Gamdom 2021 Review, Is it Legit? + Promo & Bonus Code

Gamdom is a very successful gambling site in the CS GO community for skin betting and casino play. Although, there’s also a possibility to gamble on other games, such as Dota 2, Rust 2, or Team Fortress.

A wide variety of games to gamble is at players’ disposal and even the chance to do Esports Betting.

Gamdom was launched in 2016 and keeps increasing its popularity over the years, having a solid fan-base and an average of 4000 online players throughout the day.


  • Live chat with 20 different rooms
  • A simple page to navigate with an organized menu
  • Provably Fair system
  • A wide variety of games
  • A bunch of free bonuses and rewards to claim
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Available in 20 languages
  • Possibility to play casino games


  • No live or 24/7 support, only through email
  • Tricky withdraws: users must have deposited 1000 coins and gambled with 20% before being able to withdraw


What is Gamdom?

Gamdom is one of the top-rated gambling sites to play and betting skins in various games, from roulette to Hi-Lo, which is unique.

But this isn’t only about the games since Gamdom offers many good and interesting bonuses, like roulette crash or Rainbot.

You can deposit in many different ways, including cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash), and start enjoying the games since the site uses a Provably Fair system to ensure legit outcomes.

The support team is reachable only via email, but it’s also possible to ask your doubts on the live chat if you have any doubts. Surely any player or team member will see the question and help you immediately.

Note that gambling sites like CSGOEmpire are forbidden for people under 18 years old.


Is Gamdom Legit?

Yes, it’s safe to say that Gamdom is a legit and trustworthy gambling site to deposit and play today.

It’s one of the oldest and most playable CS GO gambling sites (2016), with many players and an average of 4000 online users. This is the best indicator that the community likes using the site.

Gamdom has a Provably Fair system, ensuring that all games are based on luck by generating a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes for each game.

The website also operates with the laws of the official regulator of Curacao eGaming.


Gamdom Bonuses and Promotions

First of all, the Gamdom website has a welcome bonus after registration, allowing players to get a bunch of free coins, depending on the lucky pearl: sapphire, emerald, ruby, or diamond.

Players can use the referral code “GLOBALCSGO” to get up to 80,000 free coins and start the experience.

Other bonuses features are:

1 – Rainbot

This is a unique bonus. From time to time, the site owners and the richest players on the site drop some money into a common pot, and all the users online in the site chat can have the opportunity to win.

Players must choose this bonus feature by clicking on the Rainbot message. It shows for about 60 seconds, and once you’ve clicked it, you’ll receive your reward: a shared part of the total pot.

The Rainbot appears every 8-12 minutes in chat.

2 – Crashpot

After each round of the Crash game, an amount of profit made by the site is put into a jackpot. Every player who’s playing crash will have the chance of winning. Everyone has a percentage chance of winning, and once it’s won, the coins will be divided out amongst the rest of the users playing.

3 – Roulette Bonus

This is another interesting special bonus feature, especially for users who like to play high stakes.

Between 1 and 100 roulette spins, the bonus is activated, doubling the payouts.

4 – Name Promotion

Last but not least, adding to users’ Steam account allows extra bonuses.

You can increase your bonus from Rainbot by 50% or double the daily coins you receive (2x). You will also begin to receive 2 experience points for every coin wagered, thereby gain XP 10% faster while betting.

5 – Daily Coins

Account verification also entitles the user to receive daily free coins.

There are three levels of this bonus: Silver, Gold, and Emerald. Each user account on the site has a level, which increases through betting. After registration is 1, the maximum level is 100, but it can be reset back to 1.

6 – Giveaways

Gamdom is doing giveaways regularly. Make sure to start following them on social media to don’t lose any.

Team members also do Trivia’s in the website chat to users get free coins.


What Games are Available on Gamdom?

Gamdom offers a total of 6 games to players gamble:

1 – Crash

Crash is the most popular CS GO gambling game. First, players bet the amount they want, and then a multiplier (starting at 1) starts to increase. It’s possible to cash out at any time you want, but of course, the higher the multiplier goes, and the later you cash out, you win more money.

There is only one little problem: if you don’t cash out on time, the multiplier “crashes,” and you lose the game. If you cash out first, you are safe.

2 – Roulette

This game has 15 slots divided by “Red” with 7 slots, “Black” with 7 slots, and “Green” with only 1 slot. Players can bet the amount they want, starting at 0,01 coins and going up to 75,000,000.

If a player wins the bet on “Red” or “Black,” he’ll double the money, and winning on “Green” pays up to 14x (14 to 1), which is the best outcome.

There’s a progressive Jackpot on Gamdom roulette: 80% splitting alongside the winners and 20% for losers.

3 – Trade Up

In this game, players bet some coins for any skin available on the Gamdom marketplace. The odds of winning are based on the bet plus the skin value. Higher value skins are more difficult to win.

After winning a skin, you can sell it to Gamdom for a 5% bonus, upgrade the skin on the next trade up (+5% chances) or withdraw it.

4 – Hi-Lo

This is a unique game. Players bet if the next drawn card is higher or lower than the previous one. There are also more options to bet on: the color, a number or figure, and a simple bet in the ace or joker.

5 – Jackpot

 In Jackpot, the players have to deposit skins into a pot, exchanging them for tickets. The number of tickets received depends on the skin price. More tickets are provided to more expensive skins.

A single ticket is randomly drawn, and the player holding that ticket wins all of the skins in the pot.

6 – Match Betting

Players can do their bets live on in upcoming matches.

It’s possible to choose many options for all maps: if an ace happens, a knife kill, or for how many rounds a team will win.


Gamdom Deposit Methods

Gamdom website has many deposit methods to use:

  • CSGO Skins (P2P)
  • Yandex
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Google Play
  • Trustly
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Bitcoin Cash


How to Withdraw from Gamdom?

As for withdrawals methods, users are able to do it 2 different ways:

  • CSGO Skins: P2P or WaxPeer
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash


How to win on Gamdom?

There isn’t a rule or an effective strategy to always be the winner when it comes to gambling sites, and the Gamdom website is not an exception. It’s up to each player to figure out what’s the best for them. Although there are always some ways to increase the chances of a good outcome:

  • Set up an initial budget
  • Decide the maximum amount to bet before you stop
  • Even with a good winning streak, it’s essential to know when it’s time to stop
  • Use only 3-5% of your budget to play on each bet
  • Pick up all the free bonuses, free cases, and promotions

Bear in mind that it’s impossible to always stay on top. Players will lose many bets. It’s essential to have that consciousness, but following these tips may help keep profiting instead of losing.



Concluding, Gamdom made its’ name across the years with a lot of effort and now is a top-rated gambling site, and one of the bests’ in the community.

It’s safe to play on the platform, and overall, you can have an amazing experience with all the different games and features.

Try to explore everything and make the best out of it.

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Gamdom FAQ

Gamdom - Is it Legit?

Yes, this CS GO website is trustworthy and used by millions of players in the community. It also has a Provably Fair system, generating a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes for every game.

How to claim Gamdom free bonus code?

After the registration is done, click "Rewards," then click on "Claim reward," and enter the code. Use "GLOBALCSGO" to get up to 80,000 free coins.

Gamdom Referral Code 2021?

Click on "Rewards," then click on "Claim reward" after registration and enter the code. You can use the referral code "GLOBALCSGO" to get up to 80,000 free coins.

What is the maximum bet amount on Gamdom?

The maximum bet amount on Gamdom is 75,000,000 coins (also depending on the game).

How to change the site Language?

Click on your profile name, then click on "Settings" (which is the second option), and click on "Language" to change it.