List of the best CS:GO skins for Glock-18

Jul 8 • 3 min read

The Glock-18 is the most popular pistol on the T-side in CS:GO. It's a relatively cheaper pistol than the rest, and it's perfect for starting the match and not running out of money instantly. This is one of the best first-round pistols in the game, with the ability to fire in bursts, which is basically multiple shots at once.

Best Glock-18 Skins in CSGO

If you want to make your Glock-18 game even stronger, try utilizing some of the skins we're about to list here. These are a few of the most popular and desirable choices among CS:GO players and they will be everything you will ever need to strike fear in your opponent.

Glock-18 | Water Elemental

This is one of the oldest, yet most popular, Glock-18 skins on this list. The Water Elemental's name is enough to give you a hint of what to expect from the design of this skin. It features a red base color with a bright blue water elemental moving across the body of the gun.

The Glock-18 Water Elemental is a relatively inexpensive CS GO skin. It is available in both normal and StatTrak versions, ranging all float factors from Battle-Scarred to Factory New. The starting price for these skins is $4 ranging up to $45. You can also find this skin in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case.

Glock-18 | Weasel

Glock-18 Weasel is one of the skins that came with the Gamma Case 2 in 2016. It is a Restricted Pistol that includes a gorgeous design of a life-like weasel on top of a bed of flowers. The animal spans across the entire body of the weapon, including the handle as well. It's one of the most notable Glock-18 skins on this list.

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The maximum price of this skin is close to $12, and this is including the Factory New StatTrak version as well. However, if you want a lower quality one, you can get a StatTrak Battle-Scarred for only $2 on Steam or a third-party site.

Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel

So far on our list of the best Glock skins in CS:GO, the Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel is the most expensive one. It's not without reason, as this is a dangerous skin that is worthy of the Terrorists in the game. It has a graffiti-painted phrase on the entire surface of the gun, saying ” KILL THEM ALL”. Wasteland Rebel is a famous Covert Glock-18 skin that's worth up to $40 with the StatTrak technology.

Glock-18 | Fade

None of the other Glock-18 skins in CS:GO we mentioned here can compare to this Glock skin. This one is only available in Factory New and Minimal-Wear conditions. Its lowest price is $1200, and it reaches prices up to $1500 on Steam and other popular CS:GO trading websites. On top of that, Fade is also one of the most beautiful skins on this list. Only the top of the pistol has been affected, featuring a gorgeous fade of various transparent paints. Sadly, this Glock skin doesn't come with StatTrak technology.

Glock-18 | Brass

Both the Brass and Fade Glock-18 skins are extremely similar in design. The main difference is in the spectrum of colors, as this skin features only one color, which is a metal Brass finish across the entire surface of the Glock. This is a Restricted weapon that came alongside the Dust Collection in 2013. It's one of the oldest Glock skins in CS:GO. You can buy it for a maximum price of $25, excluding StatTrak models.

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Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden

Nuclear Garden is one of the most unique Glock skins ever. It was introduced to CS:GO alongside the 2018 Nuke Collection. It's the only Souvenir skin on this list. The standard versions of this Glock are relatively inexpensive but the Souvenir models can reach prices up to $300 Factory New. The cheapest Souvenir Nuclear Garden Glock-18 is $33.

Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

One of the best ways to take your opponents down is with the Queen of all Glock skins – the Bullet Queen. This Covert skin can be one of the best things in your inventory in CS:GO. On the other hand, getting a Bullet Queen StatTrak Factory New can be a bit expensive, no matter which website you buy it from. It costs anywhere between $10 and $400, so keep that in mind when trying to step up your gaming image.

Why is the Glock Fade So Expensive?

You may have noticed that the Fade is the most expensive item from the Glock-18 skin collection. This isn't because it's the most beautiful or unique piece. It has to do with rarity more than anything else. Interesting fact, factory new Glock-18 Fade on cs:go trading sites can cost almost $1000! It's among the rarest items in CS:GO, and you can't find it in any other condition than Factory New and Minimal Wear.