CS20 Case & CS20 Case Skins in 2021

Mar 13 • 3 min read

There are plenty of unique and amazing skin cases in Counter-Strike Global Offensive that come from the CS:GO community. The CS20 case is one of those cases, involving 17 unique items that make the game a bit more unique. The CS20 case was released not too long ago. It came out during the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It serves as a special surprise to the community and a weapon case full of some great skins.

CS20 Case Overview

The CS20 case was released by Valve in October 2019. It came alongside the CS20 Sticker Capsule. There was also an entire CS20 event, as part of the CS:GO 20th anniversary.

As we mentioned, the case contains 17 impressive items worth reviewing. Most of them are gun and rifle skins. However, there is a rare special item which is a collection of classic knife skins that makes the case a lot more impressive amongst players. It is still great to see this one drop during 2021 as well, and it can also be found on the market for merely a few cents. The CS20 case Key, however, is worth a couple of dollars, usually around $5-6.

Top 5 CS20 Case Skins

It wouldn't be fair if we didn't review our top 5 picks that the CS20 case contains. You might agree or disagree, but we feel these ones to be amongst the best ones inside. Here are our top 5 picks from the CS20 case.

AWP | Wildfire

Starting off the list is also the most expensive skin in the CS20 case. It's not without reason, as this skin has one of the best finishes inside, as well as the highest price. The AWP Wildfire is exactly what the name suggests, a wildfire pattern that spreads across the weapon. It makes the weapon highly attractive thanks to the bright fiery colors.

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The Wildfire, being the most expensive skin in the CS20 case, is worth between $28 and $315. Its price depends on the skin quality and wear level. It is available in all wear levels, from Battle-Scarred to Factory New, including the StatTrak versions as well.

FAMAS | Commemoration

Next up is the attractive FAMAS Commemoration. The gorgeous gold color makes the FAMAS weapon look elite. It feels especially belonging on desert maps, such as Dust II. This may be the second most expensive skin in the CS20 case and yet it drops significantly in price when compared to the AWP Wildfire. This one is worth anywhere between $10 and $65. Luckily, it's available in all wear levels as well, including StatTrak.

MP9 | Hydra

The Hydra brings a unique and improved look to the MP9 weapon in CS:GO. It's quite surprising that this skin doesn't have a way higher price. It features gorgeous green colors that stretch all across the MP9. The design pattern was inspired by Operation Hydra, an event unique to CS:GO. The MP9 drops even further in price within the CS20 case. It's worth between $3 and $43. It is also available in all wear levels and StatTrak as well.

AUG | Death by Puppy

The name isn't the only thing that's unique with this one. The AUG Death by Puppy is one of the most interesting skins in the CS20 case, featuring various designs of puppy dogs scattered across the weapon. It's a Classified Grade item that isn't available in Battle-Scarred condition. Its cost ranges between $4 and $30.

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P90 | Nostalgia

Our last, but not least, favorite pick from this Steam Community Workshop designed CS20 case is the P90 Nostalgia. It has one of the coolest design patterns, featuring a custom paint coat involving an image from the old Counter-Strike 1.6. Now, that's the definition of true nostalgia. This one is worth between $3 and $30, which still isn't too bad compared to the rest of the skins in the CS20 case.

CS20 Case Rare Special Item

Among the many unique and thrilling skins the CS20 case has to offer, there is one rare special item that CS:GO players are eager to see drop. This item is known as the Classic Knife, and there is a slight chance to see it drop. This is one of the coolest features of the CS20 case, allowing players to be even more eager to open the case.

The CS20 case contains 13 different skins of the Classic Knife. All of these knives are Covert Grade, making them even more valuable. The rarest one of them reaches prices as high as $800, so it's a nice chance to make some extra cash as well.

So, there are 17 different skins for weapons like rifles and revolvers, 13 unique, rare, and expensive skins for the Classic Knife, and plenty of fun for you. Hop inside CS:GO and hope for the best whenever you get a chance to open a CS20 case.