RustClash Review & Bonus/Affiliate Codes in 2022

One of the fastest ways to get free Rust skins is by using any free promo code you can find for various case opening sites such as RustClash. Fortunately for you, we've got the latest list of RustClash codes you can use to get a free case and other rewards.

Free List of RustClash Codes

How to Claim RustClash Free Bonus Code?

Claiming a code in RustClash is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Login With Steam” in the top-right corner
  • Click on “Balance” in the top-right corner again
  • Scroll down and click on “Promo Code” on the left side of the window
  • Then, simply use code globalcsgocom and hit “Claim code

How to Redeem RustClash Affiliate Code?

You can easily follow a few steps to claim a free bonus by using RustClash affiliate codes. Here's how:

  • Login to RustClash with your Steam account
  • Next to your profile icon in the top-right corner, click on “Affiliates
  • Enter your code and click on “Redeem

That's it!

If you don't know what an affiliate code is, it is a code that a friend who already uses the website can give you and you can receive free Rust skins, free cases, and similar rewards. You can also share your affiliate code with anyone else and when they use it you will get a free bonus as well.

RustClash Review

rustclash review

Find out everything there is about this Rust case-opening site and learn how to use it and all of its features.

We will go over what types of payments they accept, how trustworthy the site is, how to use a code to get free cases, and everything in between.

What Is RustClash?

RustClash is the very first case opening website for many different Rust skins. RustClash's item store is full of skins for various different items and weapons in the game.

So, by using a free bonus that comes with a promo code or a referral link you can randomly receive free cases with potentially high-value Rust skins inside. However, you can also buy cases with your own money and not have to rely on using a code to get free cases.

Is RustClash Legit?

According to users on Trustpilot, a higher percentage of them state that RustClash is legit and trustworthy. However, those who state that it is a scam are only saying this because they probably weren't lucky enough to receive valuable rewards.

Nevertheless, a few other reasons we believe that RustClash is legit is that features a proven Provably Fair algorithm, withdrawals work properly and don't steal your money, and the RustClash codes also work fine and have no problem granting free cases with different types of Rust skins.

The website also functions on a secure SSL-encrypted connection, proving that there's nothing to fear with using this platform.

RustClash Payment Options

rustclash payment methods

There are various different ways to deposit credits into your RustClash account and a couple of ways to withdraw your earnings as well.

Let's have a look!

RustClash Deposit Methods

On RustClash, you can deposit using the following methods:

  • Rust Skins
  • CSGO & Dota 2 Skins
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Google Pay
  • PaySafe Card
  • Trustly

RustClash Withdrawal Methods

On RustClash, you can withdraw the skins that you earn straight to your Steam inventory. However, you can also sell the skins directly using Crypto or Paypal.

RustClash Available Games to Play

There are three main activities you can participate in on the RustClash site. After you login with Steam, you can click on either of the following three games located at the top portion of the site.

Open Cases

The first activity is simply buying a random case and opening it to see the items inside. Now, some cases feature incredibly valuable Rust skins that are easily worth more than the amount you paid.

Some cases are worth the exact same amount you paid for them. But, some are also worth slightly lower than what you paid for the case before opening it.

Case Battles

Case Battles is a fun game where you and other players all purchase the same type of case and then open them to see which player got the highest value items. The player who got the most valuable case gets to claim all of the others.

If you're lucky, Case Battles can grant you some of the most worthwhile deals ever.1


The Upgrader is a game of chance. All you have to do is insert your Rust skins or cases and hit upgrade. Then, if luck is on your side and you get a successful upgrade, you will receive more valuable items than the ones you wagered.

On the other hand, if luck isn't on your side you will lose the items you wagered.


At the end of the day, RustClash can help you get your hands on some wonderful Rust skins and cases quite instantly. You simply pay or use the RustClash codes we shared with you and you're good to go.

Hopefully, this RustClash review was also able to clear up a few critical questions and explain to you how exactly to use this website. Now, you know how to redeem your free bonus codes, login with steam, and grab all of the items that you win.


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