How to Surf in CSGO? Full Tutorial for Beginners

Mar 5 • 6 min read

As someone who likes to play Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you are probably aware that there is more than one mode the game offers. Sure, there are tons of maps that you can play the basic mode on, but options like CSGO surf can definitely take things to the next level. If you don't know what surfing in CS:GO is, this blog post will make sure you learn all there is about this side of the game and set you on the right course.

Whatever the reason for you being here is, we got you covered. Maybe you're a CS:GO surfing pro and you're just looking for some amazing surf maps and surf servers. Well, we got that too. So, stay tuned and learn how to become a master in CS:GO surf.

What is CSGO Surf and How to Do It?

First thing's first, we need to go over and explain a thing or two about CS:GO surfing. It's another way to play the game of CS:GO that doesn't involve shooting any other players. Instead, you gather speed by sliding on a series of ramps and jump from ramp to ramp, making sure you don't fall.

We won't lie to you, it's not the easiest task in the world to get the hang of surfing in CS:GO. You have to play this type of gameplay and learn the mechanics. You need to understand what type of movement allows you to stay in the game and what makes you fall. There are tons of guides on Youtube that could show you the basics. The two basic concepts you need to learn about this CSGO game include the following.


The ramps in CS:GO surf maps are shaped like pyramids. Once you enter a server, you will have to walk up to them and jump. The way you prevent your avatar from falling includes you using the A and D keys on your keyboard. If you jump on the left side of the ramp, you have to carefully press the D button so that you move up and let go at the right moment over and over again. Do the opposite if you're on the right side, by using your A key. Don't forget your mouse as well, as it will help you move in the right direction and make your turns a lot easier.


Mastering turns may be a bit more difficult when it comes to CS:GO surfing. It all comes down to practice, but there is a thing or two that you need to keep in mind. In CSGO surf, the way you turn will impact whether you can beat a level or not a lot.

The simplest advice for CSGO surf beginners need to hear is the following. For example, if you're about to make a right turn, keep your crosshair to the right and press your D key. Pressing the wrong key will result in failure. Not timing your commands will also bring the same results to most players, no matter what CSGO surf map you are playing on.

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CSGO Surf Maps

When it comes to surfing in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, there is a difference between playing on surf maps and on surf servers. When you join a CSGO surf map, you're playing offline and there are a series of commands you may be forced to use in order to set the gameplay experience as you desire. The surf maps you download usually have instructions and a list of commands that you can use and implement yourself. Here is how:

Step 1: Launch CSGO

Step 2: Open the Developer Console by pressing on “~”

Step 3: Type in the command that you wish and set certain values in accordance

You need to keep in mind to do this process only after joining the surf maps. Entering the commands in the console will affect the settings of the current surf map you find yourself on. One particular console command that many players find useful is sv_airaccelerate. Using this command and lowering the value can make your game a lot more difficult. It will be harder to gain momentum, jump, turn, and more. If you want to make the CSGO surf maps more or less challenging, then take advantage of the help this command may offer.

Now then, here is the list of a few of the best CS:GO surf maps that you may want to play on:

Top 10 CS:GO Surf Maps

  • Surf – Forbidden Ways
  • surf_utopia_v3
  • surf mesa recreated
  • surf_summer
  • surf_rookie
  • surf_beginner
  • surf_rebel
  • surf_aweles
  • surf_mesa
  • surf_ski_2_go

How to Find More CSGO Surf Maps?

If you want to search for another CSGO surfing map then you can also choose any one from the Steam Workshop maps as well. Here is how:

The process is simple. All you need to do is head over to the Steam Workshop. Filter the search bar for only CSGO. Then, simply type “surf“. That's it! Choose from the map list and access the map according to the instructions on its Steam page.

After that, you can start surfing on any map you choose from the Steam Workshop maps list. Practice on the ones you like most and think that are best, not most popular. It's one of the top ways to get better fast.

CSGO Surf Servers

As we mentioned, a server is a bit different than a map when CSGO surfing is in question. Remember the commands we talked about? Well, most popular servers already have the best ones implemented, so you won't be forced to go through this process. Also, you won't get lonely on a surf server, given that it has other players on it. It's best to start off with CSGO surf maps and join a server once you get better. So, let's look at some of the best surf servers out there and then show you how to find many more.

Top 10 CSGO Surg Servers


How to Find More CSGO Surf Servers?

Joining a community server is the easiest and fastest way to surf in the game. Did you know that there are also different modes of surfing? Some servers offer Combat surfing, where you get to use weapons which is more for the pros. Others offer a type of surfing that includes racing to beat the other players. This type of surf server is called Skill Surf. The others are normal and best for beginners.

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Finding more than one surf server is extremely easy, and is similar to finding maps. You need to search for them and here is how:

Step 1: Launch CS:GO

Step 2: Open the “Community Server Browser” from the drop-down menu

Step 3: Type “surf” in the search bar

Using the community server browser will show you hundreds of servers to choose from. Decide based on your personal preference and simply click on Connect to join and start your game.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Surfing Tips for Beginners

This game mode isn't always the same in terms of difficulty. As we mentioned, you can set the difficulty level with certain commands, you can search to start on easier maps and more. But first, let's have a look at a few tips that may be able to allow you to gather momentum more quickly and become better at this type of game.

  1. Stay away from the “W” and “S” buttons – It doesn't matter on which map you're playing, using even one of these keys will end badly for you. Try to stick to the basics and improve as you play on more maps.
  2. Mind your crosshair placement – Just because you are moving forward doesn't mean your crosshair doesn't matter. You want to make sure that you have balance. Pointing the crosshair way off course from the direction you are going will force you to lose speed.
  3. Learn to speed up properly – I'll say this again, all maps are different but the mechanics are the same in each game of CSGO Surf. In order to speed up properly, you need to sync your mouse movement and your keys. A great tip is to go up and down on the ramp. Move close to the top then go down, and repeat and make it a carefully timed process.

Advantages of CSGO Surf

A game like CSGO is amazing to play and have fun with. Otherwise, there wouldn't be millions of unique players enjoying the game across the world. The Surf game mode is a part of CSGO and it offers players another unique way to enjoy it. However, it does take a bit of skill to be able to try and play this game. Once you have enough practice, you can join the big boys in the following game types.

Surf Skill

Surf Skill is a type of popular server where players can enjoy the regular game of surfing but with one catch – they have to race to the finish. Some servers offer you the chance to see how far you can reach on each map. These ones test you on your speed and some offer difficulty levels, from tier 1 being the easiest and up.

Surf Combat

This is one of the most popular modes of the game. This time, you play the regular surf game but with guns. Also, Surf Combat maps are a bit different and have various sections where you can engage in shooting battles. It's definitely great to try if you've mastered the basics. So, launch Steam first, hold your mouse tight and be on your way to mastering CSGO Surf by using the advice from this guide.