Cheapest CSGO Knife in 2021

Apr 18 • 5 min read

While knives are nowhere near as used as the other weapons in Counter-Strike GO, due to how rare they appear in drops, knife skins are some of the most expensive ones out there. This has led to many people not having skins for their knives. However, you don’t have to be one of those people, because, in this article, we will share some of the cheapest knife skins you can get, ranked from best to worst.

Top 9 Cheapest CSGO Knives

After careful research, we've found 9 of the cheapest knives that most players can't seem to stay away from. Here they are:

Gut Knife – Damascus Steel

As promised, we start our list of the cheapest CSGO knife skins with the best-looking ones. But, don’t worry because it is still very affordable, and if you are really looking to up your knife game for a reasonable price, the Gut Knife – Damascus Steel should be among your top options in CS:GO. While certain wear types, and especially the StatTrak ones can even get a little crazy when it comes to price, the regular Field-Tested edition costs just over $80, which is still a lot, but considering that it’s less than $100, it is totally worth it for a good looking skin like this.

This skin gives the knife a slick wooden grip, surrounded by a steel gut-shaped base, hence the name Gut Knife. This combination appears very good and is also quite elegant, which will give you plenty of joy as you are slicing up your enemies. It's one of the best choices worth getting from our cheapest CSGO knife list.

Shadow Daggers – Ultraviolet

The Shadow Daggers knife skins have a relatively weird animation that turns a lot of people off, but if you combine the Ultraviolet design pattern to them, which looks absolutely awesome, you get a very cool skin for a reasonable price. This skin paints the main part of the Daggers in beautiful dark purple, while the edges are painted in dark grey, with black in between.

This Covert CS:GO knife is available in all conditions, and you can pick one up for $70 to $130, while the best value for money would be the Field-Tested one which you can find at around $75 but doesn’t include any abrasions that would significantly alter the look of the skin. It's one of the cheapest CS:GO knives with style.

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If you want to buy a decent-looking CSGO knife design for a very good price, then look no further than the Navaja Knife – Urban Masked. It has a traditional look that has been popular across FPS games for many years now. This is one of those CS:GO skins where the cheap prices really surprise you because the Navaja Knife – Urban Masked itself proves very nice and clean.

That being said, it is also quite boring compared to some other more expensive skins, such as the Falchion Knife | Doppler Sapphire, which may be the reason for its price ranging from $50 for the Battle-Scarred wear type, up to $140 for the Factory New and Minimal-Wear types. This is also available in all other conditions, and your best value option would probably be Minimal Wear which costs just over $60. It's not exactly a low price but it looks a bit better at least.

Huntsman Knife – Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest knife skin is far from being among the most inexpensive of the items from this review, but it’s still rather cheap, and its popularity and slick design make it worth a mention. The Boreal Forest skin features an all-black grip, with the base of the gun covered in traditional military camo. This simple, yet familiar design, along with its cheap prices makes it a common choice among many new players looking to add a skin to their knife.

This skin is available in all conditions, and you can usually pick it up for around $90. At higher wear levels, the camo painting slightly peels off from the base, but it still seems pretty good on the knife, which is the reason why the price doesn’t change much between different wear levels.

Gut Knife – Safari Mesh

If you are a fan of the gut knife design, the gut knife Safari Mesh skin would be your ideal choice out of many CS:GO knife skins. The main reason is, of course, because getting it is very cheap, but what’s even better, is that you won’t have to settle for a Battle-Scarred condition in order to afford it because all of the wear types can be found from $40 to $60. The reason for this is because they aren't so different, and they all appear pretty much the same in a CSGO match.

If you are looking for a crazy design that will impress your opponents, this probably isn’t it, but it still adds a new and cool appeal to your gut knife collection.

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Bowie Knife – Rust Coat

This might not be the most glamourous-looking knife skin on this list, but it pulls off its look very well and would be an excellent choice if you are a fan of the Arabian Prince-styled knife. This knife skin is only available in the Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred conditions, both costing around less than $90, while the StatTrak versions are a bit more expensive. You may also get lucky and come across someone selling this skin for close to $50, which is definitely something you would want to take advantage of. At least you won't have trouble finding a few to buy or sell.

The Navaja knife skin variants are by far the cheapest in the game. The cheapest version of this skin is the Safari Mesh one in Battle-Scarred condition, which goes for around $50, while other wear levels can cost up to $85. Yes, the cheapest knife skin in the game is more expensive than some of the better weapon skins out there. If you don't mind Battle-Scarred, then this is still a great CS:GO knife skin.

The design of this knife skin is very minimalistic and makes the knife look considerably smaller than usual, which is why it is unattractive for most players, however, there is a small percentage of players that find this type of simplistic design endearing and are ready to pay the asking prices to buy it.

Shadow Daggers – Rust Coat

The reason for the Shadow Daggers Rust Coat skin being very unpopular, and as a result – cheap, is because it is only available in Battle-Scarred and Well-Worn conditions, showing a really big amount of wear on the weapon that appears pretty unattractive. Another reason for this skin’s unpopularity is its animation that doesn’t look great at all. If you are just looking to add any type of skin to your knife, though, this is a viable option, and it will cost you anywhere from $50 to $75 to buy the CS:GO StatTrak version.

Falchion Knife – Stained

Lastly, we have another relatively cheap CS:GO knife skin that is usually worth around the $100 mark. The Falchion Knife Stained is easy to sell and buy, and it actually appears pretty good for being among the cheapest CS:GO knife skins out there. You can find this Stained blade for a minimum of $95 and a max of $130 in most cases. In fact, the CS:GO StatTrak versions are included in this price ranger as well.