Everything about Talon Knife

Jun 23 • 4 min read

The weapons in Counter-Strike Global Offensive feature unique items that can make them appear different and unique. These items are called skins, and they make the game a lot more interesting for many players.

Skins in CS:GO are used to either change the appearance of your weapons in the game or to be sold on the market and make you a lot of money. Users with more experience in CSGO skins know how to trade them effectively and earn a lot of cash from selling items like an expensive Talon knife on the marketplace.

What Is a Talon Knife – the Brass Rivets & Saw Tooth Ridges Killer?

The Talon knife is a CS GO weapon for close hand combat. Knives include some of the most unique and expensive skins in the entire game, costing as high as a couple of thousand dollars for a single skin. The talon knife is similar to the Karambit knife, featuring similar curves and handles. However, this knife was designed to include sharp saw tooth ridges and brass rivets, making it a unique weapon in the game. The knife cuts the opponent with extreme precision and tears while you are pulling it out.

How Much Is a Talon Knife Worth?

There are many talon knife skins that you can purchase on the Steam market and on any third-party skin trading website as well. The price range for this item can vary quite a lot. A talon knife skin can be found for only a couple of cents, to a few dollars, to hundreds of dollars, and even thousands as well.

A few factors come into play to determine how much a talon knife will be worth. Rarity grades, float factor & wear level, whether it is a souvenir item or not, whether it uses StatTrak technology, and the popularity of the talon knife can all determine the price of the knives.

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Best Talon Knife Skins

The knives that you're about to see are some of the most popular talon knife skins currently on the market.

Talon Knife | Fade

The Talon Knife | Fade is one of the most unique selections on this list. It features a gorgeous fade design that blends transparent paints over a chrome base finish. Sadly, it is available only in Minimal Wear and Factory New wear level and StatTrak, as its float ranges between 0.00 and 0.08.

Talon Knife | Doppler

This knife comes in a dark blue color and a white handle. The Doppler Talon Knife is also only available in normal and StatTrak versions of Minimal Wear and Factory New wear level conditions. It is worth between $800 and $900.

Talon Knife | Crimson Web

Lastly, one of the most popular talon knives out there, this knife features a spider web pattern and a beautiful dark red color across the blade. It's one of the most expensive talon knife choices as well, costing anywhere between $330 and $8.600 with the StatTrak Factory New version.

Talon Knife | Case Hardened

The Case Hardened Talon Knife is a sign of luxury when it comes to skin collectors. This knife skin was added in 2016 and quickly become popular among fans. You can expect the Talon Knife | Case Hardened to drop from the Danger Zone and the Horizon Case. Or, you can try to buy it from $300 to $1000 including StatTrak knife versions. If you find a souvenir Case Hardened talon knife, then this price can go significantly higher.

Talon Knife | Ultraviolet

If you want to look unique then the Ultraviolet Talon Knife can make it happen. This one offers a black hole dark blade and a nice purple color that complements it quite nicely. The starting price for this talon knife is around $200, and the most expensive it gets is close to $3.300.

What Is the Rarest Talon Knife?

The game of CSGO features countless skins for knives and other weapons which makes it hard to keep track of every single one. Even though the Talon knife isn't as popular as the Karambit and is rarely priced as high as the Karambits, there are still some pretty expensive Talon knives as well. However, it may surprise you that not all rare items in the game will always be the most expensive. When it comes to the rarest talon knife, the Talon Knife | Black Pearl is one name that usually comes to mind for most people.

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The Black Pearl Talon knife is fairly new, as it was released in 2019 with the “Seeing the Light” update by Valve. It can be usually found on the Steam market for approximately $3.500. However, this Talon knife is valued a lot by serious collectors and it is possible to reach even higher prices than that. The Talon Knife | Black Pearl is only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear condition. Both wear levels include the StatTrak technology and add more value to the Talon Knife.

Where Can I Get Talon Knife Skins?

There are only a few popular places where you can find the best options for buying or trading a Talon Knife. This includes the Steam marketplace and a trusted and popular third-party skin trading website. These places include lots of pages featuring countless CSGO items. You can easily create an account with your Steam profile and transfer everything you buy into your inventory instantly. You can also use trading bots to quickly trade all of the items you don't need for others.

There are always plenty of choices to choose from. The Talon Knife selection is never left out as well, as you can find anything from the most popular to the rarest Talon Knife out there. The prices on third-party websites are usually determined according to the Steam market. However, using Steam to buy a Talon Knife may take you longer and might even be more expensive as well.

A third-party page like DMarket can make this process much easier and hassle-free. On top of that, you can also take advantage of something like a promo code or changing your name and get rewarded with free coins to use to buy more items. You can also buy Talon Knife on other CS:GO trading sites, which are worth reviewing as the sites can have different prices and it is worth finding the best one.