Steam accidentally banned bots of several trading sites

Jun 23 • 2 min read

For the past few days, some CS:GO trading sites have been experiencing a real nightmare as their Steam accounts, which are used to handle exchanges between the user and the site, have been banned! Fortunately, the situation has been resolved and the sites are back online, but we really feel sorry for the owners of this whole mess. Sites that were offline for a short time included DMarket, Skins.Cash, and TradeIt.GG.


What exactly happened?

In recent days, when we periodically checked the performance of the pages described on our site, we noticed that we could not access some of the reviewed pages. The problem affected DMarket, TradeIt.GG and Skins.Cash. TradeIt was the only one to inform its users on Twitter about the problem. The administration informed that yesterday (June 20) a small number of bots that support trading via this site were mistakenly banned by Steam moderation. It is worth noting that the owners of the site immediately respond to any requests to contact their users who may have lost something during this break in access to bots. Fortunately, the whole situation was quickly clarified and TradeIt returned to full functionality.

Back to DMarket and Skins.Cash. These are two trading sites closely related to each other and both have not informed their users of the existing problem, only displaying a brief message about a technical break on their site. There are users who did not like this and expressed their opinions in the comments, but the moderation did not address this. We believe that sites should inform about such incidents, as TradeIt did.

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Another site that received a temporary block of its bots is LOOT.Farm, which immediately reported the whole incident on its Twitter. The administration dealt with the problem very quickly, because after just one day the site was fully functional. They explained that the accounts were blocked by mistake.