How to get skins in CS:GO?

Jun 27 • 5 min read

There are countless unique features in the game of CSGO that many players find thrilling and enjoyable. Constant new updates make this possible, among the most popular being the Arms Deal update, bringing CSGO skins to the game.

Skins are also known as weapon finishes that have the ability to change the appearance of any gun, assault rifle, pistol, or knife in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. As a result, there are a few main ways to earn new skins. This guide will show you where and how to acquire them, and how to make sure you get the best possible deals, often even for free.

What Are CS:GO Skins?

Plenty of these items were added to the game a long time ago. They first appeared alongside the Arms Deal update in 2013. Ever since then, players have been going crazy about getting their hands on the rarest and most popular skins. They fight to get free skins and win as many as they can from CSGO itself.

Skins change the image of any weapon inside the game. There are countless unique designs for every single item. A lot of them come directly from Valve and various Operation cases, and a lot of them also come from the CSGO community as well. Everyone is able to buy skins and can get them for free or even be forced to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a single CSGO skin.

Can I Get Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skins for Free?

A lot of CSGO players always wonder if they can get these items for free. The short answer is yes, but you can't get just any skin for free, as most of them come at very high prices and are rarely given away like that. However, there are a few working ways that give players a chance to get free CSGO skins.

Random CS:GO Drops

Almost anyone who plays the game is probably aware that they can receive random item and skin case drops in CS GO. By playing on official CSGO servers, every player has the chance to earn a random drop. This is the easiest and most affordable way to get CSGO skins. However, it's all up to chance and you can't control what and when you get one.

This is also where skin rarity grade comes into play. The rarer the skins are the lower the chance of them dropping. This is why most players only receive Common, Mil-Spec, or even Industrial grade skins in CSGO. But, you have nothing to lose, so just keep playing and hope for the best if you want free skins.

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Open Skin Case

If you want a little bit more control over when you get new skins for CSGO than waiting for a random drop, you can try buying or winning CSGO cases. A case contains various weapon skins that can be worth much more than what you initially paid for it. It's one of the best ways to earn skins that very valuable for a low price.

You can get plenty of CSGO skin case options by purchasing them from the Steam community market, third-party trading site, or you can try your luck on CSGO gambling sites. Also, you can get plenty of low-value skins and cases on offer walls. This is one of the best ways to increase profits.

Third-Party CS GO Websites

Another quality option for free CSGO skins is to use various online services that allow you to win points by doing various tasks online like answering surveys and playing games. Then, you can convert all of those points into any skin of your choice, considering you have enough. It's among the best methods for free skins. You may not be able to convert those points to something like an AWP | Dragon Lore skin, but you can still get some great choices that you can sell for profits later and make a lot of extra money. Sites like offer a wide set of tasks to perform and a great price for your troubles. Take advantage of these methods to get the chance to earn some extra money from trading CSGO skins.

Best Sites to Trade CSGO Skins

Trading is, by far, among the best, most popular, and most versatile ways to get your hands on any item from CSGO and drastically improve your skin collection. Skin trading allows you to exchange some of your own skins for items that other players possess. The reason it's so popular is that you can exchange 10 of your CSGO skins for one of an extremely higher value than those 10 combined.

You can choose to trade inside the Steam platform with other players individually, which is quite a slow process, or you can a variety of trading sites and enjoy much better benefits but slightly less security in some cases.

A lot of popular trading sites feature a trade bot, which speeds up the process significantly and allows you to instantly receive your new CS GO skins. As mentioned, you can easily level up your skins by trading a few lesser value ones for one that's worth close to those combined.

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Having said all that, here are a few of the best CS GO skin trading sites that players use:


DMarket is a popular name among the CSGO community. Countless players visit this website to earn extra CS GO skins and attempt to always trade up. It has the biggest collections of skins you can imagine. The prices are often better than Steam but are closely related to those of the Steam market still. On top of all that, it's very easy to deposit your resources, and you can withdraw your earnings to real money, which is something Steam users can never get. Additionally, you can still get free skins at DMarket by using gift cards or promo codes. If any problems should take place, DMarket provides email support for every player, offering quick fixes to all issues.

Idle Empire

Players are always concerned with trustworthiness and safety when it comes to sites like these. You will be happy to know that Idle Empire is a legit site when you can get lots of free rewards as a CSGO player. Idle Empire features a variety of ways to earn your free skins, gift cards, Steam Wallet bonus codes, and similar. All you have to do is login on Idle Empire with a secure password and play the mini-games, answer the surveys they provide, complete various mini-tasks, and more on a daily basis. Idle Empire is definitely a great way for users to get CS GO skins for a little amount of effort and time.


Another great example for a great CS GO trading website is CS.Money. They offer countless items for CSGO weapons, Dota 2 heroes, and more popular games that people enjoy playing. Their collection of skins each player can browse through includes more than 80.000 finishes, weapons skins, and more. Create your account and you can instantly trade, buy, and sell as many skins as you want. You can also receive extra points in your account balance from trades that you can later use on the website for extra rewards. The customer service at CS.Money is also excellent, providing various methods to solve any problems that may occur.


CSGO skins are definitely a great way to both improve your gaming experience and increase the number on your monthly income report. It's a great way to earn money on the side and have fun while you're at it. On top of all that, it's actually rather easy to get a lot of them for free by using the methods listed on our site. Hopefully, this article was able to give you all the insight you needed for learning how to get skins in CSGO.