The best Mag-7 Skins

Jul 8 • 3 min read

The Mag-7 is a popular weapon in CS GO that can only be bought by the Counter-Terrorists. It's a pump-action shotgun that is extremely similar to the exclusive T-Side Sawed-Off. This review features the top weapon finishes for this gun in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The Mag-7 is also one of the most cost-effective shotguns in the entire game. It provides decent armor penetration, inexpensive rounds, deals just enough damage, and is great for beginners as well. The largest selection of skins for Mag-7 can be found on csgo marketplace sites, which we have described on our site.

Mag-7 Performance Stats:

  • Class: heavy.
  • Price: $1300.
  • Kill award: $900.
  • Ammunition/Capacity: 5/32.
  • Reload time: 3.0s.
  • Movement Speed: 225 units/s.
  • Effective Range: 41m

Best Mag-7 Skins in CS GO

Based on website popularity, demand, appeal, and rarity, these are a few of the best skins for the Mag-7 in CS:GO.

Mag-7 | Hazard (Minimal Wear)

The name this Mag-7 skin has makes a lot of sense when you first look at its design. It is painted with the popular crime scene hazard stripe pattern that is meant to display a warning sign. This is a Mil-Spec Shotgun that is available in all wear levels. However, the price difference between the Factory New version and the Minimal Wear one is significant, but the appearance is almost the same. As a result, it makes much more sense to avoid the Factory New Mag-7 Hazard skins.

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Mag-7 | Swag 7 (Factory New)

This Mag-7 skin is for all the cool players who want to take their image to the next level. The Mag-7 Swag 7 is an amazing skin that has the word “Swag” painted with the design. It can be found in the Clutch Case and is worth between $0.30 and $5 on any website like Steam, CS:GO Stash, and similar. The Mag-7 Swag 7 is also available with StatTrak technology and is a Restricted skin, adding a lot to its value.

Souvenir Mag-7 | Bulldozer

The Mirage Collection in 2013 was responsible for introducing the Mag-7 Bulldozer skin to the game. This is one of the most noticeable items on this list, and among the most expensive items as well. This is because this Mag-7 is a part of the famous Souvenir skins, meaning it's much more unique and precious to collectors of CSGO skins and other items.

The starting price of the Mag-7 Bulldozer is only $2. However, this number quickly rises as the wear level gets better. Normally, a Factory New Mag-7 Bulldozer is worth around $250. In fact, the Souvenir Bulldozer skins usually feature a similar price to this. It's one of the most popular Restricted Grade Mag-7s out there, and it's also the rarest on any website you try to look for it.

Mag-7 | Petroglyph (Factory New)

Another great choice for the best Mag-7 skin is the Petroglyph. This is a very inexpensive item to obtain, as the highest it's worth is around $4, even with the StatTrak technology. Players got to use this item after the Double Exposure update, introducing lots of new skins to the game. You can find this Mag-7 in all wear levels except for Battle-Scarred. However, both the Minimal Wear and Factory New versions aren't expensive skins at all.

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Mag-7 | Core Breach

Core Breach has a nuclear-style finish that includes radioactive hazard patterns across the entire body of the gun. This is another Souvenir item on our list and a Restricted Grade weapon. The Mag-7 Core Breach is another example of affordable CSGO skins, as it doesn't go much higher in cost than $7 in the normal version. However, as a Souvenir, it doesn't have any trouble at all costing as much as $180 Factory New. It's not extremely expensive and is one of the best choices if you want to look cool in a tournament or in front of other spectators.

Mag-7 | Heat (Factory New)

Even looking at this Mag-7 finish can burn your hands. It was designed to look as if heat is literally radiating from the Mag-7. It's one of the most unique skins you will ever find for this shotgun and it's actually relatively affordable for anyone. It's a Restricted Grade Mag-7 skin that can be purchased for as much as $10 Factory New StatTrak. The lowest amount of money you can find it for is only $0.30, according to countless listings on the Steam market website.

Mag-7 | Silver

This is another Souvenir Industrial Grade Mag-7 that is only available as Factory New and Minimal Wear skins. It was released with the Cobblestone Collection alongside Operation Breakout in 2014. The Mag-7 SIlver has a simple and clean design, eliminating the old Mag-7 look completely and giving the gun a premium silver finish. There is almost no difference in cost between the normal skins and the Souvenir skins, as both cost between $6 and no more than $10.