How to Kick Bots in CSGO? – Complete Guide for 2021

Mar 22 • 4 min read

Back in the days when Valve released Counter-Strike 1.6, which is the time I started getting into Counter-Strike, I used to almost exclusively play with bots because I either didn’t have an internet connection or I got tired of getting destroyed in online play. At that time, to play with bots was a viable option for many people, whether it be new players trying to get better, or even veterans just trying to have fun.

Reasons to Kick Bots in CS:GO

Those days are now long gone, and even the newer players rarely ever practice their skills on bots, while the more experienced ones see them as an unnecessary obstacle when they are roaming and learning a new map, or practicing strategies for throwing grenades, different routes they can take, hosting fights on a private server, etc.

The bots also constantly yell out the same old callouts, which can get very annoying and stop you from having fun. And despite the recent updates which gave the bots a fresher look, they are still a mostly unwanted feature in the game.

Thankfully, the game has a nice feature that lets you kick bots in cs:go, for whatever reason, and enjoy a relaxed and bot-free Counter-Strike experience. It's easy to do this and in this blog, we will walk through the steps that will allow you to do that by showing you exactly what you need to do.

Enable the Developer Console

The first thing you need to do before you decide to remove bots is to enter and enable the developer console, which allows you to type in many commands that can modify and enhance your Counter-Strike Global Offensive experience, as well as ones that let you kick bots from your game. Initially, the console isn't enabled as default so you will want to open and enable it first.

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How to Enable Dev Console in CS: GO

Enabling the developer console is quite an easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is head over to the options in the main menu. From there, multiple sub-menus will appear, and you will need to click on Game Settings. Once you’re there, you should see an option called Enable Developer Console. Press on it and once the drop-down menu appears, select “Yes”. You should now be able to use the console when you press the “~” button on your keyboard.

There is an endless amount of default commands that you can enter into the console that may impact your game in many different ways, but for the purposes of this blog, we will only talk about the commands that you can add to get rid of bots from your offline or online server. So, let’s get right into it.

Main Commands to Kick Bots in CS:GO

Once the developer console is enabled, you can now move on to the fun part, and that is kicking the bots from your game. When you are kicking/blocking bots, you essentially have 3 options: kick all bots from the game, only kick bots from the CT team, or only kick bots from the Terrorist team. The easiest way to kick them is by typing out the following commands in the console:

  • bot_kick all – to kick bots in your game no matter which team
  • bot_kick ct – to kick bots in CT team
  • bot_kick t – to kick bots in Terrorist team.


To kick bots in CS:GO is a great option when you’re just trying to get a feel for the map, or trying different tactics and angles that you can utilize during real games. To remove bots from your team will also allow you to practice these tactics on opponents and test how effective they are.

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Additional Commands

While the previously mentioned commands should be good enough to remove bots, there are also a few other ones that you can use when you want to remove bots from something like a private server or similar. Once you kick them out using the bot_kick command, another thing you can do is open up the console again, and type in the following command:

  • mp_limitteams 1 –Type in this command if you want to prevent them from re-joining your game once you kick them initially.
  • bot_quota 0 – Type in this one to eliminate all players that are bots. You can also use it as a way to set the max amount of bots in the game.

You can tell whether your commands are working or not by looking in the game chat, where it should say that “Player BOT # has left the game (Kicked by Console)”.  If for some reason, you want to bring the bots back into your game, you can type in the following commands:

  • bot_add ct and/or bot_add t.

But There Is a Catch

All of that being said, it is also worth mentioning that each command will only work if you are on a private server, or if you have open permission to remove or add new bots on the server that you’re playing on, which is mostly reserved for the admins of the server. Having no access will prevent you from doing anything.

This means that a command like bot_kick ct and others will only come in handy when you are setting up a custom game, and you will likely lose the ability to manage the bots once you enter the server browser unless you are playing on a server which you’re an admin of. Make sure to keep this in mind first before trying to kick bots in CS:GO.