What is CS:GO Wingman?

Mar 10 • 4 min read

The CSGO game we all know and love has experienced many changes in the past. It still won't be a surprise to receive an update introducing new features to CSGO. For many players, this is always exciting news. Those who don't like the new features in the beginning, often get accustomed to them pretty quickly.

The Wingman game mode was introduced to CSGO during a special temporary event called Operation HYDRA. CSGO Wingman mode became popular after that, as players couldn't get enough of it. After the event ended, Valve decided to let Wingman stick around, and it has become a permanent feature since then. This article will focus on answering a few questions that the CSGO community wants to learn about this game mode. We will start by explaining what exactly is CSGO Wingman.

How Is CSGO Wingman Different than Competitive CSGO?

Any player who has ever played a competitive ranked CS:GO match will know that it takes 10 players to enter the game. The teams consist of 5 players each and will start battling it out once the game has matched 10 players, including you.

However, in CSGO Wingman mode, the maximum amount of players it takes for the match to begin is 4 – two on each team. When we compare the differences between Wingman and the standard competitive ranked game in CS:GO, we can definitely find more than one difference. Let's take a look at a few of the main ones.

How Many Players Can Join in CS:GO Wingman Mode?

As we said, there can only be 4 players in total in this game mode. You will be matched with only one random player in your team, resulting in a 2v2 battle. However, most CS:GO players prefer to play with a buddy in this game mode. There are several reasons why this could be better, which we will discuss.

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CS:GO Wingman Maps

Sadly, not all CS:GO maps are available for this game mode. It won't matter if you're a global elite or a silver I, there are only several popular maps that can be found while playing Wingman. Also, these maps aren't the same as the other standard ones, as they do have a few significant differences that make them special to only the Wingman game mode. Before we get to that, here is every map available for this mode:

  • Vertigo
  • Train
  • Lake
  • Overpass
  • Shortdust
  • Shortnuke
  • Rialto
  • Inferno
  • Cobblestone

During the official Operation HYDRA event, there were a few more maps that everyone could play a few rounds on. These include Bank, Safehouse, Shorttrain, and St. Marc. In any way, here are the differences you may expect while playing a few matches on Wingman.

  • The maps are smaller
  • There is only one bombsite on each map

CS:GO Wingman Rounds

The maps aren't the only difference between ranked competitive and this game mode. Even though the CS:GO ranks are the same, the rounds you will play are similar but still different. The rules are not the same with Wingman. In order to win, your team will want to be the first to win nine rounds. This is one more than the normal competitive game mode.

Having said that, it's also important to know that each match consists of 16 rounds in total, not 15 like in competitive. This might be better for some and worse for others. However, it's not a huge difference at the end of the day, as one more round won't take much more time. On the other hand, one round can be enough to lose the entire game, so do your best and make your rank proud.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Wingman or Competitive – Which Is Easier?

To answer this question, you'd have to define your meaning of easy. When queueing for competitive matches, your rank and the ranks of your teammates do have an impact on whether you will win. For some players, it's difficult finding 4 more players that they are able to communicate easily with. When communication comes into play, Wingman can definitely sound easier to play. It won't matter if your Silver rank, or Elite, or any other in this case.

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If you decide to look at it from a different perspective, such as knowing that you don't have as many players backing you up, then Wingman can seem a bit harder. In competitive, if you're set with decent players, you will have plenty of back-up to make you feel safe. On the other hand, you also have as many opponents now, making it more difficult to live through each part of the game. The game modes are different for a reason. You can choose which sounds easier, and that one will be best for you. Although, switching it up between the two can also help.

Tips for CS:GO's Wingman Game Mode

Now that you know all you need to about how to use this game mode to your advantage, we've also made sure to put together a list of some of the best tips to make every game with this mode an elite one. If you're in the mood for a fun match of Wingman, and you will know the second you launch Steam, then this is what you must learn to help your gaming experience.

  • Use headphones to find your opponents
  • Stay close to your teammate if you want to live
  • You need to avoid open spaces
  • Communicate about everything
  • Focus on killing your opponents instead of the bomb


It's true that some of these tips are handy for competitive as well, but most of the top ones are useful especially here. Games with more teammates can give you more comfort, so knowing that there are only two of you here gives you more to worry about than just your rank. In any case, each of the modes is fun to play. Valve takes care of a fan of CS:GO, and providing more unique ways to play CS:GO such as this one is something many appreciate, no matter the rank.