balance. There are several reasons why you should rest assured knowing that is a trusted and reliable site, offering lots of people chances to significantly improve their earnings from opening CSGO cases and selling the skins inside for a profit.

First of all, Farmskins has had the pleasure of sponsoring professional tournaments for video games like CSGO. They wouldn’t have been able to do that if Farmskins was a business that ripped off people. In addition, Farmskins has been around for almost half a decade, as the page was founded in 2016. On top of all that, you get amazing offers from them that actually give you money to open free cases on your first time using their services. This is done by using Farmskins promo codes, coupons, discount codes, and a referral code.


Farmskins Pros and Cons

Like any online service regarding CSGO, there are bound to be a few downsides that not many people will be fond of. However, it’s important to not let that type of thing outweigh the pros, which is why we’re going to review whether the Farmskins store has more pros or cons in the following review and consider the odds that people have when buying and opening cases and using a promo code on for the first time.

Farmskins Pros

  • They offer a wide variety of deposit methods, including G2A Pay, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, Ethereum, and more.
  • Extremely Mobile Compatible
  • Tons of CSGO cases to choose from and open with a promo code
  • Farmskins offers a daily bonus and giveaways
  • Multiple languages are supported

Farmskins Cons

  • There aren’t any games, only the option of opening cases
  • Live chat can be difficult to get a hold of


Features of Farmskins

After a thorough review of the site, it’s safe to say that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks that Farmskins currently features. It’s extremely easy to find, purchase, use a promo code, and open any case. The shop is neatly organized, and so is the entire Farmskins website. It’s one of the most welcoming and attractive websites for opening cases containing lots of valuable CSGO skins on sale.

Farmskins offers a large number of weapons cases for CSGO. The list includes anything you can imagine from knife-only cases, cases that contain only StatTrak skins, High-Quality cases containing only skins of Mil-Spec, Restricted, Classified, and Covert rarity grades.

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