Top 10 CS:GO Anime Skins

Jul 18 • 5 min read

The amount of impact and influence Japanese anime series keep having on the entire world is simply unbelievable. They have even reached the gaming world and Counter-Strike Global Offensive as well. As a result, when the Rising Sun collection came out, it was the first time CSGO fans ever witnessed skins with characters from these Japanese series.

This list features a few of the best ones that you can't miss out on.

Top 10 Anime Skin Designs in CS: GO

AK-47 | Bloodsport

The AK-47 | Bloodsport is the first skin we have on this list that would look absolutely amazing even if it didn't have any connections to the anime world. It is supposed to resemble Kaneda and his motorbike from Akira, and we think that it does a pretty good job of doing so.

The skin looks amazing in both Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions but is also available in all the rest except Battle-Scarred. The StatTrak technology is also available with this skin and the starting price for it is close to $60 for a non-StatTrak Well-Worn model. If you want a high-quality Factory New Bloodsport, then that one comes at a price of around $300, which is usually worth it for an anime fan who loves to play the game.

AUG | Akihabara Accept

Any true anime series fan will probably already be aware of the AUG | Akihabara Accept skin in CSGO. This is the most expensive anime skin in the game that features a design pattern resembling an anime magazine cover from the Akihabara area in Tokyo. It's the place where all extreme anime fans can't stop going to and it never seems to drop in popularity. The name Akihabara Accept itself is enough to excite most fans.

The AUG | Akihabara Accept is a skin that is worth in the thousands. There are no StatTrak skins available, but it still manages to cost close to $5000 in Factory New condition. It has a float factor range of 0.00 to 1 and the starting price for this anime-inspired skin is a little below $300.

Galil AR | Kami

When it comes to unique CSGO anime skins, the Galil AR Kami is a special skin that features a finish of an actual page from a Japanese manga. This is basically a comic book from which most of the famous anime series are made of. This skin isn't part of the Rising Sun Collection, as it was introduced to the game alongside the Huntsman Weapon case. Even though it is pretty unique, it's one of the cheapest anime skins in the game. The starting price for the Galil AR Kami is only half a dollar, and the most expensive Factory New StatTrak is just under $5.

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AWP | Oni Taiji

The image on this skin clearly impresses a fight that is going on between good and evil. The red character we see on the AWP Oni Taiji is a popular demon known in Japan by the name Oni, hence the name of the skin. On top of looking cool, it is also an expensive skin as well. The starting price may be $120 but the AWP Oni Taiji is easily worth more than $100 in Factory New condition. This is definitely one of the most unique AWP skins that you will find in CSGO, as it easily sparks the interests of countless anime fans.

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

The D-Eagle's standard look already appeared better than average but it definitely appears much more unique with this incredible skin. It features white dragons flowing across the body and the handle of the pistol. This is also a Classified pistol skin that is worth anywhere between $10 and $110 depending on the quality and wear. You can find the Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon for sale on Steam or another CS:GO trading site, or you can hope for a drop from the Operation Wildfire Case.

Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

This is another unique Galil AR to add to your anime skins collection. This weapon is highly adored by many players, and now it's even more used by more anime fans across the globe. There is no anime character on the skin but it is still heavily inspired by a Japanese art piece known as The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. The Galil AR Crimson Tsunami is a gorgeous weapon finish that costs up to $5 in Factory New wear condition. It's one of the most inexpensive anime skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive but it's still one of the best ones that came from the Spectrum Case.

M4A1-S | Player Two

This stunning M4A1-S skin features a bright and cheerful color scheme that also includes a GIGN Operative and a dog by their side. This is a special case as it doesn't come from any particular anime that originates from Japan. Instead, this is still one of the most popular anime skins because the character and the dog resemble all Japanese anime design style characteristics. Player Two isn't one of the most expensive skins we have to share here but it still costs around $300 Factory New. On the bright side, you can get this one under $80 in average condition.

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USP-S | Neo-Noir

This USP-S skin is one of the most noticeable for the weapon among the other CSGO anime skins we've seen on this list. It features a dark background design with a shiny texture and a woman laying down on her stomach. Behind the woman, there's a word that says US Noir. The hair of the woman goes down across the handle of the gun and creates one of the best gun skins someone could possibly own.

The USP-S Neo-Noir comes at a starting price of $12 and can reach prices up to $220. It's also one of the best skins in terms of wear and tear. Only the silencer sees a bit of wear, as the other parts of the gun remain unnoticeable due to its dark color, making it better-looking inside the CSGO games and matches you play.

M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King)

The Dragon King in English, or 龍王 in Chinese, is a beautiful skin painted with a red & blue dragon that strikes fear in the eyes of the opponent. You can find this gun skin on a variety of websites at prices between $8 and $80. It's a Classified Rifle that is worthy of the Monkey King himself according to the official Valve Corporation description. It's one of the best Japanese anime skins in a number of ways, and it sits beautifully in the hands of the player on any map.

Sawed-Off | Bamboo Shadow

Last but not least, this is another member of the skins that came with the Rising Sun Collection. It's a CS GO Sawed-Off skin that isn't expensive at all compared to its gorgeous design. It is inspired by the Japanese character Kotaro, as it is believed that he lost his son to this gun, and is now looking for revenge. This is actually one of the most unique Japanese skins on this list, as its dark weapon finish makes it extremely suitable for nighttime and maps with dark background in CSGO. If you're looking for unique options of Sawed-Off skins, then this is one of the cheapest, yet most stunning, ones you can find, as it doesn't go higher in price than $2.