CSGO Gut Knife in 2021 – Everything You Need to Know

May 12 • 3 min read

Anyone who has ever played Counter-Strike Global Offensive has seen the wide variety of weapons and weapon skins that are available in the game. Knife skins, in particular, can cost a lot of money. There are many types of knives present in the game as well, including the Gut Knife, which is what we will talk about today.

The Gut Knife is a dangerous weapon that has a lot of surprises and uses. Today's blog post includes everything you need to know about the Gut Knife, the different price ranges this skin can be found in, and more.


Gut Knife Overview

Before we dive deeper into the different types of Gut Knife skins available in the game, first let's have a look at what type of weapon this actually is. The Gut Knife is unique and you won't have any trouble spotting one. The most unique and eye-catching part of a Gut Knife is its hook at the tip of the blade. This is what makes the weapon unique. Such a weapon is quite useful for cutting rope, webbing, safety belts, and similar items.


Most Popular CSGO Gut Knife Skins

Among the different types of knives in the game, the Gut Knife is very attractive and a desirable weapon to have. There are many skins for this type of weapon, some of which are worth a lot of money. We will mention some of the most popular Gut Knife skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and review how much they cost.

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It's also worth mentioning that Gut Knives rarely have extreme prices such as an M9 Bayonet or a Karambit knife would. However, there are some that are worth in the thousands range.

Gut Knife | Crimson Web

The Crimson Web is an attractive Gut Knife skin with unique web patterns on each copy. The price range of this skin can vary, but it is usually anywhere between $100 and $2000. The standard versions of this skin can cost as high as $600 in Factory New condition. However, a StatTrak Gut Knife can often be found costing around $2000 if it's in Factory New condition as well.

Gut Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald

When the Gamma Exposure update made its way to CSGO in 2016 there were a few pretty cool Gut Knife skins that came with it as well. The Gut Knife Gamma Doppler Emerald is one of the most expensive ones from the batch. It features a gorgeous bright emerald green color on the blade and a long dark brown handle.

This Gut Knife skin can be worth anywhere between $600 and $1000. An important thing to mention about it is that it is only available in Minimal Wear and Factory New wear level. The StatTrak versions are the more expensive ones, ranging between $700 and $1000. One interesting thing about it is that the Minimal Wear StatTrak models of this Gut Knife are actually more expensive.

Gut Knife | Doppler Sapphire

This is another unique Gut Knife with the word doppler in its name. This skin came out around the time of CSGO's Full Spectrum Update. It's similar to the Gut Knife Gamma Doppler Emerald with a few slight exceptions in colors. This skin features a dark and rich Sapphire purple color, with unique patterns along the blade.

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It's a great skin to use in any map, as it definitely attracts a lot of attention when knives are in question. When you hop on the Steam website, you will see that this Gut Knife skin is worth around $500 and up to $800. It's another knife skin that can only be available in two wear levels, Minimal Wear and Factory New.


Cheapest CSGO Gut Knives

The cheapst Gut Knife skin shouldn't cost anything less than $80. This doesn't mean that they shouldn't look cool though. There are many unique and exciting ones to have and enjoy playing with during a match. Some of the cheapest ones available include:

Gut Knife | Rust Coat

When it comes to these knives, the Rust Coat may be the cheapest knife. Gut Knives aren't exactly the most expensive ones in CSGO, so it's easier to find more cheaper ones available than expensive. The Rust Coat Gut Knife name should already give you all the information you need about how this skin looks.

It's basically a normal Gut Knife but with a decent amount of rust all around the blade. The worse the wear level the more rust you will find. This Gut Knife may cost you anywhere between $90 and $130.

Gut Knife | Safari Mesh

The Safari Mesh is another cheap item that you will find available in all wear levels. It has a decent-looking pattern and costs from $85 to $180. As it experiences more wear, this Gut Knife will start losing the Safari Mesh pattern significantly, making it less desirable in Battle-Scarred condition. The Factory New version, however, looks gorgeous.