CSGOFast 2021 Review, Is it Legit? + Promo & Bonus Code

CSGOFast com, is a well-known gambling site in the CS GO community, allowing its users to make skin betting and play casino games.

The site is operating since 2015 and keeps always upgrading its features and skins to provide a top-notch experience.

Nowadays, the CSGOFast website counts with an average of 2 million visitors per month.


  • A lot of different games
  • Wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Available in 13 different languages
  • A lot of options to sign up fast and easily
  • Daily free coins
  • Live chat for players with rooms for each game


  • The website can be spammy
  • No 24/7 customer support (live chat)


What is CSGOFast?

CSGO Fast is a top-rated CS GO gambling website where players can get a lot of skins and make bets on a wide variety of games.

The website has PvP games, PvE games, and Solo PvE games.

CSGOFast has some awesome features to immerse users in a full experience. You have a menu on the right side showing the chat, your notifications, account settings, items, and how to reach the support.

The support team is reachable via email, and you must create tickets to clarify your doubts and obtain extra information.

Another unique feature is the Bug Bounty, which consists of rewarding players who find vulnerabilities with numerous coins.

There are also Premium Accounts with different benefits between them and an upgrade on benefits. Starting on Bronze (who refiled the account at least once), Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (you need to refill your balance up to 42,500€ per month).

Registration is super easy. You can sign in with Steam, Google, Twitter, Facebook, VK, Yandex, Twitch, or Telegram.

The site has all rights reserved.

Note that gambling sites like CSGOFast don’t allow users under 18 years old.


Is CSGOFast Legit?

Yes, CSGOFast is a legit and safe CSGO gambling site to put your money in and play the games.

The fan base is also an indicator of the legitness of the CSGO site, with millions of visitors each month. If the community is betting, that’s because the platform is great and you can trust.

Surely only the number of players isn’t enough to say. That’s why CSGOFast has a Provably Fair system to ensure that all the outcomes are completely random.


CSGOFast Bonuses and Promotions

Bonus is one of the most important features of any CS GO platform.

CSGOFast has a few free bonuses that people can claim.

First, use the code “XXXXX” after registration and get XXXXX.

The site then offers coins every day, and you can claim up to 300 coins (100x 3). If your money is down to 0, you can get 3 more coins, which is a great opportunity to keep gambling and increase your stack.

Adding “fun.csgofast.com” to your Steam nickname guarantees you an extra 15% bonus to XP.

There’s also a “Quest” tab, where players perform and complete tasks to take rewards and start play the games.


What Games are Available on CSGOFast?

CSGOFast is one of the best sites when the topic is games. The site has a wide variety of game selection for players to bet and have a fun time. There are 12 different available games plus Esports betting:

1 – PvP (Player versus Player)

  • Classic

First, players can bet up to 10 items into a common pot of 50 maximum items. Then there’s a raffle system to determine the lucky winner for all the pot. The Higher the bet, the better the chances.

  • Fast

Identic to the Classic game, the main difference is that only 3 players compete against each other.

  • Esports bets

The site allows betting on upcoming matches, choosing the team you think will win the game.

2 – PvE (Player vs. Environment)

  • Double

It’s like the traditional CSGO roulette game: 7 red and 7 black slots, which one rewarding with the double amount of the bet, and 1 green, which pays 14x your betting (14 to 1).

  • X50

Players can choose two colors to gamble. Each color represents a different multiplier.

Blue: 2x ; Red: 3x ; Green: 5x ; Yellow: 50x

  • Hi-Lo

You bet if the next drawn card is higher or lower than the previous one. There are also more options to bet on: the color, a number or figure, and a simple bet in the ace or joker.

  • Baccarat

You need to score 9 points or as close as possible to it. The amount of points is calculated by adding cards to the table.

The principal bet can be placed in three fields: Banker, Player, or Tie.

  • Crash

Gamble the amount you want, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It’s possible to cash out at any time you want. The higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, you win more money.

If you don’t cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes,” and you lose the game.

3 – Solo PvE (Solo Player vs. Environment)

  • Slot

Classic 5-reel slot machine game. Match the symbols on the reels to win.

  • Poggi

First, choose a team, if “Terrorists” or “Counter-Terrorists.” Symbols that belong to your team give you better rewards. Note that each symbol has a different meaning.

  • Wheel

Easy game, first you place your bet and press the “Spin” button. Where the spin stops, you win that prize.

  • Tower

Here you have three levels: easy, medium, and hard.

Place your bet and decide the winning sectors in each line of the tower.

  • Craft

Pick an item from the list, pull the slider to indicate how many coins you need to spend on the parts, and then “Create.”

  • Cases

This is the traditional case opening. Select and open your favorite case, and try your luck to win the best skins.


CSGOFast Deposit Methods

CSGOFast is allowed to accept many deposit methods to their players:

  • CSGO Skins (Steam)
  • Visa/Master Card
  • QIWI
  • Connectum
  • GameMoney
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • ADVcash
  • EcoPayz
  • Dash
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash

Bear in mind that depending on your financial institution and country, the procedures, availability, methods, duration, and terms and conditions may vary.


How to Withdraw from CSGOFast?

The withdrawal methods also have a wide range of options, and it’s pretty easy.

Players must click on “Withdraw” at the top of the screen and select the best option.

  • Marketplace
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • QIWI
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex.Money
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin


How to win on CSGOFast?

There isn’t a powerful strategy or set of rules to always be the one winning when it comes to CSGO gambling sites, and CSGOFast isn’t an exception. Although there is always a way to improve your games and increase the chances of a good outcome:

  • Establish a starting budget
  • Once decided, don’t cross your own line
  • Even with a good winning streak, use only what you settled. Know when to stop is a must
  • Use only 3%-5% of your balance to bet on each play
  • Claim all the offers: free bonuses and free cases
  • Participate in giveaways and pay attention to promotions

Don’t get deluded. It’s impossible always to win all the games you are playing. Players will lose many bets. It’s essential to have that consciousness, but following and using these tips may help you keep the right way.

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CSGOFast - Is it Legit?

Yes, CSGOFast is legit. The website uses a Provably Fair system, and it's trustworthy by millions of players inside the CSGO community for 5 years.

How to claim CSGOFast free bonus code?

Click on "Free coins" on top of the screen after registration. After that, on the "Input bonus code," use "XXXXX" as your bonus code to get free coins.

CSGOFast Referral Code 2021?

After your registration is done, click on "Free coins." Then, use the referral code "XXXX," where is saying "Input bonus code" to get your free coins and start betting.

What is the maximum bet amount on CSGOFast?

Each game has a different maximum bet amount, but the larger you can go is up to 500,000 coins.

How can I participate in the Leaders Race?

Any player can join, except if the account is Demo (that never made a deposit).