All CSGO Case Keys List

Feb 19 • 4 min read

In CSGO, it's possible to unlock countless amazing skins for various weapons and items in the game. One way to obtain these skins is by opening CSGO cases. In order to open these cases, you will need special CSGO keys. Because of the fact that the cases are worthless without the CS:GO keys, many of them are worth mere pennies. The keys, on the other hand, are usually worth a couple of dollars and at times even more.

In this blog post, we will list each CS:GO case key present in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and name the cases they are able to open. One other thing worthy of mentioning is that once a CS:GO case key has been purchased it can no longer be tradeable or marketable. This is to prevent certain types of fraud and ensure the safety of player possessions. Now, let's have a look at the keys themselves in order.

List of All CS:GO Keys

This is the full list of all of the CS:GO case keys available until now. We will also list brief descriptions of each, which cases they are able to open, and the usual prices you will able to get them for.

CS:GO Case Key

The CS:GO Case key can be used to open the most cases in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This list includes the following cases: CSGO Weapon Case, CSGO Weapon Case 2, CSGO Weapon Case 3, and Operation Bravo Case. If you check the Steam website listings, you will find that this case is usually priced around $5.08 and higher.

eSports Key

The eSports Key can be used to open three individual cases, including the eSports 2013 Case, eSports 2013 Winter Case, and an eSports 2014 Summer Case. Keep in mind that a single key can open only one of these cases, not all three. On the Steam marketplace, this key is currently priced at $4.54 and higher.

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Winter Offensive Case Key

The Winter Offensive Case Key is the first on our list that is only able to open a single case. It is unique to the Winter Offensive Weapon Case and can open no others. This one starts at $4.60 and can be worth a little more than that.

Operation Phoenix Case Key

The Operation Phoenix Weapon Case is the only one this key is able to open. It has an image of a red phoenix on it so it is easily recognizable. This key's starting price is $6.45.+

Huntsman Case Key

The Huntsman Case Key is used to open only the Hunstman Weapon Case. The minimum it is currently worth is $5.60.

Operation Breakout Case Key

You may find this a bit repetitive but most of the following keys are used to open cases with the corresponding names. Usually, they're the same. This one is used to open the Operation Breakout Case and is currently priced at a minimum of $6.75.

Operation Vanguard Case Key

This key is available only for the Operation Vanguard Case. It is currently priced at a little under $5.

Chroma Case Key

The Chroma Case Key can only open the first Chroma Case, not the rest. The later versions of the Chroma Case have separate keys. This one is currently available at a starting price of $5.71.

Chrome 2 Case Key

This is the second part of the Chroma Case. It requires a separate Chroma 2 Case Key which is available at a little bit over the first one, standing at merely $5.78.

Falchion Case Key

The Falchion Case Key is one of the most attractive ones in terms of design. It opens the Falchion Weapons Case and it starts at $5.58.

Shadow Case Key

The Shadow Case Key unlocks the Shadow Case. It comes at a relatively low price of just $5.58. It can go slightly higher than that, but not too often.

Revolver Case Key

The Revolver Case was the first one to contain skins for the R8 Revolver. This key opens the Revolver Case and it starts at a price of $5.33.

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Operation Wildfire Case Key

The Operation Wildfire Case came alongside the popular Operation Wildfire game event. This key unlocks the case and you can buy it at a minimal cost of $5.17.

Chroma 3 Case Key

This is the third edition of the Chroma Case Keys. It unlocks the Chroma 3 Case and is available at a starting price of $6.70.

Gamma Case Key

The Gamma Case Key unlocks the Gamma Case and is priced at a minimum of $5.40.]

Gamma 2 Case Key

The second edition of the Gamma Case also requires its own separate key. The Gamma 2 Case key unlocks this one and you can buy it for $5.60 or more.

Glove Case Key

The Glove Case Key is among the most expensive ones on this list. It opens the Glove Case and is available at a starting price of $7.37.

Spectrum Case Key

This is another case full of cool community weapons. The Spectrum Key opens the Spectrum Case and is available at a starting cost of $6.74 on the Steam market.

Operation Hydra Case Key

Operation Hydra was a very popular event in CSGO. This key opens the special operation Hydra Case and is available for a surprising amount of only $2.44.

Spectrum 2 Case Key

This ey opens the second edition of the Spectrum Case. This key is available at a price of $5.35.

Clutch Case Key

The Clutch Case features a few more community designed weapons and glove skins. It is worth around $6.80.

Horizon Case Key

The Horizon Case Key opens only the Horizon Case. It starts at a cost of $5.17.

Danger Zone Case Key

The Danger Zone Case Key is available for the Danger Zone Case and costs $7.50 and up. It is among the most expensive keys ever sold as well.

Prisma Case Key

You can use this key to unlock the Prisma Case. This one starts at $6.44 and only goes up from there.

CS20 Case Key

Among the last Counter-Strike case keys is the CS20 Case Key. This one is worth around $6.30.

Capsule Keys

There are only two capsule keys currently available in CSGO. The first is called the CS:GO capsule key and it is worth close to $3. The second is Community Capsule 1 Key, costing around $2.50. These keys only open CSGO capsules and not cases.