CSGO Aim Training – The Best Maps to Improve Your Aim

Mar 9 • 6 min read

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game where anyone can focus on improving and honing their skills to the max. There is a reason behind why ranks exist in CSGO. Each player receives a rank that best suits them or, more accurately, their skills. There is no other way around it. If you want to get better and improve then you must put in a lot of hours into training.

Aim training is among the most important practice techniques for getting better in the game of CSGO. It's quite obvious, as aiming is one of the most crucial features of the game. Perfecting this will easily lift you up the ranks of CSGO and get you towards a Global Elite rank in no time. So, let's look at a few great ways to practice aim training, drastically improve your aim in CSGO, and find out a few of the best aim training maps that will definitely help out a lot.

What is CSGO Aim Training?

The main purpose of any aim training program or map in CSGO is to improve your aim. You must understand that it takes a lot more than just joining a CSGO game and spamming your mouse buttons. Aim training is an important part of getting better at CS:GO. Following a certain plan will make sure that aim training improves your reaction time, betters your muscle memory when it comes to shooting someone in the game, helps practice how to place the crosshair properly, and much more.

Improving Reaction Time

Your reaction time in CSGO can impact the outcome of your games. This is why putting in some time to practice on specially designed aim training maps will help in more than one way. The standard amount of time to react to visuals for human beings is around 250 milliseconds. With aim training, you can focus on improving this as much as you can. One helpful tip is to always make sure you have something moving on your screen, such as your crosshair. This will prevent you from zoning out and risking losing the game.

Crosshair Placement

Aim training also helps you improve yet another crucial part of the entire CSGO gaming experience – the crosshair placement. This basically means how you position your crosshair so that it allows you to quickly target your enemy and hopefully score a headshot. One extremely useful tip for improving this in CSGO is to always keep the crosshair at head level. This means analyzing where you are and predicting where your enemy's head will be if they pop up right in front of you at that moment.

Best Aim Training Maps

Now it's time to reveal a few of the best CSGO aim training maps that will surely take your gaming skills to the next level. These maps were designed specifically for training your aim and your reflexes as well. Each map is designed to hone a certain skill and to make sure you're prepared for almost any situation while playing the game of CS:GO. So, without further ado, here are the best aim training maps you need to practice in right now.

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1: Aim CSGO2

To make things simpler, this map is also known as training_aim_csgo2. One of the best things about this map is that it is a simple, yet powerful one. It has almost everything you need to start your aim training journey. This also makes it one of the best ones to begin your practice with. After you've mastered every possible challenge you can on training_aim_csgo2, you can easily move on to the next ones on our list and continue training to become the best.

Among the many unique features of this aim training map is that you don't shoot at Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. All you have is standing and moving circles that you need to hit, preferably as close to the middle as you can. Going old school training like this isn't without reason, as shooting at circles is one of the best ways to get better aim in CSGO.

2: Recoil Master – Spray Training

The next choice for one of the best aim training maps in CSGO is designed specifically to help you practice your recoil game. Recoil Master also helps you improve your spraying skills. Things can get a bit thicker when using such a feature with various weapons, which is why anyone probably needs the practice. Weapons that have this feature can be very powerful for anyone who knows how to use them. Having said that, you can probably realize why it's crucial that you practice your recoil game and show your CSGO enemies that you mean business.

The map features a few very cool perks. It includes ghosthairs or spray patterns for every single weapon. It has amazing and simple explanations on how to spray, it offers 20 different ranges to try out and see how they perform, and many other customization features that make it among the most unique and best aim training maps you can possibly ask for when it comes to CS:GO.


Another amazing map that will most definitely get your aim game to the next level is FAST AIM. This map is known as both an aim and a reflex training map, providing unique tests to make sure your reflexes are the best they can be. Reflexes are a huge part of the entire aim training process in CS:GO, which is why you need to dedicate a bit of time to this each day you decide to train. So, how does this map do everything it's designed for?

It's also important to master a few of the other aim training drills we mentioned above before you move on to your reflexes. Why is that? Well, this time you will have moving targets that are coming towards you. You will need to already know how to aim in order to hit the targets. The thing this map will focus most on is how fast you react to each target as it pops up.

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4: Yprac Practice and Warmup Mods

A huge part of learning how to aim in CS:GO is throwing grenades. Don't be fooled into thinking that aiming with guns is all it takes to become great at the game. Without having the proper skill and training to throw a grenade, your skills are immediately worse than many other players out there. To become a highly-skilled CS:GO player, you need to put in the work and start training several types of techniques and skills. Throwing grenades is among the most important ones.

So, this is one is actually a collection of several maps designed for a particular training purpose. You get to practice different techniques for most types of grenades that you can find in CS:GO. Among the various techniques and methods you are shown inside, you also get to perfect your skills on various maps like Train, Vertigo, Mirage, and more.

5: crashz' Crosshair Generator v3

The last CS:GO aim training map we have to show here isn't exactly an aim training map but it still helps to better your aim. If you're still confused, just keep reading. This map is also a crosshair generator. It gives a variety of crosshairs to search and choose from. Every crosshair is different and offers a different aiming experience. Because of that, testing out al of the crosshairs that are present inside can allow you to find the perfect one that helps you with your aim.

How to Use CS:GO Aim Training Maps?

Now that you've found the best aim training maps to choose from, you can finally put them to good use and perfect your aim. Entering each of these aim training maps is simple, however, some of them may ask you to subscribe while in Steam to download them. Follow our guidelines and you'll be inside in no time.

Step 1: Download the maps

Step 2: Launch CSGO

Step 3: Select “Workshop Maps” from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Choose one of the aim training maps and click on “GO”

That's it, quick and simple. Now, if the 5 maps we mentioned here won't be enough for your training sessions, there are still plenty more that you may like to have a look at and download. You can still play on many more like these by searching the Steam Workshop. This is also quite easy to locate. Here is what you have to do.

Step 1: Open Steam

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the “Community” tab

Step 3: Click on Workshop”

Step 4: Find the search bar and start your search for any maps that you wish


So there you have it, some of the best free aim training maps that every single player of the community can enjoy and play on. Every map on our list was designed to improve a specific skill when it comes to training and perfecting your aim. You have to start somewhere and each of these maps offers the perfect place. You can learn to improve your recoil capabilities, reflexes, and anything else that is related to shooting targets the right way.