RustReaper Review & Bonus Codes in 2022

rustreaper review

RustReaper is probably the most popular casino site whose main theme is the recently popular game Rust. The site features classic games like Coinflip and Crash, all surrounded by great graphics. At RustReaper we can deposit money in several ways, but the most important one is the Rust skins that the site accepts. Read the full review of this casino and take advantage of the bonus code that will give you free funds to start!


What is RustReaper?

RustReaper is a Rust casino that was founded in 2020 and offers entertainment for players with several games available. It is worth mentioning that the site is developed together in collaboration with Gamdom, a company that owns one of the largest online casinos. This makes Reaper a site with a lot of experience and it shows – you will find the most popular gambling games on offer, as well as a great design and additional promotions to attract new players. Apart from depositing with Rust items, we also have other payment methods, which are described in detail later in the review.


Is RustReaper legit?

Yes, RustReaper is legit and we write this because we have personally checked out the site. We also did not find any information on the internet that the site scammed any of the players or rigged rounds. The only such reports can be found on the TrustPilot brand, but these are strange comments that look like they were created by a competitor or a frustrated player who lost his funds. We haven't had any problem with RustReaper, and we made a deposit there using bitcoin cryptocurrency, played roulette, and cashed out Rust skins. Their twitter is also very active, almost every day there are new giveaways in which everyone has a chance to win Rust skins for free.


Available games on RustReaper

On RustReaper you will find a set of classic games known from the casino:


The classic and now famous Coinflip game. You can create your own game room or join an existing one, deposit as many funds into the game as your opponent (or about 10% less or more) and flip a coin. It works on the principle that each of the two players gets their side of the coin and if it is drawn, the winner takes the entire pot of Rust skins.


I don't think we need to explain the mechanics of the Crash game. At the beginning of each round, we can bet a selected amount of funds, and then the Crash increase begins, which is also a multiplier. Crash can “explode” at 1.01x or 1000x, you never know. At any time you can exit the Crash and withdraw the money you have earned.


Classic roulette with three colors; black, red and green. You can bet on the color of your choice and if you hit it right and it comes out black or red, you will get 2x the bet in the round. On the other hand, if you get lucky and green comes out, you will get 13x your stake.


Free coins on RustReaper

Once on the site, you will definitely notice a green button at the top of the menu that says Free Coins. The free recharge on RustReaper is that when you register on the site you can use a promo code, in our case it will be GLOBALCSGO. After using this code, you will get 500 coins completely free. Please note that you can only use the code once, subsequent attempts will be ineffective.

Another way to get free money on the site is to take part in the Rainbot event. The Rainbot appears every 2-28 minutes in the chat room and consists in the fact that you have to click the “here” button when the rainbot appears. If you add “” to your username, you will receive 50% from the rainbot!


Deposit Methods

On RustReaper you will find quite a selection of methods to deposit funds:

  • Rust Skins
  • Mastercard/Visa
  • PayPal
  • PaySafeCard
  • Google Pay
  • Trustly
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

With deposit methods other than Rust Skins you get an additional 50% of the deposit value! This is only a temporary promotion and not a permanent bonus, so you should take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Please note that paying with a Mastercard or PayPal, for example, requires you to purchase a gift card from an external site. Full instructions on how to purchase this card will be displayed when you choose your payment method. Please also note that the available payment methods may vary depending on your country of residence.


Withdrawal methods

The only way to withdraw your accumulated RustReaper funds is via the marketplace with Rust skins. We have a lot of items to choose from, so there is something for everyone. We can find here such expensive skins as Glory AK47 or Glowing Skull, but also very cheap Facepunch Tshirt or Blue Bandana. To withdraw money just click on the red Marketplace button.



RustReaper is a really great looking casino for Rust items. Here you will find classic casino games, a large deposit bonus and a wide selection of items to withdraw. The site is developed in cooperation with Gamdom, a company that has a lot of experience in developing online casinos. At Reaper you will also find a large number of online players (500+ on average) as well as an active chat room with other users.


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