St4ck with a record breaking Steam account – level 5000!

Jun 23 • 2 min read

It happened! A player named St4ck has set a new record for the highest Steam account level, he has managed to reach 5000 account level. The experience needed to reach such an extremely high level was 125,266,432 XP, which translated into 6500 badges. This account is currently the account with the highest level and will probably stay that way for a long time, as the second person in the table is Magic, who has a level of 3913 as of today.


Who is St4ck?

We don't know him personally, but we can learn a bit about him from his public profiles on Steam, Instagram, and Twitch. St4ck is first and foremost a gamer, having played almost 7,000 hours of CS:GO and recently enjoying playing Asseto with over 200 hours logged. From his profile on Instagram we can learn that he has a nice parrot and a cute dog.

St4ck is the owner of the group St4ckGiveaways and ONEcharity, a group on Steam where everyone can share game codes they don't intend to use.


How much did this level of Steam account cost?

We don't know how to estimate exactly how much it might have cost to level up 5000 on Steam, but according to Steamladder it's about $242,881.95, which is a lot of money indeed! In addition, St4ck has 4736 games on his account with an estimated value of over $35,000, making him one of the top players in the world when it comes to the value of games on his profile.

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We tried the SteamLevels website, which has a calculator that calculates the amount of money required to gain a particular level. According to the calculator it is over 500 thousand dollars, but we are sure that SteamLevels calculations are incorrect with such a large desired Steam level. Only one thing is known – St4ck must have spent really a lot of money to get this record level.


How do I level up my Steam account?

Boosting your profile account on Steam is very easy, just create badges from sets of cards from available games on Steam. Each badge adds a certain amount of experience to your account, which can then be used to level up your profile. For more information about leveling up your Steam account, visit our Steam Level Up Sites page.