CS:GO Characters & Agents Full Guide

Jun 25 • 4 min read

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has enjoyed the benefit of weapon skins for quite a few years now. As we all know, Valve Corporation continuously brings new and more exciting updates to the game, providing a better gameplay experience for all players. On November 18, 2019, Valve released a new operation update known as Operation Shattered Web which brought new features called Agents.

Operation Shattered Web in CS GO

This new operation that came out in November 2019 introduced the popular Agents in CS:GO that made players excited to get one for themselves and try them out in a new game. But what are these Agents? They are character models that can be used on both the Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist teams to make each player look more unique. They are exactly like CSGO character skins for weapons and knives.

Operation Shattered Web introduced this new feature and left it to stay permanently. Everyone could get their own character skins if they participated in the Operation's requirements. However, it wasn't free for all players. This is because Operation Shattered Web came in a Battle Pass format, meaning you would need to purchase the operation pass in order to enjoy all of the rewards and benefits it offered to the game of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Today, you can purchase any characters from the Shattered Web case on the Steam Community Market.

List of All CSGO Character Models

Players who joined the Operation Shattered Web event could pick their favorite ones from a list of characters who were made available all at the same time. All of these characters feature unique voice lines and custom designs, making them a great way to stand out in the game. Here is the list of all the characters that came with the Shattered Web Operation, alongside many weapon skins as well.

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Special Agent Ava | FBI

What's unique about Ava is that she is the only female Agent that was introduced with the Shattered Web update. She is one of the characters that belong to the CT side and possesses three FBI Honorary Medals. During the Operation, this agent was available as part of the Master Agents mission progress rewards.

‘The Doctor' Romanov | Sabre

Both his appearance and description can tell you that this agent belongs on the T agents side. Romanov is a professional at smuggling illegal pharmaceuticals across borders. He is the leader of the Sabre's Utility Disruption Operations and is definitely a foe to fear.

The Elite Mr. Muhlik | Elite Crew

Mr. Muhlik is a part of countless Most Wanted lists across the world and is one of the Terrorists' most valuable weapons.

Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC SEAL

Ricksaw is the perfect SEAL commander who knows how to lead. He has everything it takes to lead your team to victory and handle even the most immense pressure on the battlefield. This Master Agent belongs on the CT side.

Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL

Seal Team 6 Soldier has no name and is a Distinguished Agent who only cares about winning. He is ready and equipped for battle and is a proud Counter-Terrorist member.

‘TwoTimes' McCoy | USAF TACP

McCoy is a Superior Agent who has completed TACP's field training program twice. You can expect to feel more energetic when playing with this unique agent every time.

3rd Commando Company | KSK

This warrior is a member of Germany’s Kommando Spezialkräfte. These are hand-picked warriors that are feared across all Counter-Strike maps.

Buckshot | NSWC SEAL

This is an Exceptional Agent who is known by his nickname “Weapons Sommelier”. Buckshot is a weapons expert and a valued member of the Counter-Terrorist team.

Michael Syfers | FBI Sniper

One of the characters who is going to be a favorite among sniper players. Michael is a sniper superior agent who looks stunning while holding an AWP sniper rifle and is one of the FBI's best snipers they got.

Markus Delrow | FBI HRT

Markus has amazing attention to detail, making him extremely valuable on the field. He is always a few steps ahead of the Terrorists and is known as the brains of many operations.

Operator | FBI SWAT

The Operator is a Distinguished Agent and is the first choice whenever a high-risk operation pops up. He is a character who belongs on the most dangerous missions the Counter-Terrorists come across.

B Squadron Officer | SAS

SAS Officers are highly trained and dangerous. Even his appearance tells you to stay away when you see him in the game. This B Squadron Officer is up for all the most dangerous missions, including hostage rescues, and highly classified operations.

Prof. Shahmat | Elite Crew

This Terrorist Superior Agent graduated at Magna Cum Laude and felt bored with his life. The result was mastering the art of war and causing destruction along the way.

Osiris | Elite Crew

Osiris doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger. He doesn't like to waste time and will almost never wait for you to shoot first. One of the most dangerous agents in the Operation Shattered Web update.

Ground Rebel | Elite Crew

Ground Rebels are important to the Elite Crew, they hear everything and always know where the enemy is lurking.

Maximus | Sabre

Maximus has a short fuse and a temper that no one should ever play around with. He is the Sabre's best weapon for close-quarter mission support and a member who never disappoints.

Dragomir | Sabre

Dragomir is the main man when it comes to exceptional snipers for the Terrorist side. If you love playing sniper and want to be on the T side, then this is the character for you.

Rezan The Ready | Sabre

Rezan is the Head of Operations for the Sabre. He is a ruthless leader who won't hesitate to throw a grenade. He is said to be one of the best character skins in the game.

Blackwolf | Sabre

His senses are his greatest weapon. Blackwolf will wait patiently and stalk his prey until it's finally time to make the kill.

Soldier | Phoenix

Don't let his dull name fool you, this is one Agent who knows how to shoot to kill. He is a lone wolf who likes to kill in the shadows.

Enforcer | Phoenix

This agent is another member of the Phoenix. He is a hitman who chooses his contracts based on how much fun he will have.

Slingshot | Phoenix

Lastly, another Phoenix member who specializes in close-range combat. He once retook the Phoenix compound with only an M9 Bayonet and a few recovered weapons.