How to Dupe Items in CSGO – Is it Still Possible?

May 7 • 3 min read

The video game world has become a vast place where a lot of things can be achieved, and a lot of money can be made. In 2020, the global gaming market was valued at an estimate of 162 billion dollars. By 2026, this number is predicted to reach an all-time high of 295 billion.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, one of the biggest games currently in the world, is a wonderful opportunity where money can be made from buying, trading, and selling CSGO skins. Thanks to CS GO, the gaming industry grows even bigger and many more players are learning the ways of making money with CSGO skins. As a way to make even more profits, people learned quick and scammy tricks regarding skins, allowing them to dupe CSGO items and make even more money.

What Is Duping in Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

Back in the day when CSGO was still a paid game and profits from skins were starting to take off, many players and even Valve started having problems with people who used the method of duping CSGO skins.

To describe it simply, CS GO duping is simply a way of duplicating items quickly, easily, and completely free. Players would get into a trade with another friendly account. Then, the duping begins when the account claims their items were stolen while the other account says nothing is wrong. Valve would then duplicate the same item so that no one was left feeling scammed. Back then, players used to be able to get duped quite easily. However, today things are different, and it is almost impossible to dupe skins in CS:GO.

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The reason getting scammed with this method is almost impossible now is because Valve fixed the system and now has protection with things like Steam Guard, two-factor authorization, and even trade holds.

How Did Valve Corporation Handle CSGO Duping?

Today, it is impossible to even attempt duping CSGO items as a result of high-security measures that were implemented a while ago. There are various risks that come with trying to dupe CS GO skins. Some of these risks will pass and hopefully teach you a lesson, others may result in serious trading account bans and even prevent you from playing the game.

If you try to dupe CS:GO skins, you can also get a trade hold. This is a process that freezes your entire Steam inventory, preventing you from using, trading, buying, and selling any of your items and skins. A timed trade ban is still not too bad. However, a VAC ban means there is no waiting, as your items and skins will no longer be of any use to you, as you will no longer be able to trade your CS:GO skins. You can't trade with them on third-party websites and on the Community Market as well, rendering your items completely worthless if you get banned.

Should You Try to Dupe CSGO Items?

Duplication of CSGO items by itself is a highly offensive thing to attempt. There is a reason why countless accounts got banned for doing this. In short, you should never attempt CSGO skin duping, regardless of whether you can do it successfully or not.

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You will find a lot of content online explaining why this is wrong on so many levels. On the other hand, the bright side is that you can't succeed if you tried. Duplicating skins was extremely easy on Steam back in the day, but today it's highly unlikely that anyone can ever succeed without getting severe punishments.

Can You Buy and Sell Duped CSGO Skins?

Once a certain CS GO item gets duped, it works as a normal skin and has no differences from normal ones. For that reason, you can buy such items without losing any of the benefits. Once you buy a duplicated skin, you can use it normally. As a buyer, you won't bear any of the consequences of duping CSGO items. You are simply buying a skin that appears normal and comes at the standard community price.

The same can be said about selling such skins. Duped items are exact copies of the real ones, meaning they function and appear the same. They are also priced the same according to the Steam market or third-party trade websites.

Can You Still Dupe CS: GO Skins in 2021?

Before Steam implemented Steam Guard and trade holds, any account could easily duplicate as many skins as they could, given they knew how to do it. However, today it's a whole different story, as it is virtually not possible to attempt CSGO item duping. The CS GO gaming community constantly posted having problems with this issue. As a result, measures were taking and a permanent solution was found. Today, you can send and receive trade offers safely knowing it's harder to get scammed. There are other new methods that work to scam people, but duping is no longer one of the risks you have to fear becoming a victim of.