Is It Worth to Sell CS:GO Skins on SkinCashier?

Jul 27 • 2 min read

If you're not yet familiar with the Skincashier website, we've already briefly explained what the site is. Skincashier works on a very simple principle – it buys items from you on Steam and sends you real money in return via PayPal for example. The site has a lot of users, but a good number of them wonder if it is really worth selling skins on this site. Read our honest review on whether Skincashier is a good place to sell Steam items.

Fees and Commissions at Skincashier

When it comes to payment processor commissions, Skincashier has them very low, in fact at the lowest level available. The site charges about 2-3% when withdrawing via PayPal and a similar comission for withdrawals via other payment processors. As far as this type of fee is concerned Skincashier has very good conditions.

Another thing is with the prices for the items. We remind you that Skincashier accepts Steam items from games: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rust, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2, so it actually supports all games with a fairly developed trade in Steam ecosystem. Skincashier doesn't offer the best price for items, but you have to look at it from another angle. Probably on no other site like Skincashier you will get your money as fast as here. The average transaction time is about 30 seconds, according to the site, because the money is sent by the system automatically after accepting a trade offer on Steam. When we tested this site ourselves we had the money on PayPal literally after a while. This is the biggest advantage of this site because the moment and we have the money in our account, even though they do not offer the best prices.

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In our opinion, the speed at which we can make sales on this site makes up for the slightly lower prices. To give you another example, let's look at the CS:GO skin marketplace. There, in order to receive money to our wallet at the marketplace, we have to wait until some other user on the site buys a skin that we put up. If a skin is rare, it may even take a few days before someone buys it from us. Often such markets also have higher commissions than Skincashier. Therefore, the matter is simple – if you need money right now Skincashier is a good choice when it comes to a place to sell CSGO skins.

Pros and cons of SkinCashier

Skincashier's advantages are:

  1. Payout through PayPal (not all sites accept this payment processor)
  2. Speed of transactions (about 30 seconds waiting for money)
  3. Great support
  4. They accept by far the most skins of any site, including CS:GO, Dota, Rust and TF2

In contrast, the weaknesses of this site are:

  1. Some skins are poorly priced (if you think you should get more for your skins, you can contact support and get an individual quote)
  2. No bonus or loyalty system

Is it worth it or not to sell items on Skincashier?

It pays if you don't have time. If you can wait that week or longer, you can use any of the CS:GO skin marketplaces. If you need the money right now, we recommend using Skincashier, because they make it really quick to sell skins.

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