Best MP5 Skins in CS:GO – TOP 7

Jul 20 • 4 min read

CSGO features many unique weapons that make the game more interesting and fun to play. Different players prefer a different weapon to play with. One of those many choices is the MP5-SD Parabellum submachine gun. It's one of the most popular items in the game that can look even cooler thanks to the many different MP5-SD skins available on the Steam community market.

Best MP5 Skins in CS GO

We all know and love this weapon by its unique characteristics, such as the integrated silencer, the small and compact appearance, slim magazine, and the fact that it's relatively cheap to buy and is available on both sides in CSGO. It's also one of the weapons with the most unique fire rate in CSGO. The MP5-SD features a lot of unique skins, some of which are very expensive in their Factory New StatTrak and Souvenir forms.

Mp5-SD | Co-Processor (Souvenir)

The first one on the list doesn't necessarily mean it's the most expensive, as we won't categorize these items based on price. The MP5-SD Co-Processor is a highly popular skin among many CSGO players. It was introduced to the game alongside the 2018 Nuke Collection.

The skin isn't available in StatTrak but it can be purchased as a Souvenir item, making it much more desirable and popular. The best part of all is that it's not expensive at all, as the highest price this one reaches is up to $20, and that's even in Souvenir Factory New condition.

Mp5-SD | Agent

The MP5-SD Agent is the perfect skin for the CT side, as it literally has FBI painted on its body. The gun looks significantly cooler with this weapon finish but what's more exciting is the fact that you can buy an MP5-SD Agent skin for only $10. This goes for the best quality possible, the StatTrak Factory new version. The MP5-SD Agent was released with the CS20 Case and the CS20 Collection in CSGO and was added in 2019. However, this one isn't available as a Souvenir.

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Mp5-SD | Phosphor

If you're looking for unique and extremely popular MP5 skins, then the MP5-SD Phosphor is a choice you can't afford to miss out on. The MP5-SD Phosphor is just one of the CS GO skins that were introduced to the game alongside the Danger Zone case in December 2018. It's covered with neon paints that are dripping down across the entire body of the gun.

The MP5-SD Phosphor is slightly more expensive than the skins we already saw on this list. However, it's nothing too extreme, as the Phosphor skin is available in all wear levels, including StatTrak, and the highest cost it reaches is close to $30. You can find it on any popular CSGO trading site, as well as on the Steam community market.

MP5-SD | Gauss

Out of all the MP5-SD skins on this list, Gauss is one of the most iconic designs for these types of guns. It looks like it was assembled from a few pieces of stamped steel. Gauss was introduced to the game in 2019 alongside the Prisma Case. It is often referred to as the SpaceCat 200, a very popular and desirable MP5-SD skin. You can purchase the Gauss for a maximum of approximately $5 in Factory New StatTrak condition. The rest are only cheaper from there, as the cost goes as low as only a few cents for Battle-Scarred models.

MP5-SD | Lab Rats

This skin is one of the rarest you will ever find out of the MP5-SD skin collections. Its design features a bunch of rats across the entire body of the gun and resembles a hydrographic design. The MP5-SD Lab Rats is only available as a Souvenir skin, and can't be found in any other wear condition than Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested. Luckily, this one of the gorgeous MP5-SD guns skins that are only worth a couple of cents max.

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MP5-SD | Dirt Drop

Dirt Drop is a Consumer-Grade MP5-SD finish that is also available as a Souvenir model. It comes from the 2018 Inferno Collection and can definitely make your games much more interesting. The MP5-SD Dirt Drop is worth less than a dollar in all wear levels and features black, spray-patined streaks across the entire body of the gun.

Unfortunately, this is one of those CSGO items that have terrible wear, as it starts getting noticeably worse as its float factor increases. Almost all the spray paint gets wiped off, leaving you with an average-looking MP5-SD. Despite that, the MP5-SD can still be a powerful tool in the arsenal with a player with lots of experience on the field.

MP5-SD | Nitro

Coming in at last place from the items on this list is an MP5-SD design that sort of resembles the style of a standard AK-47. In fact, you may even confuse the opponent into thinking that you're carrying an AK-47 assault rifle instead of an MP5-SD.

In any case, this one still provides a lot of use for its cost, as it's another cheap choice that only costs a maximum of $6. The MP5-SD Nitro is a part of the Control Collection that was released in 2020, containing a few relatively new items. Unfortunately, you can't track stats as there is no StatTrak technology with this item, nor is there a Souvenir feature as well.

How to Buy & Sell MP5-SD Skins in CS GO?

If you want to purchase a new MP5-SD design finish for your guns or you have some that you want to sell, you can accomplish this easily by visiting the Steam Community Market or a third-party website that trades CSGO skins. The advantage of using third-party websites include better prices and the ability to withdraw the money you earn from selling the MP5-SD items from your Steam account inventory. Simply sign in with your Steam account and you will be set.